This iOS bug crashes your iPhone using one text message

This iOS bug crashes your iPhone using one text message

There is a major bug spreading via text message that causes iPhones to crash.

Update: Here’s a fix for the iOS bug that crashes iPhones.



The message is comprised of Arabic letters and can be received through SMS or iMessage. Once you receive this while the phone is in locked screen mode, it can cause the Messages app to completely stop working and eventually crash the entire phone. TNW mentions that the bug could be related to iOS processing of its Unicode text.

Beware of any messages containing the following characters:

As for the workaround, you must “send a photo or piece of text to the original sender using the share sheet in another app.” Reports also state the it is currently affecting iPhones running iOS 7 and 8. Apple is already aware of the matter and is working on a fix.

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18 Responses

  1. Abuzaldy says:

    Wow, I never thought that at this day and age, a sophisticated and advanced phone, not to mention very expensive, can still be crippled by a simple text message. Throwback 90’s?

    That’s Apple for you. Lol.

  2. HiERARCH says:


  3. someone says:

    Similar to the MTK6582 bug where a certain sms message will cause the target phone to restart.

  4. marcology says:

    yung parang 3310 days lang. causing phone to freeze then restarts. lol

  5. Miss Call says:

    Fake. Apple is perfect. A very simple bug like this can never happen to a product of a company who researches, analyzes, engineers, and tests their products to the utmost quality and highest standards. We get what we pay for. Boo to this article!

  6. kimmee says:

    The most advanced mobile OS ever…chos!

  7. shutter says:

    Ganyan talaga. Lahat ng OS o maski anumang platform, laging ita-challenge ng mga hackers yan. Di sana wala ng anti-virus. :)

    • red says:

      Maari kasi nag bigay ng pahayag ang apple na ang next nilang model ay halos imposible na sa jailbreak. Baka binigyan tuloy sila ng sample.

    • shutter says:

      @red , could be. Pero maski di magsabi ang apple talagang target ng mga hackers ang mga sikat na platforms or OS. Kaya nga laging me updates ang mga OS like windows and the likes to mitigate or to counter the risks or threat. Pwera pa yan sa mga AV, me mga updates din sila regularly to counter new emerging threats. That’s how it is today. Dati windows lang, ngayon pati unix meron na din ata.

  8. vdewan says:

    its very often that mobile softwares always have bugs good thing that they always update to fix these glitches.

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