Send & Receive payments via Paypal in the Philippines

Send & Receive payments via Paypal in the Philippines

Sign up for Paypal in the Philippines!. You can withdraw an amount not exceeding $500 per month to any debit, credit card or directly into your Philippine bank accounts. You will just need the bank codes and savings account number.

At long last, Paypal’s promise to allow receiving funds into Philippine accounts have been fulfilled. Just today, reports have been circulating in the previous post here about the development.

I did a money transfer from an old and verified Premier account into my new Philippine Paypal account and it works. From the Paypal Help Pages, the Philippine flag is now displayed under “Send. Receive. Withdraw to a U.S. Bank Account or a card.” along with 22 other countries.

Paypal Philippines


The new status allows for: Send and receive payments in these countries. Withdraw from your PayPal account to a U.S. bank account. In addition, withdraw to a credit, debit, or prepaid card in countries marked with a (dagger). No withdrawals from local banks still though. And no cheques too.

Send Paypal

I believe this development will further push activity in eBay Philippines as well as enable eBay users to get more secure transactions. The question whether eBay PH will start charging monthly subscriptions is yet to be seen but I suppose that time might have already matured.

It would be very interesting to see how this new development will affect the local e-commerce industry as well as Filipino’s socio-cultural fear of transacting online. I’m sure SMEs will be very happy with this though. Paypal only started allowing Philippine-based accounts about 11 and a half months ago and reports of a rumored full Paypal support were spreading 9 months ago.

So, if anybody wants to donate money to the YugaTech Sponsor-a-Contest campaign, see my Paypal account above. ;)

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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314 Responses

  1. marhgil says:

    hehe. magkasunod lang tayo sa pagpost :) now, how do you withdraw the money? Sabi nila, thru US account or debit card. I tried the BDO ATM card, yung international version nila (Mastercard Electronic), di ko maregister. So, which debit cards are supported?

  2. yuga says:

    It’s US based credit cards and debit cards. I think they mean, credit and debit cards issued in the US.

  3. so it means that if i transfer my ad earnings to Paypal, hindi ko na mahahawakan yun at kailangan ko na lang ipambili online? ganun ba?

  4. marhgil says:

    I tried enrolling my credit card issued here in the Philippines for verification. it works!

  5. yuga says:

    Yup, to get your account to Verified status and join the Expanded Program, you’ll need any int’l credit card. A verification number will be printed in your statement and you will have to enter that 4-digit number in your Paypal to complete the verification process.

  6. Chino yray says:


    try Citibank and iBank

  7. marhgil says:

    thanks people! i think, the problem is Mastercard Electronic, it’s different from Mastercard. I think, I should convert my BDO ATM card to this one.

  8. so then from PayPal you can send your money to your PH bank account using Xoom :)

  9. Jeffrey says:

    So when you want to withdraw your funds from your Paypal, it will be deposited to your credit card account?

  10. Marcvill says:

    Great news! Wow! So this means we’ll start seeing local blogs with “make Paypal donation” options? Joke lang.

    Let me make a donation to the Yugatech Foundation to try this new Paypal feature out. Magkano ba kailangan mo? $500? $1,000? Hehe.

  11. May list na po ba ng lahat ng supported credit and debit cards?

  12. noemi says:

    I look forward to deposit in our local banks. But yes, I am happy with this progress. The other features will soon come.

  13. Parang nung isang araw lang tinanong ko kung pwede bang makareceive ng payment through paypal dito sa pinas tapos ngaun pwedeng-pwede na. Tnx sa info.

  14. XpressMusic says:


    May tanong lang ako.Naka receive ako ng cheque from revenuepilot…i think it’s a HSBC one.Pwede ko kaya ito i claim sa BPI or any bank here except HSBC(Coz HSBC is too far from my place).


  15. Hi Abe, just you can withdraw from locally issued credit, debit, and prepaid cards just not “Local banks”.

    It says: ( )

    Send. Receive. Withdraw to a U.S. Bank Account or a card.

    Send and receive payments in these countries. Withdraw from your PayPal account to a U.S. bank account. In addition, withdraw to a credit, debit, or prepaid card in countries marked with a (+).

    Countries marked with a dagger-sign can withdraw to a credit, debit, or prepaid card issued in their countries, which includes the Philippines.

    I can confirm this already:
    Visa Credit Card for Metrobank accepts PayPal withdrawals.
    Mastercard Credit Card for Metrobank do NOT accept PayPal withdrawals.

    A friend of mine with Visa Electron can withdraw also, but a Mastercard debit card can not.

    It seems that Philippine-issued Mastercards can not receive withdrawals of PayPal money, but Visa does (well Visa > Mastercard when it comes to availability).

    Prepaid card… do we have one? Unless we consider Smart Money – type of cards as “prepaid cards” and not “debit cards”. In any case, if I have time tomorrow, I will drop by a Smart center to ask them if Smart Money accepts PayPal withdrawals.

    Also, could someone with a BPI Express Credit test it out as well?

  16. you have to open an account with that bank you mentioned and then deposit the check you received.

  17. yuga says:

    I missed that part. Thanks JC for the clarification.

  18. Thanks for the info.. Showbiz Intriga? Get It From Boy!

  19. np ^_^

    have to wait now for the processing period to finish and see. As far as PayPal transfer is concerned, it went through. It is now the card issuer-side to confirm.

    I asked my ex-colleague with an HSBC Visa and MasterCard to test it himself, waiting for an update…

  20. Danna says:

    that’s really great news!
    but, how exactly do you withdraw money from a credit card??

  21. Dexter says:

    Ok to ah.. At least we can now transact via paypal.

  22. @Danna
    That’s the question. I was told it is possible in the West, but here in the Philippines, I’m not sure. When I talked to MetroBank some years ago, they said it will instead be deducted to your balance, or if you have no balance, it will serve as an “advance payment”.

    Regarding “advance payment”, banks nowadays do not hates it – they will fine you for over-paying or advance paying. That’s what Metrobank did to us :/ (Will be moving to BDO and HSBC anyway..)

  23. Anton says:

    Its seems like the Philippines is finally getting somewhere online and companies abroad are starting to notice us.. finally!

  24. Miguel says:

    Really? That’s ridiculous. The banks earn interest if you give them your money before it’s due!

  25. John Aseron says:

    How about if you will use a debit card? Where will the money you withdraw go? Directly to your bank account?

  26. John Aseron says:

    Sinong nakapagtry ng Unionbank EON card? I read somewhere puede daw i-withdraw dito? Can anyone confirm this please?

  27. blogOloco says:

    It really is strange. I saw it from the paypal website quite a while ago that the Philippines can send/receive funds. However, I had read a few blogs in the past which states you can’t. Was it just recently then that it had been approved. How bizaare.

    Anyway, this is all good news to the Filipinos in the Philippines. Make the most of this ooportunity. Anyone who wants to start an online business, this is
    your chance as paypal is really used and well accepted worldiwde.

  28. That’s great news! I believe this will only fuel Ebay trading. Very good for the economy!

  29. jay says:

    adsense pay via WU, now send and receive via paypal. what’s next? woooo. this is so sweet.

  30. arnold says:

    How about Ikobo prepaid cards? U.S. based debit card yun. Dapat it should work with Paypal. But when I tried verifying my Ikobo account, hindi tinanggap. Something to do with Bank issuer being blocked by Paypal. I emailed Ikobo customer support for clarification. Will feedback their reply once I got it.

    If Ikobo would work, mas maganda!

  31. Christian says:

    Has anyone in the Philippines tried to open a bank account with ingdirect? Are you able to transfer funds to and from your Philippine bank? If so, that could be a workaround.

  32. j says:

    does Citibank master/visa card accept paypal withdrawals?

  33. ernesto says:

    Nice to hear love it…

  34. Lica says:

    How bout sending the money you received in your local Payapal account to Xoom? Pwede ba yun para macash out mo yung money sa Papypal account mo?

  35. Dan says:

    Paypal is pang masa while payeasy, like so many other pinoy web services, they cater only to the deep pocketed -Pinoy elitest and colonial mentality finding its way to the net. Imagine if paypal charge 25,000 – 40,000 to use their service like Payeasy? Payeasy folks just don’t get the internet.

  36. Bob Reyes says:

    Addeed my UnionBankPH EON Visa Electron ATM (debit) card to Paypal, and it was accepted.

  37. Jasmine says:

    Just to clarify, I’m quite new to this. ^^

    If I apply for a UnionBankPH EON Visa Electron ATM (debit) card, that would mean I could immediately use that to receive AND withdraw funds via paypal, and I don’t have to acquire a US based bank account?

    Hope to receive an answer soon.


  38. Jasmine says:

    Just to clarify, I’m quite new to this. ^^

    If I apply for a UnionBankPH EON Visa Electron ATM (debit) card or UnionBankPH EON Cyberaccount, that would mean I could immediately use that to receive AND withdraw funds via paypal, and I don’t have to acquire a US based bank account?

    Hope to receive an answer soon.


  39. j says:

    @ jasmine

    yes, just attach your eon debit card to your paypal account,verify it, and voila! you can withdraw your paypal funds using your eon cards in any bancnet atm machines

  40. Osglass says:

    Im thinking about using a SMART MONEY for paypal verification? pwede ba yun SMART MONEY?

    What type of account did you open guys? pagkakaalam ko kasi ang personal is limited..

  41. Hiya guys,

    Finally Philippines, Malaysia and most asian countries are able to withdraw from Paypal.

    Congrats to you and happy making money. I now can concentrate on helping others with their clickbank problems. :)

    Check out my blog for more info

    Matt Ng

  42. Osglass says:

    Do you think we can use the PayPal Plus Credit Card here in the philippines?

  43. jayvee f. says:

    has anyone been successful enrolling an HSBC Visa credit card?

  44. charles says:

    Hi guys. This is good news to filipino bloggers.
    I’ve just encountered problem in verifying my Unionbank Eon Visa electron debit card. I already added this card to my paypal account. Paypal charge $1.95 but it will be returned or be credited to your paypal account once you’ve verified your debit card in paypal. the problem is in my unionbank eon online checking of my transactions,I can’t see the paypal 4 numbers that can be located in the transaction details of description where the $1.95 is deducted.

    Anybody here, successfully verified your unionbank EON visa electron debit card in paypal? how did you obtain the 4 numbers from paypal?

  45. Slow says:

    So ano maganda gamitin? EON or BDO ATM Card? I am confused…I have a friend who said na EON does not give the bank statement required to verify the account…How about BDO?

    Pedi ba? Please help!

  46. Bob Reyes says:

    @charles: You will see the 4-digit security code from Paypal thru your EON online banking facility days after you made the transfer of US$1.95 or so. I think, I saw my 4-digit Paypal code after 15 days of the transaction.

  47. Moneymaker says:

    Wow! That’s great. I now no longer need to disturb my friend from US for processing the payments.

  48. j says:

    If you guys want to get a credit/debit card just for the sake of paypal withdrawals…

    I suggest that you just get a debit card rather than a credit card, Unionbank EON electron visa debit card’s annual fee is 350 pesos only, imagine how much is the annual fee for a credit card

  49. Kat says:

    I used to have an Equitable Visa Electron, but I don’t know if that’ll work given its merger with BDO. Ok sana yun kasi walang charges.

    Thanks for the info guys. Will see to getting an EON card soon. If anyone can give other debit cards na pwede, thanks :)

  50. philly says:

    @Slow, From what I understand, the eon card transactions can be viewed online. You just have to have them activate the online account option. Correct me if i’m wrong guys.

    Also, has someone already withdrawn a Payment from Paypal? As in withdrawn the money afrom a debit card here in the Philippines?

  51. leo says:

    I used and verified my BPI Express Credit Card (Mastercard) just now.

  52. Hello!

    I have a verified BPI Express Credit (Mastercard) Premier account with Paypal. Unfortunately, I am informed by Paypal that the card cannot be used to withdraw funds to.

    Anyone else with similar experiences? Any suggestions?

  53. michael says:

    so has anyone successfully used HSBC Visa with Paypal? Unionbank EON lang ba talaga ang pwede for withdrawals?

  54. marhgil says:

    HSBC Visa Credit Card is accepted, and withdrawal of fund is enabled. I just don’t know how I will withdraw it, some people say it will be credited as an “advance payment.” I still need to check how it really works.

  55. michael says:


    wow that’s great! definitely good news for HSBC peeps. sana lang pwede syang ma-withdraw as cash and not be credited as an advance payment.

  56. bee120805 says:

    guys how bout bpi express international?yung debit card pwede ba yun?or yung smart money?

  57. @bee120805 refer to comment #52 “I used and verified my BPI Express Credit Card (Mastercard) just now.”

  58. bee120805 says:

    ai inde dennison wat i mean is bpi debit card.

  59. Maki says:

    That’s good news po! :) however, how do I receive funds from my pay per post and blogsvertise account? They are asking for my papypal id. Is the paypal id the email also?

    P.S I’m a premiere paypal account holder. Blogvertise send me $20 last july but it’s not yet reflecting on my paypal po.


  60. Clarise says:

    This is really great news. Amazing!

    Can Unionbank’s Eon card be used to verify the PayPal account?


  61. katya_alex says:

    I know, Chinatrust regular savings account with a minimum depost of P5,000.00, offers a Visa Debit and ATM card.

    I was thinking of opening an account to Unionbank just for the use of paypal withdrawal but i read that their minimum balance is P 10,000.00.

    I have an existing BDO account, its International ATM mastercard electron card didnt work when i tried to register it to Paypal. And so, i called the BDO call center to in inquire if its possible to apply for the BDO Mastercard paypass ATM instead. Yes it is. I just need to go to my branch and pay P 100.00. It this card will not work as well, then, i guess, that’s the time that i will open an account to Chinatrust.

  62. edops says:

    This is really a Good News to all of US.

    We can now withdraw using EON Cyber Account.
    Visa rocks, I dont know with mastercard.

    Liit naman ng withdrawal limit nila per day
    $500 lang taz $5 ung charge. Huhuhu

  63. Clarise says:

    To katya_alex:

    You can use Unionbank’s EON Cyberaccount. It is not the same as Unionbank’s regular savings account. The maintaining balance, initial deposit, and other features are different.

    It appears that EON can be used to verify. I reread the entries above. I hope someone can second it. Can’t wait to have my PayPal verified with EON! =)

  64. Henry says:

    Try nyo ang E-ON ng Union Bank… it works… me charges nga lang ung pag transfer ng fund… pero it works…

  65. Bob Reyes says:

    Yup! Yup! UnionBankPH EON Cyber Account works with PayPal. No maintaining balance nor initial deposit required to open an EON account, I think you’ll just have to pay for the ATM/Debit card itself, and the annual fee of around Php250.

  66. Arnold says:

    For those who are planning to use EON Cyberaccount but doesn’t have an existing card yet. Habaan nyo ang pasensiya nyo pag nag-apply kayo. Walang kwenta ang proseso nila. Naturingang cyber account, pero kailangan mong magpunta sa branch, maghintay ng 48 hours for activation, magdeposit ng amount, maghintay na mapadala ng branch yung information sheet na pinapirmahan sa iyo sa branch dun sa head office nila which is in CEBU daw. Walang kwentang sistema.

  67. Clarise says:

    Thanks, Charles!

    @ Arnold:
    The deposit is for the 350 pesos annual fee. I suppose it can be done easily via ATM transfer from one of your existing bank accounts or debit cards.
    However, I would have to agree that the whole process of having the EON card getting to work is quite awkward. The card’s activation time of 48 hours is acceptable, but waiting for more time before the online registration worked is another thing. I would have thought it is a fast process after the card has been activated.
    I haven’t encountered yet that thing about the information sheet, though.

    Anyway, this is better than having no way to receive PayPal funds at all. To those using BDO’s debit or VISA cards, what are your experiences? Does it take a lot faster before the card can be used compared to Unionbank’s EON?

  68. Jasmine says:

    I already got my EON card and its already activated. I tried to include my EON debit card to my paypal account but this error came out:

    “This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.”

    I guess this has something to do with the waiting for more time before the online registration works eh? Am I right? How long would this probably take? Has anyone experienced this?

    Talk about getting excited. HAHAHA! I want this to work asap and start on the money making opportunities online that I have been dying to try for a long time! :D

  69. Guile says:

    Can I use my fund to send money or to purchase online even if i’m not verified?

  70. Guile says:

    Nevermind, i made my first purchase! Yay!

  71. Rostum says:

    A friend initiated a withdrawal from Paypal to Unionbank EON last 2 weeks ago but funds aren’t available yet until now.

    So, it’s really that long to wait! Has anyone already withdrawn Paypal to VISA/cash?

  72. Since Mastercards from BPI can be verified but NOT to receive funds (my experience), I decided to send the money to myself using my XOOM account, because they have the option to send money using Paypal. I used my Paypal account in conjunction with that. HOWEVER, when I tried sending money, a day later I received an email from Paypal that Xoom has refunded back my money to Paypal, with the explanation that it was for the protection of the customer (the sender of the money).

    Any similar experiences?

  73. Dexter says:

    @ gerry ,

    I have the same experience with Xoom it happen 3 times already.. I think they are not into small amout.. Itried to do US 100 and it fails..

  74. j says:


    xoom doesn’t offer intra country transfer of money,
    I think that’s why the fund was refunded

  75. rhodilee says:

    I tried sending xoom to somebody here in the Philippines and it failed and the amount was refunded to me. I think it is not because of the amount Dexter because I have been receiving xoom payments as small as 30 dollars. J is right xoom does not offer intra country transfer of money. Try sending your paypal funds to a paypal account holder you know outside of the Philippines and let them send the fund via xoom for you. It will work :-)

  76. Janetee says:

    Tanong ko lang, nag sign-up po ako sa paypal but hindi sa pilipinas and my status is unverified because wala akong ini-add na credit card coz i have no cards. Tapos and blogsvertise nagpadala ng pera sa akin payment for blogs. Ano pong gawin ko para ma transfer yong money to my account. I have an International ATM Card from Banco de Oro Mastercard Electronic. Sayang din yong binayad sa akin ng blogsvertise up to 14 Nov. lang yong para kunin yong money.

    Please help me to solve my problem, coz marami silang pinagawa sa akin yong blogsvertise pero wala na akong gana because of that problem na hindi ko makuha yong money ko. Actually, I have no account for paypal philippines.

    Please advise.

  77. Janetee says:

    I have a problem. I have an account for paypal u.s. but unverified pa coz they are requesting a credit card but I have no credit card. Blogsvertise send me a money thru my paypal u.s. as of now wala, hindi ko pa nakuna. Pwde ba e transfer nalang yong money thru my International ATM Banco de oro Mastercard? Kasi ang tagal nila sa akin up to 14 Nov. 07 para kunin yong money. If hindi the money will return to blogsvertise.

    Please help me to solve my problem.

  78. Janette says:

    Pwede bang mag sign-up ako sa xoom para ma transfer yong diniposit ng blogsvertise sa paypal u.s.? Free ba ang sign-up sa Xoom? Pwede bang ang ibigay ko na card pag sign-up ko sa Xoom is yong International ATM Card Banco de Oro Mastercard?

    Please advise.


  79. Dexter says:

    nice suggestion rhodilee,, The problem I don not know someone..:) I will just wait for my credit card to arrive here..

  80. rhodilee says:

    @ Janette:

    You can receive xoom without you necessarily having to submit a bank account kasi pd mo naman i pick up ang pera but if your purpose with xoom is to receive your blogvertise payment via paypal, di pwede yun because you cant send a paypal fund to xoom if you cant receive it. You can also read other comments in this post.

    The best you can do is to tell blogvertise about your situation that you cannot receive funds yet because your status is unverified. Ask them to refund (I think that is possible) their payments and hold the payment until ma verify ang account mo.

  81. ang says:

    kapag magdedeposit po sa EON card ano ung ginagamit? ung 12 digit or ung 16 digit?

  82. charles says:

    ang 12 digit yan yung account # mo.. yung 16digit yan yung card # mo. :)

  83. mga brader pasali po… dun sa mga may bdo accounts jan.. at kung may international card na kayu. kakatawag ko lang kanina kasi tatanung ko kung magkanu ung PayPass nila , tinanong ako kung san ko gagamitin sabi ko sa Paypal tapos sabi nya di pa daw approved ung Agreement ng Paypal at BDO kaya ala pa din kwenta, ang sabi nya once na maapprove ung International Atm Card daw e pd na gamitin sa Paypal khit di na Paypass

  84. Lyle says:


    Gerry Alanguilan replied on Oct 17th, 2007 at 7:08 am (75)

    Since Mastercards from BPI can be verified but NOT to receive funds (my experience), I decided to send the money to myself using my XOOM account, because they have the option to send money using Paypal. I used my Paypal account in conjunction with that. HOWEVER, when I tried sending money, a day later I received an email from Paypal that Xoom has refunded back my money to Paypal, with the explanation that it was for the protection of the customer (the sender of the money).

    Any similar experiences?

    Gravatar Icon Dexter replied on Oct 17th, 2007 at 1:37 pm (76)

    @ gerry ,

    I have the same experience with Xoom it happen 3 times already.. I think they are not into small amout.. Itried to do US 100 and it fails..

    Gravatar Icon j replied on Oct 18th, 2007 at 10:58 am (77)


    xoom doesn’t offer intra country transfer of money,
    I think that’s why the fund was refunded

    i have tried sending my self money from paypal to xoom, with the amount of $70 po, ok naman. SA BDO ko pa nga pinickup….so i guess pwede ung intra country guys….

    as in ung sender’s name and address parehas sa recipient’s… he he he

  85. Lynder says:

    May limit ba with receiving the funds?

  86. Joanne says:


    Ma veverify ba ng paypal ang BPI Express Cash Masercard Electronic? :(

  87. ian says:

    Hi regarding– i tried it several times to withdraw my paypal ,but failed or refunded..
    Kailangan ba verified member ka sa paypal para ma withdraw sa thanks to all —
    If still doesn’t work, is there anyone here want to convert it into cash, im willing to meet in person and we can do the transfer thing in SM malls.. my number is 09177346347

    BTW its only $58.00
    I give 300 for this transaction

  88. MichaelWeb says:

    may funds sa paypal ko, pede ko ba ipadala ito sa aking misis thru zoom? same address ba o ibahin ko ang address ko?


  89. corshier says:

    I just got my paypal account and i use EON of unionbank for the card..

    i withdraw yung money ko from my paypal and it takes 3-5 days and it was completed today the problem wala pa sa EON Card ko and i called unionbank sabi nila it will take another 11 banking days for clearing ata..

    ganun ba tlaga yun?

  90. bookassassin says:

    has anyone tried citibank credit cards? i don’t have any problems using citibank credit cards abroad, so was wondering MAYBE it’d be the same for this.

  91. Don’t trust the Chinatrust Visa Debit card. I freakin’ opened an account because their New Accounts teller in their Alabang branch swore I can use it online but Low and Behold as soon as I entered the information in Paypal… Denied by the bank error! I later on confirmed with Chinatrust Cust. Svc. na di puede gamitin ang Chinatrust Visa Debit online. DONT USE CHINATRUST VISA DEBIT CARD! I hope everybody reads this.

    I’m going to try the Unionbank EON card this time. It looks like some people has some success in using this. I have over $700 in my unverified Paypal account that I earned in 2 months through my blog. Sayang naman if I can’t get it. I’m pretty sure I’ll find a way. But the damn thing is too hard to get accomplished than it should be.

  92. Ako I gave up na. Paypal seems to want to accept only VISA. I already have enough grief with just one credit card (Mastercard), getting it, paying the bills, etc, and I’m not about to get ANOTHER card just so I can use Paypal fully. I’ll just wait until they start using Mastercard as well.

    In the meantime, I’ll just use the money I have in Paypal to buy stuff online, which is proving to be quite convenient.

  93. Momma Drama says:

    Meron ba kayong list ng mga debit cards na proven accepted at di-accepted sa Paypal?

    (Base sa comments above:)

    1. Unionbank EON debit card

    1. Chinatrust Visa Debit card

  94. rigel clyde says:

    Kuya, does this mean we can only receive money but not send? How can we purchase ebay items from abroad if that’s the case? Thanks po.

  95. mark paul says:

    hi… can somebody help me how to start earning money from blogging??,.,,im tired of being working with different companies…i want to have more time with my family…tnx for all those who will help me… God Bless

  96. mark paul says:

    hi… can somebody help me how to start earning money from blogging??,.,,im tired of being working with different companies…i want to have more time with my family…tnx for all those who will help me… God Bless//
    im from pasay city…my no. zero nine one eight seven six seven one one seven eight..

  97. au says:

    Hello Paypal People!
    Great news for all the Filipinos.
    You can withdraw your Paypal funds to your Philippine Bank Accounts now!
    Easier, faster, and cheaper! ^_^

    ***Thanks Paypal!***

  98. cel says:

    san ko ba makikita ung 4 digit expanded use number? eh ung lumalabas sa bpi account ko is more than 4 digit! na bill na sya which is P79.80 kaso lang nalilito ako dahil wala namang 4 digit expuse kundi 10 digit. pls help, di ko tuloy ma-authenticate ung credit card ko…

  99. enelra says:

    Guys I have a prob.
    Di accepted ung BDO ATM/debit card ko kaya di ko pa mawithdraw ung funds ko sa Paypal :((

    If I convert my BDO ATM card to Paypass, will it do the trick?

  100. enelra says:

    Guys magkano ang initial deposit para makapag-open ng Unionbank EON Visa?

    Grabe, I should have used Moneybookers na lang sana instead of Paypal haay…

  101. Amin says:

    Guys lahat ng Card na my “MasterCard Logo” or “MasterCard Electronic Logo” ay accessible sa internet.CreditCard with “MasterCard” logo issued by any bank in the philippines or ATM Debit Card issued by Banco de Oro with “MasterCard Electronic Logo, Smartmoney Card etc ay mga halimbawa.. Please listen!Ang verification code ng credit or debit card ninyo ay makikita sa likod ng mga cards ninyo. You will see the “last 3 digits number back of your card” not that 4 digits in the front of your card. Please enter correctly your card number and the 3 digits verification code na makikita sa likod ng card ninyo not that 4 digits in the front. Again this are all working sa paypal,xoom,westernunion, at sa lahat ng internet transaction …

  102. Amin says:

    Additional to my announcement! When you see the back of your card you will observed 7 digits number and the “last 3 separated number” will be the verification code of your Credit/Dedit Card for you to access your transaction through internet access. XOOM , PAYPAL or Westernunion or internet shopping.

  103. Amin says:

    List of Valid Credit/Debit card with “MasterCard” & “MasterCard Electronic” logo…Credit Card issued by 1.) BPI, Metrobank, Citibank, Banco de Oro, East West bank, EquitablePCI bank..Debit card with “MasterCard Electronic Logo” 2.) Banco de Oro ATM Debit Card at Smartmoney Card..

  104. Amin says:

    Guys if you have Credit or ATM Debit Card issued by any listed bank above i have mentioned you don’t need to open an account to Unionbank to get an EON Visa Card, wasting time lang kayo. Basta read carefully my instraction above. Ask me through my e-address at [email protected] for your assistance. Basta lang my “MasterCard” or “MasterCard Electronic” logo card niyo issued by the qualified bank of “International MasterCard Corporation Group of Company…Thanks!

  105. Mariz says:

    Eto yung sinabi nila sa kin sa mail:

    Dear Ms. XXX:

    This will acknowledge receipt of your internet mail dated 27 December 2007.

    Please be advised that you cannot use your BDO PayPass MasterCard to send/accept money from Paypal. Although it does have the MasterCard Electronic logo, on the lower left side of the card, it’s indicated that the card is for “Electronic Use Only.”

    Should you have other inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact any one of our Customer Service Officers at 631-8000 or you may email us again and we will be happy to assist you.

    Respectfully yours,

    Geraldine Baking
    eServices Section
    BDO Customer Contact Center

  106. Amin says:

    Hi Sino my gusto diyan maki-exchange ng pira
    ako bahala?I need dollars kasi mag aabroad ako
    for pocket money. Wala kasing value pira natin sa
    abroad eh. Hoho


  108. sodamnhot says:

    i dont believe paypal is secure. i work for a us bank and i have seen a lot of fraud internet trxns right after a paypal trxn

  109. hideki says:

    unionbank eon sucks!!
    there should be another way for students to get a debit card for paypal. X/

  110. Amin says:

    Guys MasterCard(CreditCard) from philippines Can verify your paypal account but not to withdraw your funds.If you withdraw your funds using your mastercard the funds will be authomatically credited to your mastercard and this means you do have advance credit/payments to your creditcard.
    You can use the credited amount to your creditedcard by purchasing of goods. It is not convertable to Cash since that is the major policy of MasterCard philippines, this will depend also to the financial institution where you applied CreditCard as far as i know BPI, Metrobank, BDO, CitiBank, East-west Bank, and other financial institution which is registered to MasterCard.Remember that you can withdraw cash to your mastercard(creditcard) if you have requested Peronal Identification Number(PIN) for your cash advance but service charge will be applied. Visa is possible to verify your paypal account and also withdraw your funds since visa has its double authomatic features “Credit” and “Debit” which means convertable to Cash when something is credited to your Visa unlike MasterCard the credited amount will be holded to your account/ account statement.

    So if still you do not have your PIN for your mastercard you can request this to the financial institution where you maintain your account. Processing of your PIN will takes very long just be patient…

    I hope you learn? Good day

  111. jes says:

    I can’t verify my metrobank visa..i have verified my mastercard already but after i knew that it cant be converted to cash, i opted for my visa.

  112. seaj0725 says:

    i just want to ask something coz i’m still kinda confused about this one.. for example a friend of mine from US sent some money to my paypal here in the Philippines, how do i withdraw it? what kind of bank account or credit card should i use?

  113. Jhon Aiko says:

    Just answer their surveys and you will get paid $4-$7.Go to this link it is true I guarantee!

  114. Donna says:

    Yes, You can certainly Withdraw from PAYPAL to BDO….But what bdo says is that it is not an official transaction that they can trace in case your Paypal money does not reach your BDO account.

    SO NOBODY can REALLY help you from BDO if your MONEY does not REACH YOU!!!!

    Read more here:

  115. Jhora says:

    Ask ko lang po ah. Kasi balak kong mag-open ng account sa BDO, yung may Debit Card. Kasi nakita ko sa Paypal na pwede yung Debit Card number. So, ask ko lang po sana kung nagwowork ba ito. Pwede po ba akong makabili sa e-bay and amazon using this Debit Card from BDO? At kung pwede po magkano po ba ang kinukuhang service charge.


  116. UNO says:

    Guys.. I’m trying to add my debit card from BDO but there is an error that says…

    I do have primary debit card but it is from the company paycheck card. he he. kaya di tinanggap ng paypal ang problema ko di na sya madelete. Ano kaya dapat kong gawin?

    Any help guys? Thanks

  117. jamir says:

    “amount not exceeding $500 per month”

    If you had a business then your client need to pay you more than $500 what will happen?

    I think this service are incomplete but great development indeed!

  118. carl says:

    you can open an account at sterling bank of asia.

    They offer two kind of debit cards from VISA.

    one which is a prepaid card
    the other one is link to your savings acct

    Sterling bank of Asia has no maintaining balance!! at wlang charges..

  119. simpyaw says:

    Easiest way is to have a unionbank eon visa electron. though you have to wait for a week.

  120. ivan says:

    can anyone help me? can i send funds to my paypal account by not using credit cards? please help me, its my first time using paypal. i don’t even have a credit card because im only 17yrs old. LOL!^^ no job yet.^_^
    so please help me with this. can i send funds to my paypal account from my bank account? how?

  121. julie says:

    Hello po.Masakit na ulo ko kasi po di ko ma withdraw pera.
    Please naman po pakitulungan naman ako.
    Una po,BPI Family savings bank and atm ko,pano ko makuha ang verification number ko,saan ko siya makikita.pangalawa,lagi naman lumalabas na over ang wini withdraw ko kahit pa 10 or $10 or $10.00 ang nilalagay ko.

    Sana po ma withdraw ko na kasi pinadala ng sis ko ito for emergency use eh natapos na problema di ko pa makuha pera.

    thanks po


  122. bdopaypal dismayed attempt says:

    I was linking BDO ATM Debit Card to my Paypal account moments ago, and Paypal says that it can not verify my card correctly when all the information I entered were correct.

    Then I checked my BDO account online and it deducted me PHP 239.05. Can anyone provide me information on this problem while I wait for BDO’s reply? Any help and info is very much appreciated.


  123. aicee says:

    hello.. pag mag-a-apply ba ng Eon card.. di na ba kailangan na may savings account ka sa unionbank..? okay na ba na dumiretso na sa pag-aapply ng eon account..? magakano lahat magagastos..? pwede ba ako mag-apply ng EON card online..? salamat po.. sorry dame tanong..

  124. darlyn says:

    sending and receiving money now in Paypal is no longer a problem in Philippines. and I am so excited to give it a try.

  125. Gigs says:

    just want to ask po where can i contact the paypal philippines (the company’s tel. #), where the company is located? because i want to gather more information regarding to them. Thank you so much!

  126. venex says:

    To apply for eon go to nearest unionbank branch 350 lang annual fees no maintaining balance. sabihin mo nalang EON VISA Electron account . iyong wlang maintaining balance. puede rin try mo sterling bank of asia iyong debit card nila na grey colored. I think only VISA CARDS are supported. Pag mastercard iyan forget it> DAPAT VISA

  127. jerry says:

    Hi guys,

    tanong ko lng po kung saan ko pede makuha o makita ung 4 digits ng paypal code ko, sa eon cards.


    please reply to me asap. :)

  128. hukares says:

    guys, nobody cares answering your questions. this blog post is dead.

  129. Nav says:

    Hi guys pwede po ba mag patulong, nag try ako ma verify ng moneybookers ang eon ko, what I did was I add my eon visa electron sa moneybookers account ko, ang problem ko pag tingin ko sa statement ng eon ko in peso PHP eh kailangan ko makuha yung exact charge ng moneybookers sa eon visa ko in USD… pano kaya yun? ang hirap makuha yung tamang convertion…. charge po sa aking ng money bookers is PHP 115.10…. help me po…thanks…

  130. crystal says:

    Paypal to Smart Money is possible using Chikka’s i$end. You can use chikka is your paypal is not yet verified. Check out my blog post at

  131. liljammerz says:





    [email protected]


  132. BALONGSKI says:

    Bago lang po ako sa PAYPAL….. actually i was able to enroll and get verified merely by following several steps shared by paypal bloggers sa net. but still hindi ko alam how safe paypal is: here are some question that could help clearout my mind:

    1) if a person gets my email and pay me via paypal how long will the transaction reflect on my PAYPAL current balance for me to know that the transaction made was good???

    2) Is there any risk in PAYPAL similar to Western Union, that if a person who pays first would have a greater risk that his counter part would run away from the obligation agreed upon????

    3) If a person pays through paypal, if the second party has scammed the payer. Is there a possibility that the payer can cancel the payment made or not?????

    please helppppppppppppp. tnx

  133. qUERY says:

    i tried my BDO ATM Debit Card
    LAndbank EASY CARD
    AIG Philam Credit CArd..

    badluck..doest work…denied…

    what banks could be good to with draw a money from pay pal?

    639069522088 text me the bank..hope u can help guyz

  134. masterlagz says:

    Try nyo Unionbank EON account.. ito ang gamit ko for 2 years,.. EON parin gamit ko hanggang ngayon.. 4 business lang ang hintay ko, send ka agad ang pera from paypal…

  135. ivy says:

    question lang po. kasi this year 2009 hindi na yata supported ng paypal yung feature na yan. yung “Send. Receive. Withdraw to a U.S. Bank Account or a card.”
    hindi ko po sya mahanap sa help page ng paypal. hingi lang sana ako ng tulong kasi i have to pay a US seller but i have no credit card, bank account, yes.

  136. ivy says:

    question lang po. kasi this year 2009 hindi na yata supported ng paypal yung feature na yan. yung “Send. Receive. Withdraw to a U.S. Bank Account or a card.”
    hindi ko po sya mahanap sa help page ng paypal. hingi lang sana ako ng tulong kasi i have to pay a US seller but i have no credit card, bank account, meron po.

  137. potski says:

    Open a philippine savings account. Paypal only allows you to withdraw to a bank (savings) account not a debit/credit card.

    2) 4 DIGIT CODE (to verify your card)
    Look at your billing statement or online access service. 4-digit code should be there next to the paypal charge.

    3) Can you get scammed if the payer pays and the 2nd party backs out of the transaction?
    Naturally. If the payer complains, paypal might put a hold on your account.

  138. Miranda says:

    Meron na ba sainyo dito na nakapag-try na or na-verified ang paypal account using Metrobank Value Martercard credit card? I have heard from some na hindi raw pwede pero meron ding nagsasabi na pwede. Anybody can confirm it to me? Thanks.

  139. Smartmoney can now be use with paypal!

    Yes, mga pips “Smartmoney” from smart philippines can now be use with “paypal” (, this is good news to those who wish to be verified and foremostly to access their paypal funds.

    see for my experience

  140. madonna says:

    hi pano ko makukuha ung pinadala sking pera from US tpos ang gamit ko ung metrobank account ko hndi yung credit card? pno ko sya makukuha? chka mai bawas ba pag nagpapadala dito? kse nagpadala xa ng $312 and then meron nkasulat – fee $12.47 kaia ung net is $299.53? anu yun? lol

    i need help sobrang baguhan ako sa paypal…

    thank you!

  141. val says:

    How can I recieve payment from paypal if i don’t have any credit cards?

  142. gee says:

    Hi Guys! Ive been trying to sign up for PAYPAl since im addicted buying online tho i used to ask from my frens abroad to do so since i dont have a paypal account. Try ako ng try mag sign up linking it to my debit because i dont have a credit card, sbi kasi ng fren ko pwede ko sha e link sa BDO account ko. Pero evrytym i put da corrects details it will only gave me da same answer “DAT MY CARD HAS BEEN DENIED BY DA BANK DAT ISSUED IT” what sims da problem guys?? i want paypal so bad.. its da only way i can purchase safely :( PLS HELP OUT

  143. chari says:

    hello po! i just wanna ask if i can in cash my money from paypal even if i don’t have a credit card?


  144. How do I transfer funds from my BDO Debit Card (Mastercard) to Paypal account? I am going to use paypal for purchasing online since Paypal is more safer. Anyone here tried this? I already added my BDO bank account to my paypal account.

  145. jane says:


  146. melody says:

    hello im new in paypal, gusto ko lang malaman ksi kung pano ba matatransfer ang money ko sa metrobank philippines, kasi nga im new here so i really dont know about paypal, kailangan ko ng help thru these, when i get emails from paypal saying na may funds ako sa kanila i added my bank account here in the phils. which is metrobank of the philippines, pinadalhan ako ng frend ko from australia since Oct. 1 then until now ay wala pa din ang pera ko sa local bank ko….
    then may nabasa ako na site ang sabi after adding my bank account i need to go to withdraw portion so i did it pero di ako makawithdraw, when i tried to put the exact amount in my paypal balance hindi inaaccept, di ko alam ano reason, maybe this is the reason for delay kasi di ako makapgwithdraw sa paypal account ko. or automatic na ba matransfer ang paypal balance ko sa bank account ko kahit di ako magwithdraw
    thanks, this is my cp number 09052269980
    email [email protected]

  147. Harris Dela Cruz says:

    hi gudpm. Where planning to make a website using paypal. Its online delivery. How do we know if the customer paid all the balance? Can paypal send notification in the company that the customer paid all the balance? pls help me. thx

  148. Ray says:

    Hi guys, share ko lang po un tungkol sa smartmoney card and how to get verified on Paypal.

    You can go through the link below to know the step by step procedure with screenshot on how your smartmoney will get verified on Paypal.

    Hope that helps guys.

    By the way, you can’t withdraw your Paypal earnings to your smartmoney card but you can use Eon card which you can acquire on Union Bank to withdraw funds from Paypal.

    Have a great day everyone.

  149. Anne says:

    i’ve just had my internet connection at home.
    to maximize my connection, i wanna try online jobs/business sana kaso i don’t have paypal account yet, and i don’t how that that works. can you help me? thanks so much!

  150. theresa says:

    my atm card only has a “megalink” logo in it.. can i use it for paypal?

  151. protectheart says:

    ask ko lng san po ako makakakuha ng card para ma claim q money q sa neobux.tnx..wat pong mga bank pwede qmuha.

  152. Ray says:


    If you’re serious na mag venture sa online business, I can help you and teach you anything that I learn to make money online. Click the link below and provide your contact info.

    Here’s the link http://simurl/signup-acme

    Kumuha ka ng Eon card from Union Bank and then link your card to your Paypal account then verify mo ito.

    Here’s how to get verified:

  153. Ray says:


    If you’re serious na mag venture sa online business, I can help you and teach you anything that I learn to make money online. Click the link below and provide your contact info.

    Here’s the link

    Kumuha ka ng Eon card from Union Bank and then link your card to your Paypal account then verify mo ito.

    Here’s how to get verified:

  154. celine says:

    hi, to all those who have questions regarding paypal.. just wanna share with you my experiences..

    – as of what I know, Smart Money and unionbank eon ang pwede magamit to access your paypal account.

    – go to for more details

    – Di pede pa ang BDO sa paypal.

    – After getting your own eon account card (which is acquired at around 3 weeks), (350 pesos) you will call the Unionbank customer service to get your activation code.

    – see to it that the paypal details you will be filling in with are correct.

    – Once you have your paypal account running, upon receiving money, you will be waiting for around 3 to 5 business days to claim your cash from your ATM. Any atm works, but regular charges apply if you will withdraw at an ATM other than Unionbank’s.

    Hope this helps!

  155. Ray says:


    Yes, Eon card is your best option if you’re really serious on doing business online.

    Smartmoney in which ang bank nito is BDO, will be your alternative option however hindi po siya pweding gamitin for withdrawing funds from Paypal because you don’t have a bank account open di katulad ng Eon card in which it is a debit card plus an account on Union Bank.

    If you wish to know how to link up your smartmoney card or eon card, you may visit

    Hope that helps.

    I’m into ACME People Search which member can achieve $125 within 24hrs. If this isn’t sound real then please I don’t mind you checking out the updated proof of payment board.

  156. karen says:

    i already verified my acct thru smartmoney. it seems i cant withdraw my funds using smartmoney but i have bpi family. i know i can use this to withdraw my funds from paypay. one thing i want to know how much is the deduction if i use bpi family?

    please i need to know. thanks.

  157. janis says:

    @celine and ray

    until now i haven’t verify my paypal acct because im thinking which is the better option:

    1) apply in union for EON card and to verify my acct and use it to withdraw my funds. is it true that php50.00 is the only deduction from funds?

    2) apply for smartmoney to verify my paypal acct but use my bpi family bank to withdraw my funds from paypal. how much is the charges or deduction?

    thank you. i need your advice.

  158. celine says:

    @ janis:

    Since I am using Eon, I can only attest for Unionbank. I am not sure with smart money. But nonetheless, for Unionbank, after every withdrawal, you will be deducted with 250.00 pesos. So if ever you will be withdrawing, it is advisable that you do so once you have already accumulated a large amount. para di sayang yung deductions. :)

  159. janis says:


    i thought php250.00 is deducted if you choose the option “withdraw funds to card” only. am i right?
    but if you choose the option “withdraw funds to your bank account” deduction is 50pesos only if below 7k.

  160. celine says:

    Yes, that is true. but in the case of the Eon account, you only have one option: that is, to withdraw using your card. your eon card will be your credit card. that is the mode linked with unionbank. :)

  161. celine says:

    before, when it was just my first time dealing with paypal and my eon account, I first clicked “withdraw to bank account” since I also thought that it will be linked to the bank account. but the money I was supposed to receive within 3 to 5 days was reversed. it returned to me with a deduction of 250 pesos because I was mistaken. that happened twice. but after that I learned that I need to withdraw to my credit card. and so I received my money.

  162. Ray says:


    I would highly recommend that you get Eon Card from Union Bank because of the advantage of being able to withdraw from Paypal to your bank.

    Checkout this screenshot that I made a while ago on how much it’ll cost to withdraw. You’ll see that if you withdraw more than 7,000 Pesos – transaction fee is FREE but if you withdraw less than 7,000 Pesos they have 50 Pesos transaction fee.

    Here’s the link for the screenshot.

    Hope that helps..

    If you’re really serious on building an online business. I highly suggest that you choose the best. ACME People Search is by far the most profitable business that I’ve seen. Also they have excellent support to help newbies, live online support by the owner and members and lastly transparent. Checkout this proof of payment board

  163. Nelle says:


    You have to add your Eon Visa Electron card to your paypal as a Bank Account first before you can choose “withdraw to bank account”, kc if nde mo gagawin un, babalik lang ung money sau. 1. Hover your mouse over “Profile” then choose “Add/Edit Bank Account” tapos, yun supply all the necessary informations. Tapos need mo ung bank code ng Union Bank, ito po ung ginamit ko provided by union bank mismo – UNION BANK OF THE PHILS bank code: 010419995 tapos ung isusupply na Account NUmber is ung account number mo 12 digits un nasa baba ng name mo. ur name should match dun sa name mo sa Union Bank mo. ganun lang po. tapos pede ka na magwithdraw to bank account using ur EON Card, less 7000 charge is 50pesos, 7000 up to 50k yata, 0 charge.

    hope this can help!

  164. Nelle says:


    kaya lang po, medyo matagal ang transfer 5 to 7 days before cya mag-appear sa Eon Account mo. pero ok na rin kaysa namn lagi ka na lang magcharge ng 250pesos di ba?

  165. celine says:

    @Nelle: hi! i was just explaining how I had a dilemma with that before. that was months ago, but it is all good now. thanks anyways! I was responding to Janis’s inquiry previously,

  166. janis says:

    @celine and nelle

    thanks to both of you guys. now i know what to do!

  167. Nelle says:


    oh! akala ko kc everytime na magwithdraw ka meron charge na 250 eh, intindi ko dun sa mga comments sa taas!

    so yung comment ko pala dapat is for Janis, sorry… baka kc isipin niya na isang option lang ang pede sa Eon Card niya eh.

    Anyway, thanks for clarifying!

  168. celine says:

    @nelle: no prob.. :)

  169. Nelle says:


    hi janis, i think makakatulong ito para maka decide ka kung alin sa dalawa ang gagamitin mo to verify your paypal



  170. mich says: ba gamitin ang paypal.i will send money to my friend,as payment,10 dollars lang naman.pero ang worry ko baka malaki ang mabawas sa acct ko.pls help pa lang ako sa paypal.thanks.

  171. Ray says:


    For me its safe coz I’ve been sending and receiving money using Paypal for a long time and wala naman akong na encounter na problem regarding flawed security.

    Send mo mo lang as Personal Payments if you’re sending from Paypal to Paypal verified accounts para walang kaltas.

    check mo tong screenshot:

    Hope that helps

  172. hun yango says:

    pwede din ba gamitin ang CAD savings account ng BDO na pang widthraw sa paypal? eto blak ko gagawin ko, from paypal canada (in canadian dollar) send ko sa paypal pinas ni utol then withdraw nya sa savings nya (canadian savings account sa BDO). tnx!

  173. porky says:

    i actually have both US-paypal and RP-paypal.

    what i usually do when sending money to the philippines is thru payal-to-xoom transfer and claim it in USD in any philippine-accredited banks/outlets.

    my question is: since i already have a US- and RP-paypal accounts, can i link any of the two directly to a philippine-bank dollar account (without passing thru xoom) so that it will still be in USD and not in PHP?

  174. Anne says:

    I have question, I withdraw my paypal balance but in a few days they told me that it was denied there is a problem in my account information

    i was deducted Php250 i don’t know what to do? can anyone help me? i don’t want to deducted again of Php 250. i don’t want to waste my money

  175. celine says:

    @anne: you can check your account number if that’s really the right one. For bank accounts, for instance, if you are using an eon account, the number is the 12-digit one. For credit cards, I think that’s the one with 16 digits. Also provide the bank code. You may refer to your bank’s specifications.

    The reason why your funds were returned to you is because of a wrong bank account info. That happened to me before and so I referred to Union Bank’s guidelines i accordance to Paypal accounts. Either one of the numbers lang yan sa atm card mo. yung 12 or 16 digits. also make sure that you are choosing the right combination. either withdraw to credit card or withdraw to bank account (following the number you provided)

  176. Anne says:

    @celine i already used my Eon Card Before I bought something sa Ebay it work naman pero noon ng withdraw ako there’s problem daw sa bank account info ko. . . i also asked na rin un Unionbank they told me that there is no problem with my bank account information

  177. celine says:

    @anne: nakapay ka na before using your paypal account? or nakareceive ka na? if so, and ngayon lang talaga nangyari yun sayo, maybe there’s a possibility na may nakaaccess na 3rd party sa account mo. may spyware ba ang pc mo? kasi before, my paypal acct was restricted because of a spyware. You may try consulting din paypal’s customer service, baka nga may nakaaccess sa account mo.

  178. Anne says:

    @celine nakapagpay at nakapagreceive na ako using my eon account. I dont know my spyware un computer pero nakadeep freeze cya walang anti virus. i just ask na the paypal customer service yesterday. ask ko lang have u tried to contact the paypal customer service? nagreply ba cla?

  179. Anne says:

    @celine nakapay at receive na ako using my eon account, i just email the paypal customer service yesterday. walang anti virus sa computer pero nakadeep freeze cya. have u tried to contact the paypal customer service? nagresponse cla sau?

  180. celine says:

    @anne: yupp, i emailed paypal’s customer service and nagreply naman. marami raw causes yung nangyaring restriction sa account ko before. pwedeng may nakahack daw ng account ko. so they advised na I change my password at paypal and to verify my account again. Try mo rin contactin sila and I suggest na you check your PC for viruses or spywares. Mahirap na eh. As for me, that solved my dilemma before. :)

  181. Ray says:


    I was reading your post regarding yon issues mo with paypal and I would like to say something.

    I have no problems so far with my paypal but yon tungkol sa problema mo I think you probably input wrong account details at yon paypal bank code for unionbank (010419995). For a complete list of Paypals Philippines bank code visit link

    Also try mo narin e scan yon pc mo for any virus of spywares. I use Avast and Malwarebytes for scanning. You might want to try them out.

  182. Anne says:

    @ celine i change ko nalng password ko and used a pc na may antivirus and spyware? pero nun ginawa u un ok na nag withdraw na money mo?

  183. Anne says:

    @ ray pag wrong ang bank code un can’t use eon cyber sa paypal? pero i used na my eon card sa payment and receiving money. it means wrong pa rin un bank code?

  184. Ray says:


    Payment and receiving is different from withdrawing money to your bank – ito din inisip ko nun when I started my online business adventure.

    Check mo un paypal bank code ng Philippines on the list provided here

  185. Anne says:

    @ ray iedit ko na lang un bank account ko sa paypal?

  186. Anne says:

    @ ray ask ko lang un last 4 digit na my x-, un ba un last digit account number?

  187. Anne says:

    @celine @ ray I think i know na what’s wrong kasi i put sa unionbank ko eh un 16 digit mali ba un? dapat un 12 digit kapag magwithdraw? pero kapag payment eh un 16 digit ang gagamit? ask ko lang ilang days bago ko mareceive un withdraw ko?

  188. Ray says:


    I think that’s probably the reason why. It should be your account number details not the card number details.

    I hope that solves your problem.

    Come and check my blog at where I show tips on making money online.

  189. Anne says:

    @celine @ray thanks!

  190. myk says:

    pwede ba smart money mastercard? And papaano komarereceive und four digit confirmation?

  191. junny says:

    ^Just check online through online transactions of your bank. Kung walang online transactions, you can call your bank or you can wait for your bill.

  192. guillerdo says:

    ahm.. ThEreS tHIS Item i WAnna bUy oN EbAY..and THE onLY WAy To TRanSAct PAyMEntS IS ThROuGh PAyPAl.. I MEAn CAn Any BoDy HElp ME HOW to GEt LOAded On My PAypAl AccoUNt to forWArd MY payMEnt ASAP? lIKE..WAt BAnks hEre In THE PhIlIPpiNES suPport PAYPAL wHEre I CaN LOAd MY PAyment? CAn ANybODy HElp ME? TnX!!!

  193. dexter says:

    anyone knows how to deposit into free paypal account philippine money?

    pwede ba yung mga locan bank accounts or western union or lbc?

  194. You can also use Payoneer debit card Mastercard to verify your Paypal. Use this card to receive or pay online and offline. You can get this card for free and delivered at your doorstep. For more information about this card check this:

  195. You can also verify your Paypal by using Payoneer mastercard. You can get this card for free. For more info:

  196. sjcg4 says:

    pwede po ba yung metrobank credit card gamitin sa paypal..hinde po ba mababawasan yung laman ng cc?thanks sa magrereply.

  197. liquid says:

    Kung d pa to na post sa comment, ito ang ginawa ko para magamit ko funds ko sa paypal.

    1. just buy a VCC for Paypal. search for it in google.

    or you can apply for a EON Debit Card sa Unionbank.

    Then verify your account using the EON card. After it you can withdraw your funds.

  198. mvsx says:

    hi mga guys, wow ang haba ng thread lagi when it comes to paypal hehehe..

    For people starting to use paypal, I suggest use EON card by metrobank for verification only. Eon Card costs Php300. Then after that, try to deposit funds kahit php200 to your EON card para maverify ng Paypal ( paypal checks for any transactions that has been made with the EON account ).

    Once na verify na po paypal account niyo. You could start widthrawing money using differenet bank accounts. I only used EON for verification coz its the most convenient way for me.

    Good luck guys!

  199. Cherie says:

    Hi!~ i’m familiar w/ paypal but i’m totally new to this. How can we get a paypal account? what are the steps and requirements? i don’t really understand how to do it (website)? are we able to create a paypal acct even without having a credit card? i have friends who are buying stuffs from me and would like to send money thru paypal..panu yun? anybody pls enlighten me on this. Thanks :)

  200. mvsx says:


    firstly register on paypal website for a new account. Para maverify ang paypal account mo you need to incorporate your credit or debit card. I suggest EON card from Unionbank ( sorry sa recent post ko metrobank nalagay ko instead of you unionbank). the EON card is php 300. Mga 2 week mo makukuha ang card upon application. Then lagyan mo ung card mo ng credit kahit P200 lang para marecognize ng paypal na active yung card. Then once ok na ,wait for the verification for 2 to 3 days and you can start using it. :)

  201. mojics says:

    no need to use EON card..

    kung gusto nyo i verify ang paypal nyo..

    use your bank account..

    paypal will deposit to your account and check the two small amount and then enter mo dun sa paypal to verify it..

  202. Jared says:

    Guys! Question. How do I confirm my bank account sa paypal?

    How do I identify the deposits? When I check my paypal account, it says: log in and enter the 2 amounts in your PayPal account to confirm your bank account.


    Bank account
    Banco De Oro
    Enter amounts
    Amount 1:
    (example: 0.00)P PHP

    Amount 2:
    (example: 0.00)P PHP

    What’s the next step? How do I withdraw my money from paypal?

  203. NP says:

    I read this very long thread of post about paypal but it’s mostly about withdrawing money…not much about SENDING Money aboard…

    If I have an EON card from Unionbank, can I use that to send money aboard?

    I’d appreciate any response to this.

    Thanks so much in advance!!!


  204. menard says:


    Tanong ko lang kung lahat ba ng debit card sa pilipinas pwedeng i apply sa paypal para mag shop online? Kung hinde mga anong bank lang ba ang pwede? Thanks :)

  205. Boboy says:

    How can I open a Paypal account in the Philippines so I can RECEIVE payment for online writing jobs? Is this EON Card a requirement? Do I need to have an existing bank account? What are the other requirements? I’d appreciate a detailed step by step procedure so I can start working as soon as possible. Thanks.

  206. Mojics says:

    boss basahin mo na lang..
    o kaya magsearch ..

  207. Ann says:

    Ask ko lang po kailangan po b my credit or debit card k bago magregister sa Paypal?

  208. @boboy

    Now Paypal introduce a new way to verify your account so that you withdraw money from your paypal account. No need for eon card. Just by adding bank account you can verify your account…So far the bank I tried is BPI, and BDO…my first attempt for BPI failed the second succeed, BDO works faster though…FOR detailed step by step guide visit here

  209. aisha says:

    why can’t I withdraw my money from paypal to my bank account(atm card)? nakakainis na talaga! they always ask me to confirm my debit/credit card…but they have sent me an email that my Philippine bank account is already confirmed and I can withdraw my money from that bank account…’s almost 2 weeks since anduon na ang money but still wla parin sa bank account ko!!!

  210. @aisha did you put the two small deposits that paypal sent to you when you added your bank account to paypal?

    Same thing happens to me. My first BPI withdrawal was a success but I did not receive the two small deposits causing my bank as unverified. So my second withdrawal fails, Paypal did not route the money to my BPI account but it is still in my paypal.

  211. Dien Agustin says:

    Pwede ba yung ATM ang gamitin sa Paypal???

  212. Lee says:

    Hi everyone, I need help with Paypal.
    I’m purchasing something in euros via credit card. My question is:

    1. What charges will apply to my transaction? Assuming I’m paying 115 euros. How much will my TOTAL expense be? Please help me, I’m really lost.

    THANK YOU!!!

  213. stanlee says:

    how can i transfer a funds from my paypal account to my philippine bank account?

  214. Ray says:


    You can transfer funds by simply adding your bank details on your Paypal account. To know more about this you can visit this link

  215. Ingy says:

    Only $500 can be transferred to your bank account from paypal every month? I kinda confused. In other words you’ll get 0% of your income exceeding 500USD monthly? To open a Paypal you need a VISA,or Mastercard, doesn’t this cost a deposit of like 100thousand pesos in BDO?
    This doesn’t sound like a good option for a SME unless you can get a paypal credit card and then get the benefit of using it for withdraw in all Philippine ATM’s. Please reply if anyone here got any experience with this. I am currenty selling online in Europe and since I am planing to move back to The Philippines I am desperately in need of a way to withdraw more than 25thousand per month.. I want to be able to withdraw everything that I earn and whenever I need it.

  216. Ingy says:

    500usd= another keep them poor plan.

  217. matrix says:

    very interesting..

  218. mimi says:

    how can i refund the money i’ve already send from paypal to may metrobank atm card? nagkamali ATA ako ng pagenter ng account number, but on paypal the transaction was completed but and i haven’t recied the money yet on my atm. How will i know kung ngkamali nga ako ng pag enter?san ko titingnan? and if yes pano ko marerefund? THANKS IN ADVANCE SA HELP!

  219. Ray says:

    Try to check it to your list of credit/debit card account sa paypal mo. Dapat naka list doon un tama na card number..

    You might find this link helpful

    check mo lang.

  220. mimi says:


    Hindi ko po alam kung san ako ngkamali sa kasi di ko makita details ng last transaction except date, conversion,amount and may nakalagay na Transfer to:
    metrobank (Philippines) x-2002 ang status nya completed.. marerefund ko pa po kaya yung pera para if ever gamit nalang ako ng ibang bank account.. Thanks po pala sa link irereview ko ng bonga..

  221. Ray says:


    I don’t think they’ll refund the money. Pero try to send them an email telling them about your situation para sila mismo will check it.

  222. rosalina says:

    paano po kung wala ako credit card? malalaman ko ba kung na send sa akin ang pera binigay.

    kung paano ko mawiwithdrawal ung pera na nasa paypal account ko?

    meron ako account sa BPI matatransfer po ba yun?

  223. irene says:

    Hi! What do I need to open a paypal account? I only have my BDO debit card, is it possible to use it? Please help. I want to buy online kasi kaso paypal lang ang pwede. Please reply to my email, [email protected]. thank you

  224. read here, updated and detailed help for paypal and eon using paypal in the philippines. with video instructions and help available!!!

  225. jm says:

    bakit 500 usd dollars lang per month?

  226. nonoy says:

    hi po!bago lang ako dito..ask ko lng po kung paano lagyan ng pera ung account q sa paypal?wala kasi akong credit card, Bdo ATm Debit Card lang..thnks po sa magrereply..

  227. Ray says:


    As far as I know you can’t be able to put Paypal funds from any Philippine bank. What I do is bumibili ako ng Paypal from a trusted source. Contact mo lang yon author ng site na ito – he can help you out to put funds to your paypal.

    Hope this helps… :)

  228. margo says:


    i have a question. I have my paypal account already verified trough matercard debit/credit card and it cost me a lot kapag nagwiwidraw ako sa BPI. tapos ngayon kumuha ako ng EON account.. Ano ba ang mas LESS GASTOS,iverify ko itong EON ko sa palpal OR I-ADD ko nalng sya sa bank account ko? naguguluhan ako.. PLEASE HELP..

  229. @Margo,

    Pwedi mo naman e add nalng un Union Bank mo sa Paypal.

    If you’re going to withdraw from Paypal to your UB. It cost P50 for amount less than 5000, otherwise free naman un withdrawal.

    Checkout this link for additional info:

  230. Marvin says:

    I’m trying to link my paypal account to one of my local bank accounts. Question, what is “Bank Code”? Is this the same as swift code? The swift code has only 8 digits. The Bank Code field requires 9 digits. So, where do we get the Bank Code?

  231. Crizalyn says:

    Evrybody help me!,

    May account number sa akin binigay ang tito ko p , at yung ccv at name niya pati yung expiry date,pero ang sabe niya pumunta lang daw ako sa bangko ibigay ko daw yung account details niya at makakakuha na daw ako,wala din akong account sa paypal, ngayon tanong ko lang sa nakakaalam makakakuha ba ako ng pera ? at kailangan ba ng id ng may ari ng account pag kumuha ka ?

  232. N. Das says:

    I tried several times including calling paypal cus.service in U.S. yet could not withdraw my money to either PNB or BPI. None of the banks know how they can help me. Withdrawal limit was 00.00peso. i could not lift it as none of these bank give Master card. It was a back and for information exchange for almost a month. a big headache pay pal gave and at last i had to buy things through ebay which costs me more than the shop price. some of the items have not reached yet from ebay sellers. disgusting.

    a last opinion i want to know if through paypal directly money can be sent from us/canada to PNB a/c so that i can withdraw and avoid buying from ebay.

  233. kits says:

    i have a new and still unverified paypal philippines account with about $50 in it from working online. i tried using the money to shop online, but most sites do not allow it! they don’t accept paypal payments from “non-US” paypal accounts daw…is there anyway around this?! i was hoping the $500 unverified limit will allow me to spend my money online. paano kaya yun? is my money stuck in cyberspace na lang? :( please advise.

  234. says:

    Try to verify your Paypal account first. You can acquire Smartmoney card for only 30 pesos tapos gamitin mo to get verified.

  235. kits says:

    Hi again,

    As per your advice I got a smart sim and applied for a smart money card and used it to verify my paypal, but I got this message:

    “We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please try to enter a different credit card.”

    I’m sure I followed the procedure correctly, I was able to unlock the smart money card for internet use and even got sms confirmations. I also got an sms that P45.22 was deducted from my smart money for purchase at PAYPAL merchant. But I didn’t get the EXPUSE number to confirm my card in Paypal. I did this twice, so twice din ako nabawasan ng P45.22 but I keep getting the same message:

    “We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please try to enter a different credit card.”

    and still no EXPUSE number. What happened?? Please help! Parang lumalaki na gastos ko just to get to my Paypal balance :( Thanks!!!

  236. barbied says:

    help! pwede ba talaga or hindi pwede ung bdo debit card?

    i also earned a couple hundred dollars and it’s now sitting in paypal cyberspace. sabi kase sakin at first pwede daw sa bdo, and then I call BDO and theyre telling me na theyre not associated with Paypal and it cannot be linked, kahit daw cc. Grr! All the trouble I had to go to.

    So is it okay that I keep receiving Paypal funds kahit unverified? Magiging $500 na sha soon. What to do??? :(

  237. @barbied,

    BDO doesn’t link your paypal. Ang alam ko Union Bank ang pwedi mong ma link up using their Eon card. Kumuha ka nalang nito, 350 pesos lang.

    You can also ask the author of this site to exchange your paypal earnings to cash..

  238. lady_sapphire says:

    meron akong alam BDO ginamit nyang pang verified pero ung isa kong kakilala as of now di pa nya ma verified ung paypal na kahit may BDO debit card na sya, ewan laging error o di lang sya marunong hehehe. kung ako sayo easiest way na ung E-On ng Unionbank un kasi ginamit ko.

    here is the link para sa BDO debit card if u want :

  239. kits says:

    I finally did it! Got my paypal verified and got my money!

    First, I bought a smart sim (P45) and applied for a smart money card (P120). Then I used the smart money card to verify my paypal (you’ll need about P150 smart money load for paypal verification, and P10 smart phone load for the transaction). Note: if it doesn’t work in your first try, re-register/activate your smart money card via the smart menu in your cel…that’s what I did :)

    After I verified my paypal, I withdrew my balance to my BDO bank account and got my money (less P250 charges) after 3 days :)

    Do this if you want to verify paypal fast and dont mind the extra charges…read somewhere that using the eon card is the cheapest in terms of withdrawal charges. But I also read that there are cons such as long wait for eon application, eon card annual fees, etc.

    Hope this helps :)

  240. jks says:

    pwede ba makuha ang money from paypal without a bank account, cards etc?

  241. Marvin says:

    i would like to surprise my girlfriend in the u.s bu sending her flowers can i use my bdo debit card with a mastercard logo on it in purchasing flowers online? can you help me out with this and can you give me tips on how to send payments to the u.s in case my card doesnt work.

  242. PTC says:

    This is just what I needed

    Many thanks for sharing such useful info. They always look for a new way online income.

    Keep posting.


  243. julius lazaro says:

    tulong naman po baguhan lang po kasi ako dito sa ebay philippines tanong ko lang p kung ano kailangan na bank account i mean credit card po ba o bank account and panu ko po makukuha ung mag payments ng customer ko.. help naman po sa mga pinoy jan please.!!!

  244. lyane says:

    hello i just want to ask how to get my money,my friend from italy sent me money more than 2 weeks,i could hardly get it,as i have tried smart money nut it didnt work,is there somebody who can help me how to get looking forward to hear from you guys.

  245. @julius and lyane, kumuha kayo ng eon card from Union Bank tapos link nyo sa paypal account ninyo. You can use eon card to purchase online and you can use eon card to withdraw money from paypal. It’s easy. Try to checkout this link

    hope that helps..

  246. steve says:

    hi guys ask ko lang kase nag register ako sa paypal tapos master card prepaid ang ginamit ko kaso hindi pumasok pero nabasa ko naman sa info nila na pwede daw gamitin ang prepaid master card dapat lang tama address at info na reregister sa kanila.. kaso ayaw padin gumana.. pwede ba makahingi ng advice kung ano pwede gamitin na prepaid card para maka confirm ko sa paypal. thanks…

  247. @steve, you can use eon card to link to your paypal account. Checkout this link to guide you how to get an eon card.

  248. andre says:

    @lyan: You need to have verified your PayPal account para ma-withdraw mo yung account mo. You need to have a credit card and dapat yun din ang nakapangalan sa PayPal account mo.
    May I recommend that next time you want to send money to the Philippines, you can try out They are also using PayPal and they can directly do a bank-to-bank transfer.

  249. hello guys..

    try nyo den this way like selling your paypal ang get paid automatically if you have the requirement needed for it.. they send your money to all bank account instantly in the phillipines and all sending agent here in phil i just discover it yerteday bcus i really need cash so badly and i just found it in there facebook fun pages.. when time saw it i get some doubt buy i really try it.. bcus really need cash instaly but thanks god its work i just want share this for my experiences dami na talaga way visit you lng pages nila

    if de mag work here try u copy paste sa brower nyo or just search in

    read there for more info cant explain all..

    Read more:

  250. les says:

    what is the toll free number of paypal here in the philippines?

  251. sheila says:

    Hello! How do you transfer funds to your paypal account from your bank account? Let’s say from BDO to paypal.

    So far, we used our credit card registered with paypal buying online, now we want to try using paypal funds directly.

    Does anybody here know how to ‘load’ a paypal account?

  252. lady_sapphire says:

    hello everyone

    mag verfy na sana ko ng paypal ko using E-on card but ayaw “denied” daw ay msg na ganun. same info naman ginamit ko name and address. anyone can help me please..

  253. try UNIONBANK EON card. Fast withdrawal..

  254. ndel08 says:

    Hello Everyone.

    I need help.
    I have transfer my money from paypal to smartmoney card. but it is more than 5 days now, i have not receive my money on my ATM card, what should i do? can anyone help me?

    Thank you!!

  255. REY says:

    please help. i am trying to pay to a supplier in china via paypal yet i dont know how and where to go…is my payment secure? i mean what if i dont receive the product after i pay?

  256. Ryan says:

    Good day naka withdraw ako funds galing sa paypal using my smartmoney

    Transaction details

    Withdraw Funds to a Bank Account (Unique Transaction ID # 7JV07369W66127211)

    Total amount:
    -P13,026.00 PHP
    Fee amount:
    P0.00 PHP
    Net amount:
    -P13,026.00 PHP

    Mar 5, 2011
    09:18:32 GMT+08:00

    Bank Account
    Transfer to:
    BANCO DE ORO (Confirmed) x-5110

    for further info pm me murro.ryan sa yahoo

  257. Ray says:

    This is very interesting and would be very helpful.

    Would you be able to send me an email with how you
    manage to do that.

    I was able to write a guide on how to withdraw money from paypal using eon card, perhaps you could write one too.



  258. chynna says:

    hello. Pano po ba magkaroon ng Paypal? May gusto kasi ako bilin online. Ano unang gagawin? Di ko maintindihan yung eon card na nakalagay sa mga comments pa help naman po. please. thank you!!!!!

  259. Ryab says:

    para ma help kita further Question pm me sa yahoo murro.ryan or skyple ryan_d.murro

  260. romel onia says:

    hello paano po ba magkaroon ng paypal account at paano po magagamit kung may balance po ako sa paypal puwede po bang itransfer sa ibang account number tulad ng PNB at puwede po bang gamitin ito kung may gusto akong bilhin tulad ng car

  261. romel onia says:

    hello may bayad po ba ang magopen ng account sa paypal at paano po magagamit ito at kung may balance po ako sa paypal puwede po bang itransfer ito sa ibang account tulad ng PNB at puwede po bang kumuha kahit nasa ibang bansa ako

  262. will convert your Philippine Peso to PayPal funds. You just need to deposit your cash via BDO over-the-counter transaction or via Globe GCash.

  263. flori says:

    In which bank in the philippines, can make transaction to paypal account.
    I try by BDO cannot pay to my paypal account.

  264. JAN MARK EUSEBIO says:


  265. peter says:

    hi, hi i need help im planning to send money here on US to phil. using paypal. how can the people from thw phil whom im sending too, to encash or withdraw it? granted they have also a paypal accnt. what banks in the phil? thank you

  266. kay says:

    hello, nakita ko lang ito sa isang website about Paypal.. para makaregister sa Paypal, transfer your Paypal money to encash to a bank etc., dapat magkaroon ng Eon card from Union bank.. ang alam ko ito lang ang pwedeng bank. check niyo itong website:

  267. Warfe T. Nemeno says:

    Hello po. pano po ba magkaroon ng PayPal account? I wanna join kasi work online kaso thru PayPal po ang payment and collections ko. how can i have one on PayPal?

  268. ela foronda says:

    pano po b mgkaron ng paypal account gusto ko po kasi bumili ng items abroad,meron bng bank n pwede pgbyaran located po ko dito sa baguio city

  269. We convert CASH (Philippine Peso) to PayPal funds. Visit us online or SMS us via 0939.914.2860.

    Cash can be deposited via BDO, or sent via Globe GCash or Smart Money.

  270. cherry says:

    di ko alam gamitin ang paypal i have money there but i can’t withdraw it so please anyone can help me to convert my money in cash…thanks poh!

    • celine says:

      Hi Cherry,

      To withdraw your money at Paypal, I suggest that you apply for an Eon Unionbank account. From there, pag may eon acct ka na, you can transfer your Paypal funds to eon and withdraw from your atm. It only takes 350 pesos to apply and around $2 to activate it with Paypal. Please see for more.

      Hope this helps,

      Celine Francisco

  271. You should guys need this Complete Bank Code list in order to withdraw your paypal cash.

    Hope it helps!

  272. ruby rose says:

    help…andami ko ng pinuntahang banks this morning…bdo, allied, etc. di raw cla accredited ng paypal. may paypal account na ko at may kukuning pera through paypal pano ko yun makukuha ?sang bank ako dapat pumunta na siguradong paypal accredited…

    • celine says:

      ruby rose: I suggest that you use eon unionbank.. it’s directly linked to paypal so there won’t be any prob with that. I’ve been using it for 2 yrs already. no prob so far. :) only 350 pesos to apply and no maintaining balance. plus around $2 to activate Paypal.

  273. Pano po mag sent ng money sa smart money card galing sa paypal?

  274. Agnes says:

    Hi, I signed up for paypal tapos I got an eon visa debit card. San ko po malalaman ung paypal code? I can’t verify my account. Please help,

  275. Elai says:

    pano po b mag sign up ng paypal? di po kasi ako mkapasok kahit ano gawin ko. patulong nman po. plz?

  276. Elizer says:

    Hi, panu po pdeng makuha ung perang ipinadala via paypal? do i need cards or something?thnx!

  277. my sister roslyn sent me money from paypal hanngang ngayon po di ko pa natatnggap kindly help me para makuha ko na po un ASAP tnx po or pki tawagan n lng po nyo ako sa number n ito pls 09126165497 tnx po kung puede ngayon n po kyo tawag tnx

  278. gen says:

    hi. pano if unverfied ung paypal accout at may negative balance. wlang kaso po ba un

  279. 500$ lang ba ang monthly limit ??

  280. maria leani says:

    hi,nag punta po aq sa union bank,to apply eon card kc po yung bf q gus2 aq pdlan ng pera e need paypal account kc gus2 nya?ask q lng po how many days ma rcve ang pdla,at pnu po yun example 50 euros pdla e pnu q po yun ma widraw ng philippine money,sna po pki explain u mbuti skin pra po mas malinaw,thanx at i hope you reply immediately.

  281. ronald says:

    hello i have my friend in canada he’l send me through paypal acct, so far i do not how to avail and what bank accrideted paypal. pedi po ba yon sa USSC sa western union.

  282. smith says:

    i have written a blog at paid critique about UNIONBANK and PNB. you can read it at

    check it out.

  283. emmanuel says:

    i need the bank complete paypal payment

  284. Mario Castillo says:

    Can use i western union in payment of paypal

  285. Grcaiela Franchesca says:

    How can I apply for payal? What bank?

  286. yuki says:

    how can i receive money from paypal without bank account;….how can i receive it in cash..wat do i need to get it….

  287. con col says:

    I have a PHB bank account and paypal account — my uncle sent money to my paypal account but I do not have a Visa/Master Card — I am only 20years old and still in school. I will not be able to qualify for credit card.

    Paypal will not verify me because I do not have credit card. Is there another way to get verified so I can get the money out.

  288. Ana10 says:

    Hello po ask ko lng po if how to receive money from paypal to my bank?? kc po yung friend ko mag send ng pera gamit ang Paypal from US..plzz reply po Asap!!!!

  289. maria says:

    ask koi po pano ko makukuha ung perang padala sa akin trough paypal ung po kacing mga bangko dito wala cla paypal transactions

  290. jean says:

    i have bdo bank acount and i want to signing up but paypal wont accept my card number.wat i need to do?

  291. i want to transfer my paypal account into my bank account

  292. ayen says:

    i have also a bfi account how i can get to transfer to paypal account so that i can get the money into my BPI ACCOUNT…..

  293. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your site. It’s a very easy on the eyes
    which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often.
    Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Excellent work!

  294. Joseph says:

    For those looking for paypal bank codes, please visit this link:

  295. allyza balgua says:

    Can i go to BPI and pay in cash?

  296. How can i receive a money ?given by my relatives abroad ,but i dont have any credit card or atm card .Nothing at all will it be possible for me to receive money without any cards?where will i go to register paypal,Thank you!

  297. Keith says:

    My girlfriend set up a pay pal account in the Philippines but how does she acces the funds now, can she get a pay pal card?

  298. Domle58 says:

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