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XPeria X1 by Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson just announced a new line of mobile phones. Among them, a stunning XPeria X1. Check out what’s inside the package.

With bleeding edge mobile phones, the main issue that’s always the user interface and input feature. Sony Ericsson isn’t taking any chances — they’ve added a touchscreen, QWERTY slide keyboard, optical joystick and a 4-way key.

XPeria X1


The 3-inch WVGA display is a 65k color TFT. Powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile with Outlook and Office Mobile, it device has handwriting recognition too.

Sonny Ericsson XPeria X1

The XPeria X1 also sports a 3.2MP camera, an assisted GPS, and HSDPA. If there’s any phone that could rival the iPhone, the XPeria X1 looks like a real contender.

For more details about this model visit the official site here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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43 Responses

  1. jhay says:

    Awesome! Finally something really bledding-edge from Sony Ericsson. I wonder what the price tag is?

    Watch out iPhone. ;)

  2. jhay says:

    BTW, the link to the main site is broken. :D

  3. It could rival iPhone and O2 XDA Zinc for sure

  4. BrianB says:

    I wonder when they started calling “cutting edge” bleeding edge?

  5. BrianB says:

    You’ll find this really funny, but remember the rumor that Moto may be selling its handset business. Well, one of the likely buyers is ZTE corporation of China.


  6. chinesemafia says:

    I hear LG is also coming out with their own iPhone rival. I think it’s called the KF-700.

  7. yuga says:

    @brianb – in the development world, I’m always used to the term “bleeding edge” instead of “cutting edge”. I guess the bleeding is much more advanced since it comes after the cut. *heh*

  8. sylv3rblade says:

    looks hot and an ericsson phone to boot. It caters to PDa-, phone-, touchpad, and even gamers (joystick? ^^)
    Wonder what the SRP for that will be.

  9. Ade says:

    Wowowowow! This is definitely something I want. Take that, iPhone!

  10. hi yuga.. sorry if this is off-topic. didn’t know where to post it.

    chanced upon aileen apolo’s http://www.yougottech.com today, a video technology blog as they say so on the site. obviously they’re trying to play around with your domain name.. how does it feel being spoofed?

    celebrity ka na talaga.

    -Dark Knight

  11. ChrisMo says:

    @Batman: I still like the original, add to that we’re kasimanwas, and I frequent the island beach where Abe is rumored to live before. Haven’t met him personally though…

    On-Topic: This is a pretty cool phone, then the knock-offs will come and it wouldn’t be cool anymore… But if it’s from sony, I bet there’ll be a killer next version of this phone…

  12. ria says:

    hmmmm! when i was browsing thru the sony ericson web site i saw this model.. and wow!!!.. im sooo dying to have it!.!great!great!great..wonder how much this cost..=)

  13. Amanda says:

    It’s a nice phone… Will it be available in the Philippines soon?
    I wanted an LG voyager, which is a touchscreen phone with keypad similar to that, but I doubt it will ever be available in the Philippines.

  14. popol says:

    i really want to buy one!
    is it now available here in the Philippines?
    how much is it?

  15. 1knife says:

    this indeed is a great phone, maybe an iphone killer. but have you seen the htc touch pro? any comment on that phone? i’d love to get my hands on that.

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  17. heart says:

    i wanna have this sony xperia x1! anybody knows when will it be available in the philippines?

  18. angie says:

    yey! it will be released this coming november!!! =D

  19. Magus-Baki says:

    SE X1 was officialy released already in UK last 30 Oct 2008 and the initial selling price for the flagship phone is EUR630 (PHP38,862.05++)
    But the SRP on their market is EUR560 (PHP34,525.93++).

    There have been some Mobile Ads circulating in the local Online Deal sites such as cellphone.finder.ph, which sells the unit for USD400 (PHP19,667.16++)
    But when contacted, the person is based either in the US or the UK which would be very difficult to verify the authenticity of the seller.

    No Manila Based seller has yet posted online for this phone.

    SE X1 will also be available in Mobile Shops at Greenhills perhaps prior to the 14 November Official Release but no price yet has been disclosed for this unit.

  20. Vinil says:

    If i buy x1 in use…will it work in Asian countries??? like Sri-lanka…india or pakistan

  21. Vinil says:

    If i buy x1 in USA…will it work in Asian countries??? like Sri-lanka…india or pakistan

  22. Vinil says:

    What happened??? i asked u 1 question and and when i refreshed this page…my question wasn’t there……
    let me ask u again…..

    If i buy X1 in USA…will it work in Sri-Lanka – India or Pakistan???

  23. Ferdie says:

    hello there. I’m one the many ppl who waited for it’s released and after 4 days with my x1, I kinda feel dissappointed comparatively price-wise. the 3.2 cam is just decent but doesn’t stabilized when shooting movements “ala” k800 and it family. The 2 music player don’t have equalizer or even mega bass w/c is SE trademark. for it’s price: bought it at 41,840 at SE SMNE cyberzone, it’s just wya hefty for its feature. I mean I have a xda zinc but user-wise it can give you what you need for a pda phone. I know the X1 specs are really good but camera and music lacks feature IMO I just wish since its really pricey then at least it should have almost every feature an SE phone has. heck for a moment I thought I bought an SE phone never thought it’s trademark in X1 isn’t emphasized. I rate it 8 out of 10.

  24. dina says:

    i love this phone. im gonna buy it soon. i saw it’s website and now so much about it. i love this phone specialy the pannels idea!!!!;). there no menu onl pannels that u change as much as you want!!!!!!! i need advice from someone that has the phone already please. about to buy it or not or is it good and easy to use. be quick with the advice cause if i buy it it will be this week. HELP FAST,

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  26. Roger says:

    This carlos florez must be kidding us.. Where in whole world could we buy 2 (TWO) 16GB apple mobile and get 1 for free??? Yeah, my friend we also IN GOD TRUST, just him, no one else.. Carlos Florez,, couldn’t you have done another fake name? :)
    Please people, just to warn you: Don’t believe in such kind of promotion.. Hugs.

  27. cutiebee says:

    Hi Roger… do you have any bad experience with this carlos florez?
    Please share with us…

  28. Thomas David says:

    its only this Keza Yocenly that i have purchased Apple iPhone 3G 16GB from and its a nice real company. it was deliver to me within 3days.

  29. paul says:

    that’s common mobile fraud. taga US daw pero Nigeria lumalabas sa sender’s IP.

    if someone has been victimized by these fraudsters, report them.

  30. when does the new sony ericsson x1 comes out when in the US and do you believe it will be available in Canada as well? (rogers and fido are supporters of gsm phones) and im seeing rumors about a new one sony ericsson xperia x5 . x1 hasnt even come out and they are already planning about another phone so plz leave comments
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  31. banonoy says:

    I dont know about X5, but for sure, they’re cooking up X2 and X3. X2 will be released last quarter of this year, and will have WM 6.5. on the otherhand, X3 will be running Android, and probably be released next year.

  32. Kate says:

    does anyone know the recent SRP for X1? as in yung ngayong Dec 2009. thanks. Planning to buy. =]

  33. Mark says:

    selling my XPERIA X1
    highly customized for better xperience
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    ~there are also other apps in the memory like slide sound! very cool but the user just like it quiet so she doesn’t install this one instead just put it in the memory for future installation.

    rfs:already bought iphone 3gs so inshort extra phone

  34. aliza says:

    how much is sony ericson model xperia 1 ?

  35. Al Amin says:

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  36. Jay says:

    is this phone still available i want this phone and do you know where can i buy it near manila?

  37. Sushi says:

    hello people, anyone knows the current price of xperia x1 as of may 2010?

  38. monica says:

    am selling my xperia for 8k php.negotiable.anybody who tried hacking x1 to wm 6.5?if so pm me [email protected]

  39. AmoyPutok says:

    I have an xperia x1 nice phone. my sister send it to me last Sept. 19,2010. I got problem in reading the operating system language(Korean). You can’t change it’s OS language unless you splash the firmware ROM.Fortunately there’s so many good guys in “Symbianize” I got it changed to English language my self. This phone uses Windows Mobile 6.1 Operating System.

    • Apple says:

      Hi there! :) Ask ko lang po sana kung pano niyo po napalitan yung korean language ng experia x1 niyo to english? Korean din po kasi yung sakin, eh gusto ko po sana palitan ng english. I hope you can help me. Thank you. :)

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