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Water-Powered Cell Phones

Here’s one indication that water will be a more expensive commodity in the future — water-powered batteries for the mobile phones.

Korea mobile manufacturer, Samsung, has recently unveiled at the 2007 Korea Electronics Show a new source of fuel-cells. The new fuel cell, powered by H2O, could power a handset for 10 hours — almost twice as long as current rechargeable batteries.

These water-powered handsets are expected to hit the market by 2010. Users will only have to change the hydrogen cartridge when the energy is depleted. Isn’t that gonna be costly?


However, they add that later handsets will be developed that don’t need the hydrogen cartridges to be changed, and would only need to be filled with water.

Samsung Fuel Cell
Ok, the model in the picture above is holding a Samsung SGH i600, methinks. w00t, I’m getting an H2O fuel-cell soon.

Reminds me of that Filipino scientist a few years back who claimed to have invented a way to power cars using plain H2O (some re-engineering with the car engines). Where is that guy?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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26 Responses

  1. issai says:

    yeah, i remember that guy who ran his car on water. didn’t the petrol companies go after him? like a decade ago, there was this car who can ran on vegetable oil, it was featured in discovery channel. and another invention that used soy beans as fuel was featured by discovery almost a decade ago too. tesla motors has the coolest electric cars. why the hell are we still so dependent on petroleum?!!! the future is renewable energy!!!!

    oh back to the topic, yeah those batteries seem uber cool, unless they leak on the item. oops. can I power my aquarium using water?

  2. jomark says:

    Id like to have that phone too. I can take a bath and at the same time use my phone.

  3. Kiven says:

    Now they have the solar powered car guys to go after….

  4. Jon Limjap says:

    Hey, at least there’s the Prius already. Somebody just has to convince the big players that going green is going to be more profitable.

  5. Chino Yray says:

    that guy who invented the use of H20 for cars is rumored to have sold the engine to Volvo. Well, it’s just a rumor.

  6. I read the similar article at Digg.com.

    THE savings on electric bill should be worth the phone, otherwise I’d not buy it.


  7. Jeffrey says:

    You should blog about exploding iPods due to its LITHIUM ION battery.

  8. Jay Ar says:

    Hmm.. How much is the Samsung i600 nowadays?

  9. noypiako says:

    Being Eco-Friendly or Green is now the trend here in Vancouver Canada. You will see Carwashes, Buses and Trucks being run by Hydrogen Fuel Cell. The man behind these projects called Hydrogen Highway is “The Governator” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California.

  10. Watz says:

    It’s Mr. Dingle and who would you think will support an invention that can cause a crumble of the big players today :D

  11. minor says:

    Who Killed the Electric Car?

  12. jepoy says:

    Engr. Daniel Dingle :P

  13. Kevin Yapjoco says:

    I believe the guy is still here in the Philippines. His invention separates the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water so that hydrogen can be pumped into the engines just like how the LPG-modified cars work nowadays.

    The same is done with the hydrogen molecules although I’m not sure if it also liquified before being pumped into the engine. LPG has to be made into a liquified form before it can be used inside the engine just like regular gasoline.

    I think H20 fuel cells will be more accepted in the future than water in cars. Petroleum companies were for LPG because they would still be the ones making the money.

  14. macboy says:

    I would love to see this phone since I have already dropped several in the toilet!


  15. Riz says:

    This is what you call a bad example of marketing. Shouldnt the focus be on the phone not on the girl? She’s distracting! Heh. Hi abe. :)

  16. minor says:

    ^ you mean thats a girl? look gay to me :D

  17. jeffrey says:

    I think the guy who invented the H2O powered car already sold his design to US… hmmm lack of government support as usual…

  18. phil says:

    Water Powered cell phones… what a wet Idea. Wouldn’t this be cumbersome?

  19. jhayzhon says:

    for my point of view H2O powered car that developed by Daniel Dingel have a problem.
    When you separate Hydrogen from water you need electricity to do it.
    I think Mr. Daniel car’s battery is easily depleted when running hes Water powered car. Well that is a big problem & also battery is a toxic chemical if handled improperly & dump anywhere can cause our environment to suffer.

  20. Archie Terez says:

    I am much interested in this latest innovation in Samsung, Water Source

  21. Archie Terez says:

    Wows, there’s a lot of useful benefits of water and it can help to the increment of communication gadgets production!!!!

  22. i love mobile phones that can surf the net in lightning fast speed`’~

  23. mobile phones that have built in cameras are my favorite because they can capture those special moments and events ””

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