What if smartphones did not exist today?

What if smartphones did not exist today?

Back in the days, whenever a new phone was released in the market, people would almost always look at the design and form factor as a basis for their purchase. Today, the mobile OS plays a major role on a handset’s marketability.

The OS dictates whether a handset is a smartphone or not so what if we didn’t have them in the first place? Imagine a world without iOS, Android, WebOS, BlackBerry OS, WinMo or Symbian?


That leaves us with more affordable feature phones, handsets that does two things best — making calls and texting.

If that’s the case, I think the story of the mobile market is much different.

To give us an easier way to see at how that picture looks like, I’d go and check what’s the most common secondary phone people use these days. The second handset is usually there as a back-up and basically used to make calls or text messages.

So let’s put the curiosity to the test and do a little survey here — if smartphones were non-existent, which feature phone would you be using today?

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56 Responses

  1. sylv3rblade says:

    Any of Nokia’s low-end dumbphones. They’re dirtcheap and have a frustratingly long battery life!

  2. MyMaria says:

    I think that everyone (Pinoys especially) should have a MyPhone as a back-up.. I do ;) For obvious reasons…


  3. jubatz says:

    still on my nokia 8390 phone.. battery life rocks..

  4. Danel says:

    something like nokia 1280. haha! something that has a LOOOONG battery life for calling and texting :)

  5. Crave says:

    I wish I still had my old Nokia 2100. It’s fast and does its job as a dumbphone well.

    Nokia doesn’t make monochrome phones like they used to. :(

  6. Monde says:

    Nokia 3210! My first phone ever!

  7. rondon says:

    Dual-sim nokia for me!

  8. Manny says:

    i still keep my N6500 Classic (with only 9mm thin, and in black!), always have used a nokia 6-series until BB and iPhone came into the picture.

    here’s an interesting article about not being able to adopt to changes in the market…

    How Nokia Fell from Grace

  9. I would go for a phone with the following features:
    – at least 5MP camera
    – card expansion slot (not just for the photos, but also for the phone book)
    – ability to play at least mp3 files
    – 3.5mm audio jack
    – if it can be the size of nokia 8210, that would be really great
    – long battery life
    – display that’s good enough under the sun and in the dark
    – flashlight function!

  10. judy says:

    I want to buy HTC – mobile phone to experience Android. yay !

  11. the yawner says:

    I’d have probably remained a Sony Ericsson user. I use to own Nokia handsets, but after I got my first SE phone – the K750i – I became an SE fan. Without Android, I would have gotten the latest C-series phone from them.

  12. jhunie says:

    any phone without camera, without radio, has 4 way navigation key (left right up down). Can basically call and text.. (not necessarily MMS). saka may flashlight.

  13. allenlucanas says:

    dual sim phone! haha my last 2 phones were cherry and myphone :)

  14. RJCA says:

    I’ve been using a Nokia 1280 for the past month or so and a 1202 before that, got frustrated with my 5800XM because it’s too slow.

    Just waiting for a unit of the iPhone 4 to be available, already on the reservation list.

    For me it’s either all (iPhone, Droid, HD2) or nothing (monochrome candy bar) anything in between is just frustrating.

  15. edbanquil87 says:

    call, text, dual sim,FM!

  16. Vdiz0nJr88 says:

    Nokia C1-00…!!!!!! XD

  17. vondoom says:

    back to razr hehe

    bebenta kaya ung vertu if walang smartphones?

  18. Paolo says:

    I still have my old Nokia (no MMS, and the screen is not even colored, pero hindi naman yung green). I use my BB for personal texting and internet, but the Nokia is best for work (the battery lasts me for days, at kahit mahulog sa sahig, it just.won’t.break.)

  19. Jacen says:

    Id go for nokia 3210.. ahehehheh

  20. Guy Radaza says:

    i’ll for dual sim phones

  21. RaGe Einzeln says:

    motorolla…yung pangkaskas ng yelo..hehe joke

    noon: nokia vs sony ericsson
    ngayon: bahala na kayo

    still nokia phone..if smartphone doesn’t exist :)

  22. SAM YG says:

    Nokia 5110 da best! LOL

  23. pakaulaw says:

    my trusty Motorola V3X! :D

  24. mousephotato says:

    Nokia 1100, simple will the answer the question why do we need phone.

    and of course long battery life

  25. Kevin See says:

    I didn’t even think twice about my decision, a Nokia! 3310 would survive a nuclear fallout! :D

  26. Darren says:

    MP3 ringtone is important to me

  27. Tin Sanchez says:

    I’m happy with my Nokia 5320 XpressMusic.

    Got all the main features I need. 2MP camera (good enough to take photos), MP3 (I got 8GB micro SD by the way), battery could last more than a day if its just for texting and short calls, it has FM as well. Love my phone :)

  28. Maniniyot says:

    I have Nokia’s 3350 as a back up phone.

  29. riclags says:

    My primary phone is a Nokia 2700 classic right now. It has a Series 40 OS, 3.5mm jack, memory is expandable, bluetooth and has FM radio. Too bad it can’t do wifi and no 3g. Otherwise, it would suffice for me.

  30. tjmangki says:

    Nokia 8210. very small, very small, very small…

  31. yizhan says:

    well in that case, I would still be using my Nokia 3510i., tipid sa battery. :)

  32. Harley says:

    i used to have the SE K500 for almost 6 years as my back up phone. it rocks! it has all the basics and the battery is good!

    currently, i am using either the samsung genoa or my generic touch dual sim phone as back up for my blacberry.

  33. So a JAVA phone is a feature phone right? :D Didn’t experienced having a phone with an OS, but I’m planning to buy one in the future :D
    As for my backup phone- it will still be my SE K800i; a camera,radio,phone,and organizer in one :D (not to mention, a flashlight provided its installed with a flashlight java app :D)

  34. jobeck says:

    NOkia 6150, pinaka matibay sa kanilang lahat. unit ko until now, buhay pa. ilang beses nang nabagsak, nabasa, natuyo, nabato, pero ayun….still alive and kicking. battery lang pinalitan ko.

  35. euro says:

    Nokia 6700 classic
    A feature phone with a 5mp camera
    specs http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_6700_classic-2659.php

  36. Abiel says:

    Of course it wouldn’t be a phone if we remove the voice call, but even with the smartphone that I’m using now, I always use it to call and send text. take pictures, access the net and watch videos are just secondary.

  37. lupita says:

    nokia 1100!!!

  38. Rose says:

    1. Nokia 6700 classic for my Globe
    2. Nokia 1280 for the super long battery life for my sun
    3. Nokia 6303i for my smart

  39. guyrony says:

    Sony Ericsson Z800.

  40. surfmeister says:

    my trusty ol’ SE W890.. radio, mp3 player, long battery life. can’t let go of it as my backup phone.

  41. H says:

    I have a myphone t23 as my back up phone. Its dual sim, very lightweight and the touchscreen is ok. I really like to be able to customize msg ang ring tones. Cant really do that with an iphone.
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  42. dawnripper says:

    maybe still using my greenhills moded no antenna/white backlight 5110 :) and still drooling over SE T210!

  43. pabs says:

    of course it is Nokia 3310, I bought it in 1999 and it is still alive and still fucntions as my back up phone. I really love it.

  44. cheftonio says:

    My secondary phone is a Nokia 6300. Pldt wireless landline is a v3 razr


    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  45. nokia 5510

    -qwerty phone
    -with mp3 player

  46. mr.bogus says:

    the nokia 3510 first polyponic nokia cp!!!

  47. ALFRED says:

    My secondary phone is Nokia 1800… I find it so handy and very much satisfied with its features 4 d price I paid… Sobrang ok yung battery compared to my iPhone 3gs…

  48. bing says:

    What if smartphones did not exist today? Life should be better! Old school perhaps but smartphone as mainly made for productivity somehow undone my productivity. If you can’t control your “bad” habit with smartphone it will eat your productivity big time. Playtime with games-check, facebook-check, twitter-check, youtube-check, internet-check. Half of your time that could have been spent being productive has been burn by those. But my next smartphone will be business oriented one loaded with office productivity tools like like MS office,outlook in Nokia E7 ;)

  49. David says:

    I’m still rocking an SE K800i.

  50. I love the alcatel, I just forgot the exact model, my first cel phone. It can get clear signal even in areas where my companions having latest model units can hardly connect.

  51. I currently have the Samsung E1070 as my backup phone. It’s very basic as it only allows you to make calls and send texts. No camera or internet access.

    If smart phones didn’t exist today, I still be using a Nokia.

    I would say the SE K800i was one of the best phones I have owned until I made the mistake of upgrading to the K850i and sold the K800i. Big mistake!!

  52. Ving says:

    I currently have the Samsung E1070 as my backup phone. It’s very basic as it only allows you to make calls and send texts. No camera or internet access. If smart phones didn’t exist today, I still be using a Nokia.

    I would say the SE K800i was one of the best phones I have owned until I made the mistake of upgrading to the K850i and sold the K800i. Big mistake!!

  53. mike miz says:

    @bing come to think of it, dahil sa n97 ko, hindi ko na kailangan magbukas ng pc para magfacebook :| hindi ko na rin kailangan magdala ng laptop sa school para makapagfacebook sa wifi doon. dati, papatayin ko lang ang pc, nakakapagaral ako ng walang tempatation ng facebook..ngayon dahil lagi kong katabi ang cellphone ko, facebook na lang ng facebook kahit dapat nagaaral.

    I still use my first cellphone, a nokia 5110 as my backup (and nakaw phone). siya ang nasa bulsa ko pag nasa public transport, with my beloved smartphone tucked deep inside my bag full of papers.

  54. Sonofa says:

    di naman siguro considered as smart phone ang itouch…

    so i think my gadgets would be an ipod touch 4 and a myphone dual sim dumb phone…

  55. Kinny says:

    My phone would be those Nokia’s with Qwerty keyboards and the super long battery life like my E72 in purple. I would call and text more

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