Youtube on Nokia E90 Communicator

Youtube on Nokia E90 Communicator

According to Engadget, the Nokia E90 Communicator has just launched and sports quad-band GSM, WiFi, and HSDPA radios along with a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash. You can forget the camera and flash but with a full keyboard, Wifi and HSDPA support, you bet this could end up in the hands of a lot of jet-setters.

Nokia E90


Reminds me of Smart 3G which isn’t so reliable after all. I wish Globe would step up with Visibility’s HSDPA and offer time-based pricing like Smart (I’d switch in a heart-beat!).

CrunchGear also noted that the Nokia S60 series is now Youtube-capable starting with the E95. The lower versions will be later supported as well.

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5 Responses

  1. patrick says:

    plizzzzzzzz i want to know how to open you tube on my nokia e90

  2. Francis says:

    Kindly mail me on how can I play flash video files using my e90 when I browse the net.

  3. geff says:

    who wants to buy my e90 2nd for 2o000… just pm me in my email [email protected]

  4. how can i download youtube videos on my nokia e90. Thanx

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