Almost got into YPN!

Almost got into YPN!

Last week, I got a surprise email from Yahoo! inviting me to sign-up for their new ad network program, Yahoo! Publishers Network.

This is what i got from the email:

Thank you for applying to participate in the Yahoo! Publisher Network beta program. We’re excited to let you know that your application has been accepted and you can now proceed with creating your account using the link below:

This link is your unique access key. It is non-transferable and may be used to create one account only. (Please note that during the beta period, Yahoo! is only able to serve or accept U.S.-based publishers with a valid Social Security or Tax ID number, and with web site content that is predominantly in English and targeted at a U.S. user base.)


The new Yahoo! Publisher Network self-serve platform:

* Is being developed in response to demand from publishers like you.
* Will enable publishers to take advantage of the products and services that appear on Yahoo!.
* Is designed to provide online publishers all the content, tools and services they need to maximize the value of their sites—for both publishers and users.

By participating in the beta program, you’ll be among the first to test a new platform that enables you to publish text-based ads on your Web site and take advantage of new Yahoo! Publisher Network tools and services as they become available.

A few minutes before that, Rain popped me over GTalk asking how he should proceed with the registration process in YPN. We tried several options and strategies to no avail.

I then re-read the email and figured it wasn’t for us. It turns out that Yahoo sent thousands of invitations that day to non-US publishers.

It would have been great to get a YPN account and see how it fares on some of my sites/blogs. Well, almost.

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8 Responses

  1. alfie says:

    I also receive the same email a week before YPN was launched last August.

    I also got an invitation from MSN, Posted here

    But, one problem here is that I am not living in the US. bwahahahaha.. :)

  2. Dave Starr says:

    You may not have missed much … at least for now. Any company who is a., so clueless as to think business stops at the US border and then b., not smart enough not so spam ineligibles just so they can reject them later is probably not worth much of a serious person’s time.

    I applied for the YPN beta on a whim, several weeks back. My alleged ‘acceptance’ message came in while I was on a trip.

    A few days after I got home I received a phone call from a very snappish and pushy woman who claimed she represented the YPN asking me why I hadn’t clicked on the link to start my account. She proceeded into a very demeaning, unasked for explanation of how to click on a link … apparently YPN is targeting webmasters and bloggers who can’t even navigate the web … more like an AOL effort than Yahoo.

    Anyway, I politely told her now was not a good time, and she snapped back “then tell mer a good time”. I informed her that if they wanted to be pushy they didn’t need me to do their unpaid testing and just cancel my participation. Not the kind of people I would care to do business with, frankly.

    Best regards

  3. Jenny says:

    I have too many invites with me. Don’t know what to do with them !!

  4. samw says:

    hi jenny. i need a YPN invite.
    can you give me one.? if you have some extra??

  5. ErnestM says:

    Hello, I need some YPN invitation, I can pay, mail me at [email protected] ;)

    Thank you!

  6. Amanda says:

    i applied also but its all in Beta Stages why is it just available in usa and not any other country

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