WATCH: Top Smartphones Under PHP 30K (Mid-2021)

WATCH: Top Smartphones Under PHP 30K (Mid-2021)

We have just crossed the midway point of 2021 and have seen a number of great smartphone releases across different brands. But which smartphones should you be looking out for? To answer that, we present to you our top smartphone picks under the PHP 30K price range in the video below.


Authors note: All smartphones in the list were launched in 2021 and are officially or readily available in the Philippines. The prices range from PHP 20,000 to PHP 30,000 and are arranged by price from highest to lowest.

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  1. WB says:

    with the way cellphones are being released left and right nowadays, with new models coming out almost every month, i would suggest you update this kind of videos every quarter, just to stay relevant. that oneplus nord 2 5g just announced and offered by digital walker locally for pre-order after two days from this posting is looking very beastly and should probably belong somewhere at the top of this list when it comes out.

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