Throwback Thursday: YugaTech's top old-school phones

Throwback Thursday: YugaTech’s top old-school phones

Since we’re feeling a bit nostalgic, we took a trip down memory lane to show you a list of phones that rocked our socks back in the days. Here are YugaTech’s top old-school phones. Got something to add to our list?

Nokia 3310

nokia 3310

Who didn’t love this brick phone? Dubbed as ‘one of the most durable phones ever built,’ the 3310 could withstand drops numerous times and the worst damage you’ll have is a crack on its replaceable case. It’s also one of Nokia’s most successful phones with 126 million units sold. Lastly, let me add two more things that made us love it even more — Snake II and Space Impact.

Nokia 6630

nokia 6630

This is my personal pick. I’ve had one for almost 7 years and never had any major problems — come to think of it, I don’t even remember having minor problems during my time with it. The Nokia 6630 is the first phone to combine the benefits of 3G and EDGE, while running on a Series 60 Symbian OS. It was sturdy, fast, and doubled as my music player with its powerful speakers.



The original, non-3G iPhone (or iPhone 2G as some would call it) was the most advanced mobile browser during its time. Its capability to be synced with iTunes made bug fixes and updates easily accessible. Plus, the iTunes store eventually provided dozens of useful apps and games that made a lot of people join in — marking the beginning of the iPhone era that we still see today.


Nokia 8250

nokia 8250

Nokia’s 8250 was one of the popular ones back when the battle was about who has the tiniest phone. At just 81 grams, the device is very lightweight and easily slips into the pocket. Its battery, although small, lasts 2-3 days on a single charge — how we wish smartphones today could have the same battery life.

Sony Ericsson W600

sony ericsson w600

The Sony Ericsson W600 was made for the music lovers. It’s been integrated with a Walkman music player and radio with RDS (Radio Data System) which opens up a lot of additional information for users to receive. Also, the W600’s speaker is very clean sounding and does not distort easily even at high volumes. Build quality is also impressive and solid, and is perfect for heavy usage.

Nokia N90


During the time Nokia N90 came out, it held the title for having the best display on the market with its 352 x 416 resolution and a pixel density of 259ppi. It has a 90-degree rotating screen that makes it look like a handycam since the N90 was targeted to promote mobile filmmaking. We even remember various filmmakers using this phone and creating short films — and that was a big deal back then.

So there you have it: Our list of smartphones that have made an impact on us. How about you? What phone did you have for the longest time?

Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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27 Responses

  1. Bimbo says:

    Ay ang gwapo nung writer. Pwede pa experience?


  2. Wha says:

    How about nokia 5110.

  3. Allan Ray says:

    I think we cannot not include some of the N Series in this list. Some of the best smartphones in their time. =)

  4. phonebuddy says:

    Nokia 8850, 6210 and 6510 can also be added to the list.

  5. Rocker ng socks says:

    “..phones that rocked our socks back in the days” isn’t actually a category for ranking top old-school phones. “Feeling nostalgic”? “Memory lane”?

    Can we please get any more sophisticated than this?

    And we have a killer at the end, “..list of smartphones that have made an impact on us”, “What phone did you have for the longest time?”
    I thought this was a ranking of the top old-school phones? Consistency, please.
    Technically speaking, this article was not well made. Just because you don’t have a lot of able competitors in the tech writing industry here in the Philippines means not aiming for better content and writing.

    You should know better as the ‘top’ tech blog in the Philippines, Yugatech.

    • Yep says:


    • lolwut says:

      I second emotion. lol
      I call for professionalism, since they are already claiming as “Philippine Tech News and Reviews”. They are putting the name of the country already, what a shame.

  6. I had the 3310. 6630 and 8250 but I wouldn’t rank them in my list of top old-school phones that I’ve used. Here’s my pick:
    1. Nokia 3210 – wow walang antena! galing!
    2. Nokia 8210 – ang liit naman niyan. parang calculator!
    3. Nokia N82 – nakakasilaw ang flash!
    4. Nokia 7650 – Nokia’s first cameraphone/smartphone
    5. Nokia 6610/6100/7210 – sexy coloured phones

  7. JD3 says:

    I’m surprised ba’t hindi na-mention yung 3210? that was also a toughie and 3310’s older brother. I concur with Charles Angelo, 3210 should be no. 1 since it set the trend for tough phones and replaceable covers.

    It also surpasses the 3310 with sales of 160 million units (source: wikipedia)

  8. Abed says:

    Yes! 3310’s Space Impact and Snake are the most popular games during my elementary days. Nanghihiram lang ako nun sa classmate ko na mayaman ng phone makalaro lang. :)

  9. trolalu says:

    Dati kung meron ka neto, sikat ka! Feeling artista ka na..

  10. Robby says:

    Nokia 5300 XpressMusic

  11. androidfreak says:

    old days? parang kailan lang sa akin yan..ewan ko pero hindi nman yata masyado…basta kung sa tingin ganun nga…eh di ganun na..hahaha happy evening sa lahat po!

  12. Gerald says:

    We could have corrected him nicely. Let’s be nice guys. If you don’t like the contents of this page, might as well, stop visiting the site. Easy.

  13. abuzalzal says:

    How could you not include the 7650?


    back in the days pag me hawak ka nito sa daan, sampu kaagad ang mama-magnet mong mandurukot

    My jaw dropped the moment I held this phone from a friend, such a sophisticated handset.

    Edit mo ‘to now na~

    Isali mo ang NOKIA 7650!

    • 7650rules says:

      Ahh yes the artista phone, pag nilabas mo sa fx sa bus or sa kalye parang artista na dating mo, poging pogi lahat nakatingin. also the mother of all colored and camera phones.

  14. I miss N Series ahhaha

  15. Devant says:

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  16. 7650rules says:

    The SE P800 and P900 should also be in the list, because it literally screams “im rich” during their era.

    • JD3 says:

      I agree, when most of us are starting to go gaga with the new “Sony Ericsson” phones (i really miss that partnership, too bad they had to part ways) out comes the P800 with its own stylus, large screen etc…

  17. Jonte says:

    How about Nokia 8110?
    Or Ericsson S868 – The Best Phone of it’s time?

  18. lewel says:

    3210 should be number 1. ang tibay nya at pede mo pang paltan ang backlight ng ibang color :P

  19. knives says:

    Well, there maybe some imperfections with the article but the title means it’s yugatech’s top old school phones. Di naman sinabing Philippine’s or World’s top old school phones diba? Tapos naghahanap kayo ng 3210? Not sure if the article represents the writer’s personal opinion/preference or it was the site’s pero kung wala sa list ang hinahanap niyo, wag kayo magreklamo. I’m pretty sure di lahat ng cp sa article nato na binanggit eh nagkaron kayo the same with di lahat ng cp niyo eh nagkaron ang yugatech. Let’s be fair and keep an open mind

  20. thorr says:

    K800 for me, the best camera phone ever.
    For Nokia, 7650.. the phone that started it all.

    Alala ko nga non…
    Nokia = masa
    Sony Ericsson = conyo and social

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