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More ways to make money online

Over at Web Worker Daily, Anne Zelenka writes about 10 New Ways to Make Money Online. Some of the items she mentioned have already been around for sometime while others have become too saturated as well.

I’m now thinking of ways to make money online that’s more relevant to our region (or specifically in the Philippines):

  • Buy & Sell items in TipidPC. I look at TipidPC as somewhat like the eBay for the Philippines, even before eBay.ph came into the scene.
  • Work as a Proxy Player. Some games require you to play a certain amount of time before you reach a level or number of points. I have been told by a friend that these players (students and office workers alike) would pay other people just to continue their game play (proxy-play) while they’re away. Rates go as low as Php20 per hour and the player also pays for the net cafe rent. Others do it from home too.
  • Sell mobile wallpapers and ringtones. The telcos and CPs have already dominated this space but as an individual with talents, time and enough resources, this can be done. Here’s how I would do it. Create all your original mobile wallpapers and ringtones from scratch. Set up a small website to upload screenshots or demos of the products you created. Setup an SMS server on your PC (software costs as low as Php5,000 and all you need is a mobile phone and the cable). Start receiving request for downloads and get paid via Smart Money or Globe G Cash.
  • Proxy blogger. I know some network bloggers are doing this. They have too many blogs to write for that they could not maximize their output for a day. So, if they’re being paid $5 per post, they would look for someone else to blog for them and pay them $2 or $3. They reach their daily quota and they still get a cut.

Lots of other niche industries not yet tapped around here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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42 Responses

  1. jun says:

    There are two Pinoys I know who are well known in the infomarketing biz, Joel Christopher and Ian Del Carmen. Creating digital content in the form of ebook, audiobook or video is one area where pinoys could excel in. Think of HappySlip, and Rex Hermigido.

  2. gURBI says:

    thanks for the tips. i am also making money online by ad placements.

  3. Jonas says:

    Hey, Abe. The mobile content thing interests me. Would people from other countries also be able to order sa proposed setup mo or this is just feasible for the local market? :)

  4. Miguel says:

    For the US market, mobile content is more on mobile web browsing. There are a number of sites for this already, for instance BlogStar.

  5. Jonas says:

    Thanks for the tip! Checking it out. :)

  6. jhay says:

    Interesting tips, especially for those who would go on vacation from school this summer. Alternative sources of money once the allowance stops flowing because school is out for the next two months. ;)

  7. yuga says:

    @ Jonas

    The SMS service delivery can be done either via mobile phone (kahit di na 3 or 4 digit special numbers but just regular 10-digit ones) or via web so there’s no geographical limitations.

  8. aaron says:

    I need to get myself some contacts for those network things.

  9. GM Tristan says:

    actually, the “proxies” are properly called “pilots” in the MMORPG street-lingo.

    There are “pakyawan” rates or on a per-level basis. The economies of supply and demand in this psuedo-black market service is interesting. perhaps I will blog about this sometime.

    Strength and Honor!

  10. jaren says:

    oi dude ok yung ideas mo ha…
    nice article, helpful pa!!
    keep the good work…

    yung proxy player.. “pilot” tawag dun… gawain ko yun dati.. kaya lang wala ng time ngayon

  11. Online Blogger says:

    forward this info to other blogg website guys to spread

  12. buy and sell in tipidpc.com is great, im a member there since 2003.
    thanks for the tips

  13. Nice inputs, Abe!

    There are lots more ways to earn money online.

    But my biggest suggestion to Pinoys is to make money from the global market and not just from the Philippine market.

    Let’s bring money in! Dollars to the Philippines! ;)

    Ian del Carmen

    PS: Thanks Jun for your comment… ;)

  14. I was looking for some pinoy make money online posts and look where it led me. It’s great to be here and learn a few little things each day from great guys like you-ga.

  15. Gracie says:

    thanks for the helpful tips! more power!

  16. kevin says:

    Here is another way to make money online.
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  17. Nicole Kim says:

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    Ok thanks

    To Kevin, i will sign up in cash crate under your referral.

    This is to show my support to all Filipino entrepreneurs in the internet industry.

    May God Bless us all

  18. Tiyo Paeng says:

    Thanks for all these information. As a beginners and new bloggers, this could help me a lot.

    very informative.. thanks to all of you guys,

  19. nik usop says:

    pwede paturo magkapera sa internet kasi kaylangan ko pera para sa pag-aaral ko…
    Im a self supporting student…
    sana may tumolong…

  20. Anna says:

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  21. These are really interesting tips. I just learned about Proxy blogger here. Maybe I could also do some Proxy Writing gig since I know some folks writing for cash on the net.

  22. flash says:

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  23. happy money maker says:

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  24. Hello just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i’ve landed on your blog in the last 3 days searching for totally unrelated things. Spooky or what?

  25. fidel f. oliva says:

    thanks for the good tips, maybe i have to ask my sons to do it for me. I’m not computer literate like them so they maybe able to do it.

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  28. jobucks says:

    proxy blogger is a good idea

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  30. Scolex says:

    i’ve been playing online games, but as “pilot” siguro kailangan kilala mo personally ang may-ari ng account. Mahirap na baka ma scam.

  31. I am sure you’ve tackled before earning from adsense. just got my first check from google bby the way. Really making money online in the Philippines.

  32. I am sure you make a lot of money from adsense. I am new to blogging, bigyan mo po ako ng advice.

    In third month ko almost $200 na, kasi po traffic and

    I have a list of high paing keywords. Yugatech is a inspiring one.

    Pero alam po natin na malakas talaga ang buy and sell lalo na sa mga high tech gadgets.

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    Additional info lang po yun actually. Aside from blogging to make money online, many Filipinos are now earning a descent income with freelancer.com

    Thanks for yugatech for keeping us motivated…

    Keep up the good work.

  33. I’m glad at hindi yung typical post lang about making money online but tips na talagang magagamit ng mga Pinoy.

  34. fel says:

    nice tips..my advice also to some Pinoys please try to educate before going into online making money.

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  35. Leo says:

    Nice tips! Definitely I will give it a try specially the Proxy blogger.

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  38. Steven says:

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  39. malds says:

    The TPC idea i think is great. I honestly prefer it to sulit and ayos for the techy things. It’s well targetted for tech stuff so there are more people there who actually know about what they’re selling and who arent just doing it to make money.

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