5 Reasons Why the Nokia 3310 was the greatest mobile phone ever!

5 Reasons Why the Nokia 3310 was the greatest mobile phone ever!

We all know that Microsoft acquired Nokia’s handset division last year for $7.2 Billion because the company continues to fail with their products and services. But do you know that there was a time on the late 20th century in which Nokia launched an extremely wonderful handset that would lead the company to dominate the mobile market and sold more than 126 million units, from 2000 to the series’ retirement in 2005. And this is no other than the Nokia 3310.

1. Battery Life to the Max!

batteryPacked with just only 900 mAh battery, this monster can last up to 260 hours of standby battery, or 4.5 hours of talking time.

2. Thousands of Customized Cases

caseFrom your favorite scenery to your favorite cartoon character, you could not blame yourself for having a collection of this phone’s cases.

3. Pre-installed with the Best Games in the History

gamesRequires only your left or right hand to play.


4. You can produce your own Music

composerCompose a melody that suits your lifestyle.


breakThis “brick phone” does not need a screen protector or tempered glass.

Let’s not just forget the specs.

Nokia 3310 specs:
84 x 48 pixel 5-line monochrome display
2G Single SIM
No Rear and Front Camera
No WiFi
No Bluetooth
No Radio
Removable 900 mAh battery
Php 6,700

If you disagree, feel free to let us know in the comments.

This article was written by Heland Ortega, Junior Contributor of YugaTech. He is a graduate of Information Technology and Multimedia Arts at FEU Institute of Technology in where he is also now working as a full-time faculty. You can follow him at @helandortega.

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29 Responses

  1. William C says:

    What the… Ad ba to for Cherry Mobile? ?

    Cherry mobile has just started selling a 3310 style feature phone.

    Do miss the keypad for phones.

  2. isyot says:

    at bakit nyo kinocompare ang dalawang phone? ang laki nang pagkakaiba dapat bang e compare?
    anong klasing manunulat ba ito?

    3310 ay walang mga apps na e install at hindi smart phone, kaya matagal maubosan nang baterry, hindi touch screen kaya at hindi lahat nang mukha niya screen kaya hindi madali mabasag ang screen.

    e ka bobo naman ang writer nito..yung comparison dapat ginagamit sa kaparihong level nang bagay na kinukumpara, e pano kaya kung yung 3310 lagyan nang battery nang smart phone? or vice versa yung OS nang 3310 ilalagay sa smartphone pati na yung screen?

    • rape says:

      at may tangang katulad mo na di nakakaintindi. Tanga

    • TOSYI says:

      Eh kabobong bisaya ito. This is obviously a joke story (albeit it does make a point on how reliable the Nokia 3210/3310 series is) posted by Yugatech as a nostalgic reminder for old Nokia users more than a decade back.

      I saw this a mile a way and it was just a recycled story just to honor Nokia after Microsoft acquired it.

    • Ronaldq says:

      Let me guess. You’re a millenial if not then boy your stupidity is beyond bounds.

    • Kamen Rider Necrom says:

      Stupid comment from a stupid person.

  3. need to read emails, maybe blackberry was a better phone

  4. H says:

    This was my only phone from 2000 to 2006. It was still working when I sold it to a friend.

  5. dex says:

    I do get the humor.

  6. Leonardo DiCaprio says:

    This report is sooooo non-sense

  7. deejars says:

    I bought mine for P8,500 when I had my first christmas bonus in December 2000. Nag fail lang ata ang battery pero di ang phone. And yeah its not a fair comparison since its not a smartphobe naman but yes its a dependable phone.

  8. Easy E says:

    Saw this already yearsss ago. Recycled material. Copied? Wala bang citations?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the side-by-side spec comparison as promised by the header? Also, shouldn’t this article end with the usual “Advantages of Nokia 3310”, “Advantages of “?

    Nokia 3310, when it was launched here, priced about PhP10K. What would be its current price if adjusted for inflation? Kinda wondering if the price difference would be give its modern counterpart Nokia 3310’s features/advantages over it.

  10. Jherique says:

    Huhuhubels ang dami di nakagets nakaka sad talaga huhuhu T_T

    • Juandio of laguna says:

      This is my First pone.and the realability of this one is incomparable hahahaha me mha idiot talaga na di.maka intindi.masyado baka.mga high shool pa yan.mga yan.ngayun kaya sobrang katanga umintindi .kako baga wag na.mag comment pag di.alam ang topic hahahaha at kung maka panlait sa author mga kalamo.ka galing hahahaha Atulog nalang kayo.mga syonga!!!

  11. William C says:

    This is tongue in cheek article intended to lighten the mood and foster nostalgia at the same time. Surprised that a few are taking it seriously.

  12. kabebegirl says:

    At best mobile game ever ay Snake. Tas best ringtone ever ay yong mga kanta ng f4 at OST ng Meteor Garden yong Wo Ming Bai. Hehehe

  13. BTOOOM says:

    Elementary ko ng naka gamit ko yan

  14. Mariah Carey says:

    Dito pa lang madami ka nang makikitang mga TANGA at hindi open-minded. Sana di nyo yan madala hanggang sa eleksyon jusko maawa kayo sa mga magiging anak at apo nyo. -_-

  15. OTOT says:

    Oo nga ang dami TANGA dito naglagay ng comparison yung author nito para makita ng bagong genaration kung ano ang 3310 (syempre meron na di inabutan yan baka picture na lng nkita nila) syempre kung specs walang binatbat ang 3310 s mga smartphones ngayon given na yun. Kung maka comment kayo sa author grabe, kayo n lng kaya gumawa ng sarili nyong article saka nyo ipakita nyo na mas MAGALING KAYO, MAS MAALAM KAYO, MAS MATALINO KAYO AT HINDI KAYO MGA BOBO!!! go go go!

  16. abuzalzal says:

    Dati nung College ako mitsa ng buhay mo ang 3310….kasi kung may holdaper sa bus or FX taxi, ipupukol sa ulo mo ang cellphone na ito pag ito ang inilabas mo

  17. Mr. 5110 says:

    kaka-miss ang mga ganyang cellphones, d inaagawan ng attention at oras ang mga mahal natin sa buhay. : (

  18. radiboy says:

    wow i love all my phones way back in college days(1990s). i had nokia 3210 bought it from my savings for 8k, then nokia 5110 for 5k, nokia 3310, philips fizz.. they’re all sturdy still working now but now they’re all in a display cabinet at home for the new generations of my niece and nephew to see what mobile phones before look like when it started.

  19. Naalala ko pa nung time na nagpapalagay pa ako ng acetate sa screen nyan, tapos irereprogram para magiba ung animation ng icons, at maglalagay ng iba’t-ibang back-light colors, tapos bawat notification nya, iibahin din ung light flash nya na sumasabay sa tunog ng notifications. galing! boss ang nokia that time pagdating sa mobile world. sayang, kung programmer na ako nun, ako na mismo gagawa sa phone ko ung mga tweaks na binanggit ko. ang sarap balikan ung mga time na usong uso pa ang clans tapos hindi pa threaded ang per conversation ng katext mo. hahaha! saya!

  20. JOHN says:

    T’was my first phone and used it for years. Miss that old phone if only the keypad and battery could have last longer. How i wish that Microsoft could re-create those kind of phones like a new 3310 version (similar to Samsung’s 2016 version? =P ) with added features but maintaining the durability and longevity of the battery. I’ll definitely buy one even if it cost at least P5k.

    I have to commend the author for pointing out that mobile phones nowadays lasts only a few hours. What’s the point of having a smartphone if you could not use it for days (especially during emergencies)? Bring a powerbank? Why buy a separate one? Before, you may just want to purchase an extra battery since it is more practical and economical.

    For Readers: Feel free to post your comment(s) but dare not to be an imbecile.

  21. hereez says:

    Hanggang ngayon gamit ko prin yang 3310 ko it almost 14yrs housing lang at battery ang pinapalitan ko ang tagal na nga pala nakailang smart phone na ko hanggang ngayon narito prin sya ????????????

  22. This are funny reasons. There are alot of facilities not on that phone. Though it was the best during its time.

  23. I bought my very first cellphone when I was in elementary (Grade 3) from the my allowances (20php/day) for 3,500php

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