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Aren’t you glad you didn’t buy Facebook?

Says the Twitter DM sent to me by a close friend from the US. Just last week, we were hurriedly planning on how to get into the Facebook IPO and buy us a few shares as some sort of long-term investment.

The opening price then was $38. The closing price yesterday was just a little over $28.

There goes your $10 a share if you actually bought into Facebook.

I’m not really into the stock market but I had the feeling FB could be the next GOOG. I remember back in 2004, I also talked with some friends into buying GOOG share when it became public.

In retrospect, my excitement is more about buying a “souvenir” rather than investing. So I look at it as a move for the long haul. Besides, I believe in this little advise that “one should only invest in money one is willing to lose”.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone out there actually did buy into Facebook out there.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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13 Responses

  1. Calvin says:

    now is the time to buy then but i doubt if anybody would be cutting their losses this early. sa simula lang yan. facebook won’t be going anywhere for a long time.

    • John says:

      tama, sa simula lang yan at karamihan din ng nasa market ngayon ay di kagandahan ang kulay. pero sa tingin ko, bababa pa ang value ng facebook. next thing you know, aangat na ang value nyan.

      taong 1984, ang value ng Apple ay $26.50 lamang. ngayong araw, ito ay $579.17. sa loob ng 27 years, ang value nito ay naging 21.855 times. by the time mag-retire, pwedeng may extrang pera na :)

      kaya abe (yuga), pahiram ng pera padi :)

  2. miccco says:

    Too early too tell. It is usual that after IPO the stock will fall after several points. Trading is different from investing.

  3. miccco says:

    Too early too tell. It is usual that after IPO a stock will fall. Trading is different from investing.

  4. Larry Page says:

    “Anyway, just wondering if anyone out there actually did buy into Facebook out there.”

    Yes, I did! Bought 100,000 shares!

  5. JmBalicano says:

    Most people are overreacting about this, but in terms of a prototypical IPO success, Facebook’s was textbook. The goal of an IPO is to generate as much capital as possible for the company by selling shares at the highest price the market deems acceptable. This is the time when we should start assessing how well Facebook stock performs now that demand is stabilizing.

  6. danny says:

    Paano ba mamili ng U.S. Stocks? Pag nag public ang Odesk.com I want to buy some shares.

  7. Junjou says:

    Masyadong mahal ang opening, obvious na bababa agad after a week. Dim pa ang outlook pero sa tingin ko naman may future plans na ang facebook.

  8. Iyan Sommerset says:

    How does an ordinary everyday Juan/Pedro participate in the stock market here in Pinas anyway? I have no idea. Walk-in lang ba sa Makati/Ortigas? :P

    • tu9tifive says:

      sir Abe may I request na gumawa ka feature/s about stock market trading and trading technologies dito sa pilipinas…syempre maganda malaman na kung meron ng online trading system and PSE…nnow that PHISIX is breaking stock market records (which I think is at 5000+ mark and going up)…

      Palagay ko maraming readers will be interested in those topics…

      TIA and more power

    • Lousy says:

      Visit http://www.citiseconline.com.ph for the best(more like only and easiest) online stock broker in th Philippines. Though you can only trade PSE stocks there so if you want facebook shares find a US online broker lol. Hit me up a comment so I can refer you. Lol

  9. dimsum says:

    facebook is already at its peak, there is no where to go but down.

  10. Obed Cutaran says:

    Kung gusto niyo mag invest sa stocks and you’re still asking where you can buy stocks, I recommend that you study the basics first, hindi lang yung percentage nang loss and gain and pinag aaralan, marami pa.

    Like, market capitalization, price to earning (P/E), price to sales (P/S) to name a few. Hindi madaling kumita sa stock market pag tayong walang alam, maaring pag upo mo maganda ang stock value tumayo ka at uminom nang tubig bag balik mo sa computer mo lugi ka na.

    Also, like what I advise to others, only invest what you can afford to lose.

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