WiFiMapper finds free Wi-Fi hotspots near you

WiFiMapper finds free Wi-Fi hotspots near you

Trying to cut your data usage down or simply looking for a Wi-Fi to quickly connect to? OpenSignal’s WiFiMapper app just might help you do that.


WiFiMapper is basically a crowdsourcing app that helps users find the nearest free Wi-Fi hotspot around them by clicking on marked locations. These locations derived from the company’s algorithm or tagged by other users as “free” add to the 500-million database of OpenSignal’s community worldwide.

Once you highlight a specific spot, you will be given details and relevant information about it (like how reliable the connection is, what kind of neighborhood the hotspot is in, etc) using data from Foursquare. User comments are also available to verify if the place is indeed free and if not, you yourself can correct it and help other users in the process.



WiFiMapper can already be downloaded and used for free, although it is only available in iOS as of the moment. So, for example, you’re at the heart of Makati and the need to go online arises, you can opt not to spend on data connection and just open the WiFiMapper app instead.



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