Smart Netphone 701 now at Php4,999

Smart Netphone 701 now at Php4,999

Smart’s flagship Netphone unit, the Netphone 701, is now on fire sale at just Php4,999, almost half the original price of Php9,990.

The Netphone 701 is the first and only Netphone-branded handset that Smart carried when they promoted the SmartNet ecosystem.

Since then (September 2011), they did release any new device with the Netphone brand. Instead, they came out with Netphone Edition handsets like the Galaxy Y and Desire S.


The Samsung Galaxy Y, with its suggested retail price of Php5,990, became a very popular handset especially with the Smart Plan 349. The unit was so in demand that most stores were selling it above the SRP (around Php1,000 more), a very rare case and a result of demand exceeding supply.

Now, it looks like Smart still has remaining inventories of the Netphone 701 that they want to get rid of and the best way to position it is to price it just below the Galaxy Y. Smart move.

You can read the review of the Netphone 701 here.

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22 Responses

  1. kenth says:

    Hmmm, tempting …

    Need to read reviews of this unit again. :)

  2. NineSwordz says:

    You can’t go wrong with the Netphone a.k.a ZTE Blade. It has 3.5″ screen. A very fast smartphone with 800 x 480 resolution unlike the Galaxy Y with pixelated 240 x 320 res. Touch-screen in Netphone is very responsive, just like in iTouch/iPhone. Battery life is decent, can get up to 3 days normal use and 1.5 day with heavy games and browsing (used the battery calibration trick). It’s lighter and has this cool slim design.

    I bought mine for 5,500 months ago and I’m very satisfied with it (specially when I rooted and installed it a custom rom). It’s VERY fast even though it has 600 mhz only (and you can overclock it of course =). I’ve seen and used the Galaxy Y of my officemate and honestly.. it sucks. Poor resolution, poor touch-screen. poor design. Playing with Galaxy Y (3 inch screen) is the worst experience ever. But hey, at least it has dual sim.. not bad. =)

    • jacck says:

      Playing with Galaxy Y (3 inch screen) is the worst experience ever. But hey, at least it has dual sim.. not bad. =)

      That unit is Galaxy y pro duo, a dual sim one not the galaxy y.

    • negativedots says:

      I’ve tried using the Netphone 701. It has a nice screen, but out of the box, it’s not very responsive and sometimes it has problems sending SMS (don’t know if it’s SMART’s problem or the phone’s problem).

      Battery life has been rated as poor (according to technoodling).

      The galaxy Y is free at plan 350 from Sun. While the screen definitely looks bad compared to the Netphone, it is a good first time Android phone. It’s small and compact, and has a fast processor without having to overclock.

      Different needs for different people.

    • aimhigh11 says:

      Theres a galaxy y duos na po. Iba pa yung galaxy y pro duo… fyi lang po…

    • NineSwordz says:

      @jack: i know. im talking about this one jack. and not the QWERTY one

      @negadots: yes, out of the box it’s very slow bcoz of the smart rom. try flashing a new rom and it’s a different phone. mine is still @ 600 mhz but it can play NFS Shift with NO LAG at all. =)

    • DataStoreX says:

      Pre, what firmware version did you flash, Cyanogen V7? May Smart Net app ka pa rin afterwards?

    • cowscrubber says:

      I’ve had this phone for quite some time.
      I can say that with proper customisation, this phone becomes more responsive, and you get a better overall experience.

    • jam garcia says:

      how u root netphone701?

  3. Andre says:

    that price is prepaid?

  4. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Where we could buy it?

  5. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    you can have it delivered to your home.

  6. steelicon says:

    I wonder how many people died making my Android Samsung GT-S5830…

  7. Wow! cool :) Kahit anung cellphone basta touchscreen trip ko :D hehe maexperience lang :)

  8. kapitan says:

    @halo, palit nlng tau ng touchscreen fone ko sa iPad mo =) heheeee….

  9. nonie says:

    where we can buy this unit…particularly here in cebu city? it is open line? please give feedback. thanks. God bless.

  10. As I have predicted, it’d flop.

    • cowscrubber says:

      I think the original Netphone was a hit. Nagkakaubusan nga ng stocks dati e.

      But Smart made a mistake by releasing the Galaxy Y as a “Netphone”. Marami din nagalit because of that. Haha

  11. Irish says:

    Sir san po pwede makabili ito?

  12. marco says:

    available pdin b toh hanggang ngaun? psagot nmn po

  13. andrea says:

    good day!saan kaya makakabili ng casing ng ganiing fone. ty

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