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T3 Mag Philippines to continue publication

Contrary to rumors going around for months, T3 Magazine Philippines will not be shutting down their publication. However, there will be some downsizing of sorts in terms of manpower and frequency, according to an email from the Deputy Managing Editor of T3.

t3 mag philippines

1. T3 magazine Philippines is not shutting down. Summit Media will be publishing the magazine three times in a year, every year. The three issues are yet to be determined, but will happen in summer, mid-year, and Christmas.


2. The magazine will be bigger with significantly different content.

3. The website (www.t3online.com.ph) is the new core of T3. Please stand by for the grand re-launching.

Vince Sales will still be the Editor-in-Chief while Elijah Mendoza is the Deputy Managing Editor. Looks like T3 will be focusing more on their online content rather than print. It remains to be seen if the 3-issues-a-year model will work in the Philippines but T3 has some hard-core followers that will be glad to get a dose of their favorite tech mag.

T3 Magazine is one of the many titles under the Summit Media Publishing Group. Earlier rumors in the PhilMug forums indicate that Summit was dropping T3, Marie Claire and SevenTeen from its roster.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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23 Responses

  1. Go Gadget! says:

    Well i don’t know how long this thing will last. Print Media is slowly dying in the US. Did i say slowly?!

  2. Go Gadget! says:

    and hey T3 Mag, check my blog at http://pinoygadgetprice.blogspot.com/ where you will find better gadget deals.


  3. graphire says:

    So no April 09 issue yet? Sayang naman, well in that case i might buy gadgets mag na lang.. pero mas gusto ko T3. =)

  4. BrianB says:

    Their writing mimics the British version too much, especially the Top Gear TV show.

  5. kill3rfill3r says:

    try to visit engadget.com or gizmodo kung gadgets ang hanap nyo

  6. Ton says:

    Wanting to subscribe, I dropped by the summit site last month to send my particulars…T3 wasn’t on the list. Dropped summit an email, which was surprisingly immediately answered … “we don’t carry T3 anymore”.

    I thought that was weird. These things are increasingly hard to find (I look for them at gasoline convenience stores now). I mean, If they’re “gone”, they must’ve been sold, right?

    So I buy the latest issue, and somehow doubled on the editorial page, asking “Are these the same people from last January?”. Typos everywhere. Bad reviews. Unintelligible comments. Poor feature choices. Tragic.

    Some guy in the letters section of that issue was asking about a color tone problem with his macbook pro (confirmed by several side-by-sides), and T3 answered something with like “yeah, color tone preference is different for each person”, which to me was like telling the poor guy to stop whining, and live with a yellow screen…forget the 100++ grand tag on the thing. Irritating stuff, to be quite honest.

    So I felt something was wrong, and since then have said goodbye to arguably the best gad-mag of the country. It will be missed.

    We can all go ahead and wait for “YugaTimes Monthly” instead. God bless you Abe. (hint, hint)

  7. Aloof Kid says:

    What the F***? Only 3 issues in a year?! Noooooo! That’s the reason why there’s no T3 in 7-11 and NBS. Why why why? T3 is my favorite tech mag! When I went to NBS at MegaMall I saw a T3 but printed in UK and men the price is 599! Thanks for the info sir Abe

  8. vizu says:

    T3 magazine naman kasi ang nipis2 tapos puro ads pa mas madami pa ads kesa sa content..

  9. Mikko says:

    For real? Well, kung sa ikabubuti ng magazine nila bakit hindi. :D

  10. jhay says:

    I hope this is not “delaying the inevitable”.

    All the best with T3.

  11. jasetiojanco says:

    It’s good that they’re not dropping T3.

    I’ve been reading it since its first issue (I was in 2nd year High School when the first issue came out) and it would be a shame if it would cease to exist.

  12. John says:

    1) What kind of Tech Magazine would that be? If it would be published just three times a year then I’m sure the news would be stale and the gadgets would be old who wants to buy a magazine like that?

    2) The new T3 staff would then be out of place in any Tech events because manufacturers would surely need to be published ASAP after the launch.

    3) Who would place advertisements in a three times a year magazine? The real reason why T3, Marie Claire and Seventeen Mags fold up is because SM decreased the budget for the 3 magazines to 240K annually from a whooppppping 9million pesos annually

    4) Where will the four or five staff of the Magazine get the latest gadget and newest content? I am not undermining their abilities but I think not even one of the remaining staff is a true techie or has the connection to get the latest gadget or news.

    5) An insider told me that Manila Bulletin is hiring all the displaced staff of T3. more on this as this develops.

  13. Pink says:

    Really?? well that’s cost-reduction.. and actually that’s fair enough as not every month there is something new to write about.. I’m just hoping that those 3 issues (a year) will be a lot more worth it as for sure the price tag will up a bit.. =)

  14. Ton says:


    I respectfully disagree. Engadget, for example, refreshes its RSS almost twice every hour. This blog alone refreshes daily.

    Now multiply that frequency to a month, and then four, and then you get the grim picture being painted here. It’s like covering the launch of the groundbreaking Intel Pentium II, this August.

  15. Goomboo says:

    Thats really sad that one of my favorite mag is slowly fading,imagine 3x a year?Im still reeling from the lost of GamesMasters Philippines magazine which went off last Sept 2006( I have that last issue and I love it).I bought my last T3 way back December and bought more back issues..I hope they will survive because it is a sentimental paper for me.Cheers!

  16. Milo says:

    Get real, T3 magazine is crap. The 2 sentence reviews of gadgets were just pulled from the internet and at least a month or two old already. If it wasn’t for their model in sexy outfit, they would have long closed shop.

    They have what they call the “Tested by T3”,but c’mon they tested the gadget and provided a sentence or two of reviews. Their product comparison charts were simply pulled somewhere and feature products that most Filipinos wouldn’t buy. In T3’s book, the more expensive the product the quicker it get’s to the T3 Winner title. Vince Sales is crap and glorifies anything Apple.

    Vince Sales should start reading MaximumPC.com and see how they make reviews instead of focusing on FHM type of reporting.

  17. Ton says:

    Well, It does feel like their reviews are “marketing inspired” at select times…not all though. Waaaay better than Gadgets though, or Speed or something like that.

    I’m talking about relativity here. It may not be the best one in the world, but it may well be the best one (once) available in these parts.

    Oh and I don’t mind the ladies. They’re fine. ain’t nothing like a fine girl operating heavy machinery (i.e. macbook pro)

  18. Kel says:

    Irritating.. Just as T3 is getting to be my favorite mag that i can’t live without each month..

  19. Roy Steven says:

    LOL. That was an one sided POV. I am sure I agree.

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