How much would you pay for a special number?

How much would you pay for a special number?

Got this spam text message by someone selling special mobile phone numbers. I’ve bought a special number before (ends with 5555) for about Php1,500 but I wouldn’t spend any more than maybe three grand for a really special one.

I thought it was such a lucrative business for SIM card retailers to be able to sell these special numbers (gold numbers) for as much as 200 times their street value.

Just look at these numbers:

Php8,000 each


Php8,000 each

Php10,000 each

Php20,000 each

Was shocked when I saw the numbers sold for 20 grand. Are people really buying golden numbers that expensive?

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34 Responses

  1. Berchman says:

    vanity costs a lot!

  2. luz climaco says:

    I have a prepaid cell number on globe with cell number 09XX-XXX-7777.

    It only cost my P90. You just have to be diligent and patient in looking for a good one.

  3. Ederic says:

    Ang mahal naman. Ayoko nung prefix. I prefer 0918/0919 saka 0917. :p

  4. Felipe says:

    Not a cent.

    I have to change number from time to time to get away from people who keeps on bugging me. Lol.

  5. Jejo says:

    I used to have a number 09XX-33X-XX33. Bought it for 70 pesos, memorized it less than an hour.

    Due to the bad service I get from the network, I changed to the other, getting a number 091A-A3B-0AAB

    A stands for a digit. B stands for another. Got it for 45 pesos.

    I wonder why people want to buy such numbers away, they’re much more expensive than some phones. It would only take them maybe a week at most to memorize their numbers.

  6. denisexy says:

    I think the target market here are the Chinese Filipinos. You know how they are with numbers, from plate numbers to phone numbers. I noticed the numbers listed above have a whole lot of 8’s in them. The Chinese value the number 8 too much they may be even willing to shell out that kind of money.

    As for me, I have Sun postpaid so I was able to choose my number. =)

  7. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    if you run a business, a mobile number is very important in some cases and a brandable and special one is worth a lot. im surprised theyre that cheap actually. its not like these things are a common commodity. how much do you think 9111111 cost for Pizza Hut or 77777, 55555, 922222 etc

  8. Kenneth says:

    I would like to have numbers like those, but of course, with the least possible price. :-D

  9. TechPinas says:

    I’m actually surprised that 0909.8888.788 is cheaper than 0909.8888.882

  10. Lyle says:

    Got a few “special numbers” too but didn’t pay a premium for it. I guess I’m just lucky with my mobile numbers.

    Some of my old “vanity numbers” include:

    (09XX) XXX-7777
    (09XX) 7X7-X777
    (09XX) 7X8-X888

  11. BrianB says:

    Won’t they get inundated by people looking for textmates?

  12. butch says:

    my number goes like 0917-xyxy-200 for only 75 pesos 0917 number pa. which is vain enough for me para pagkamalang postpaid…lol

  13. Tolits says:

    hindi na kailangan ng isang heartrob na kamuka ko yan number na yan hahahaha.

  14. StarMars says:

    Hmmm… interesting info there…

  15. Tina says:

    I used to work for SMART and sometimes it really costs more than 20K. Mostly chinese subscribers avail of vanity numbers thinking of goodluck for business and personal life.

    I wouldn’t mind paying big for a vanity number if it will bring tons of cash! :)


  16. sky says:

    I have a friend, number nya:

  17. whiz says:

    my number is 091A-BB9-9999 while my sister’s is 090A-B99-9999. We got them from a friend for free :)

  18. Drake Kierkegaard says:

    You just have to be very diligent and madiskarte if you want to have “special” numbers without spending gazillions.

    I got my Smart number 090X-XX-54321 for the usual SIM cost, same for my Sun number 0923-XX-66661. Kunting tiyaga lang talaga. =)

  19. pepper says:

    i got a sun prepaid sim 0922-xxx-777x & i didn’t pay a single cent hehe. my friend from digitel just gave it to me for free.

    i also got a globe number 0917-444-xx55 for the regular price of P200, it’s a globe autoload max retailer sim that comes with a P100 personal load. pang business pa, vanity number pa sya kasi nga 0917 yung prefix hehe!

    the i was able to buy a globe prepaid sim 0917-33x-xxxx at P45 hehe. isn’t that cheap enough for a vanity sim?

  20. darrell says:

    Meron din akong globe na 0916 ang number. 09166966***
    bale limang six sa pagkatpos ng 0916 tapos isang 3 at 9.

  21. KC says:


  22. allan says:

    guys sino nagbebenta ng sun vanity dito sana ung 0922 ang prefix

  23. manohar thakur says:

    I have vanity mobile number 9422667755 ,if anyone wants to buy please contact me at 9869056085 Thanks.

  24. tisay says:

    hey allan, i got a 0922****888, might be interested… or 0922**88*88. let me know. thanks.

  25. John says:

    Anyone have a globe postpaid vanity number with 0917 prefix and 8s and 9s for sale? We can do the transfer of ownership sa globe center. Please text me at 09178142806

  26. Dexter says:

    Mine I got for 2k

  27. redflare says:

    09***345678 someone called me and want to buy my number worth P8000.00….

  28. noel says:

    i have 09212 999 999 how much will i sell it….

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