The 6 Best Phone Case for Every User (2023)

It’s almost an unwritten rule: when you buy a new phone, you need a new phone case too. It makes sense, why spend a ton of money on a new device without at least getting a phone case to protect your hard-earned investment?

The challenge is, there are a ton of phone cases to choose from. From rugged cases to clear cases,  to cases that have clear backs or grippier textures — it may be a bit overwhelming to know which case is best for you.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

That’s why in this article we’ll be taking a look at the best phone case for every user in 2023!

As a caveat, with the sheer amount of phones out in the market, not all devices will have each specific case listed here. But we do hope our list at least narrows down what type of case you should look for, even if the cases listed may not apply to your particular phone.

With that, let’s get into our phone case round-up for 2023.

The Best Phone Case for Every User (2023)

For the budget-minded: XUNDD phone cases

Those who don’t want to spend much on a phone case but would appreciate at least getting some protection on their phone should definitely consider XUNDD’s phone cases.


They offer reasonable protection (especially on the sides), have a clear back, and offer a wide selection of supported devices. Honestly, it sometimes feels like XUNDD actually has a phone case ready for phones that aren’t even out yet!

The best thing about them too is their affordable price tag. XUNDD cases usually range from around Php 200-400. Not to mention the fact that they’re almost always in stock and readily available in tech outlets or pop-up stores.

For clear-case lovers: Ringke Fusion

Meanwhile, those who want to preserve the color or design of their phone and are thinking of a clear case should take a look at Ringke’s Fusion line of cases.

Ringke Fusion

They’re Ringke’s clear case line that features precision-cut holes for each device, a harder-than-usual TPU construction, good drop protection, and raised bezels to protect different parts of your phone (such as the camera module and the sides). Ringke also prides itself in the Fusion case’s resistance to yellowing or discoloration, which is common in clear cases.

We also really like how there are different versions of the Fusion case as they offer a fully clear case, a matte clear case that’s more frosted, and clear cases with colored bumpers and backs.

For the fashion-focused: Any CASETiFY case

Those who want to get a phone case as a way to complement their fashion style should definitely give CASETiFY cases a shot. CASETiFY is known for making a ton of in-house and user-generated phone case designs that you can mix and match with your outfit as you please.


They have a ton of colorful and fun design options and their website also gives you the freedom to further customize a design of your choice. They also don’t skimp out on protection, offering military-grade cases capable of withstanding the occasional drop.

The downside here is that CASETiFY cases can be incredibly pricy, with cases starting from Php 2,000 to 5,000. They also only support devices from Apple, Samsung, and Google.

For the camera-anxious: Nillkin CamShield cases

As phone cameras have become more and more advanced, camera modules have likewise increased in size. This makes protecting the camera lenses on our phones all the more important. That’s where Nillkin’s CamShield cases come in.

Nillkin Case

Nillkin’s CamShield cases have a sliding door feature that covers a phone’s camera module, protecting it from drops, scratches, and dust. They’re easy to close and open but are also sturdy enough to stay in place.

What’s more is that these CamShield cases also have a patterned texture all over, making your phone much grippier than before. Those anxious about protecting their phone’s camera modules will love the Nillkin CamShield phone case and should make it one of their top choices.

For the rough rider: Spigen’s Tough Armor series

For anyone that needs a phone case that can withstand the toughest of conditions, be it frequent drops, tough environments, or extreme elements — Spigen’s Tough Armor rugged cases will be tough to beat.

Spigen Tough Armor

The Tough Armor cases have two layers: a soft TPU layer wrapping the phone and a hard outer shell on top of that. This makes for a case that has great shock absorption and drop protection. You also have pretty good buttons and a raised camera module lip on the Tough Armor.

While there is a good argument for Otterbox’s Defender series, I chose the Spigen Tough Armor case line for its more streamlined, less bulky design — despite it being a rugged case. Tough Armor cases also seem to be more widely available, on more devices, here in the Philippines.

For the everyday user: Spigen Liquid Air

Lastly, for the average user who doesn’t really care much about the bells and whistles that come with different phone cases, I would strongly recommend Spigen’s Liquid Air case.

Spigen Liquid Air

There’s a reason why this case line has been a mainstay offering in Spigen’s case lineup: it’s slim and isn’t excessively bulky, it adds a ton of grip to both the back and the sides, it has great feeling buttons, and is incredibly stylish too. It’s actually the case I currently have on my daily driver Google Pixel 6.

If you want a phone case that you’ll put on once, forget about, and have no issues with during the whole lifetime of your device — the Liquid Air case is a great option.

There we have it, some of the best phone cases for every user in 2023. Do you agree with our list? Are there any phone cases out there that deserve some recognition and didn’t make it here?

Let us know in the comments down below!


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