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YugaDeals is launching tomorrow!

Finally the long wait is over — we’re set to launch YugaDeals tomorrow morning. I know we’ve been very quiet this past few weeks as we’re busy meeting with distributors and suppliers to get you the best gadget deals.

I’m sure a lot of you are excited. Tomorrow, we will reveal all details of the mechanics as well as our very first gadget deal that I’m sure you’ll really like.

So, if you’ve not signed-up for our email alerts, go over there and do it now. Add us on Twitter and Facebook as well as share the link to all your friends, co-workers and relatives.

Any idea what type of gadget we’re offering tomorrow? Go make a guess and I might just send you a special prize if you guessed it right.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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97 Responses

  1. jeo says:

    My guess is it’s a tablet.

  2. Javier says:


  3. Fleeb says:

    Desire S?

  4. bombit says:

    Probably a cellphone. :)

  5. ditas says:


  6. joella says:


  7. Carlo says:

    I R excitement!

    Tomorrow’s gadget is an iPad 2!

  8. Yoe del Barrio says:

    I bet it’s one of those Creative Wireless D200 speakers (:

  9. LA says:

    I hope it’s a celphone :)
    I’m planning to buy one..

  10. Dan The Beast says:

    SE Xperia Arc!

  11. Geovanni solis says:

    I guess it will be either ipad’s 1 and 2.

  12. name says:

    an iPad 2
    HTC Desire S
    HTC Incredible S

  13. name says:

    or Samsung Galaxy S II

  14. Edwin C says:

    Nintendo 3DS, Asus Transformer Tablet

  15. Lance says:

    I guess it’s a Sony Ericsson Arc.. :)

  16. deuts says:

    Exciting nga! I wonder what it’ll be. I just hope not that expensive, so I won’t have to sell some shares of stocks to avail of the deal. hehe

  17. Larry says:

    a WP7 phone :)

  18. Jor says:

    trip to HK? just kidding
    sana affordable na android phone then may discount pa. more power yugadeals!

  19. avchix says:

    galaxy tab wifi only for sure

  20. rowmann says:

    a DSLR

  21. watusi says:

    nokia phones

  22. jc says:


  23. arlie says:


  24. rdcs.santiago says:

    Nokia E7?
    Nokia Summer Sales? :)

  25. rdcs.santiago says:

    Nokia E7? Nokia Summer Sale. :)

  26. rdcs.santiago says:

    Nokia Summer Sales? E7?

  27. Rommel A. says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  28. NemOry says:

    cellphone, car, motorcycle, tablet, kitchen appliance, living room appliance, tv, speaker, aircon, airplne, helicopter, heater, electric. fan, electric guitar, headphone, qwerty phone, memory card, sd card, hard drive, monitor, ups, ipad case, ps3 xbox android ios game/app, watch, battery, flashlight, flash drive, cpu, video card, wimax, globe tattoo stick, myfi,

    ayan… sana meron isa jan… hahahahaha…

  29. Carlo Angelo says:

    HTC Wildfire? :)

  30. Name: says:

    wifi onle galaxy tab

  31. Sting6ph says:

    Relatively cheap phone such as C3 :)

  32. Dy says:

    An lcd tv :)

  33. Dy says:

    an lcd tv perhaps..? :)

  34. Nestor says:

    X-mini capsule speaker

  35. Jeisun says:

    Galaxy Ace!

  36. Jam. says:

    an apple iPad 2? haha sana

  37. ed says:

    my guess: a netbook

  38. eLx says:

    probably an iDevice =))

  39. Carlo says:

    Speaker of some sort? :-) or maybe an monitor?

  40. Minnie says:

    Galaxy Tab Wifi

  41. Mark says:

    Samsung Galaxy Ace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Messie says:

    I’m betting my money that it will be a Nokia phone. Maybe one of those C series, or the other symbian ones.

  43. Somebody got it right :D

  44. Name: says:

    I think Galaxy Tab Wifi or maybe the 3G version

  45. Gumz says:

    HTC Desire S and blackberry playbook…

  46. Winziph says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Wifi

  47. Angelo says:

    It’s 1 HTC Desire S!!!

  48. Carlo Angelo says:


  49. realjarley says:

    asus transformer

  50. Kiko says:

    so it’s a 23″ KTC led tv. next deal please :P

  51. Rouge says:

    Countless KIRF gadgetry galore.

  52. wapome says:

    Mr. Yuga i visited the site but no content yet. I signed in nalang using my email address.
    So when is the exact date of launching. And will you be featuring Macbook? I want one and i think it will bring down the cost due to this group buying.

  53. Arvin Cabigao says:

    an iPad 2. :)

  54. Audio Technica Headsets

  55. pabs says:

    is it Nokia N8?

  56. NemOry says:

    @sir Yuga I hope you see this

    So it’s a FULL HD LED TV, I guess I said the very right type? Without brand?haha. . ,

  57. NemOry says:

    Or I may say a *** 23″(inch) FULL HD LED TV *** weeeee!hehe

  58. allan says:

    i bet it’s the 1st gen Ipad.

  59. Laess Apolo says:

    I think it’s an external storage! : )

  60. Drake says:

    Samsung 9 or Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc?

  61. jhepoyski says:

    HTC Desire S

  62. Anjelo says:

    I say its the Flip Video! :)

  63. rdcs.santiago says:

    23” Full HD LED TV? :)

  64. McTechieGuy says:

    X-Mini speaker yan..

  65. Agent Zero says:

    Wala pang nag dedeal – 0 out of 10 buys…i think sana kahit 30-40% discount..para yugadeal na ito!:D

  66. heckiboi says:

    masyado mababa ang discount for a 23″ KTV LCD HDTV, pwede siguro kung ang price is nasa 3000-4000 lang :D

  67. Pokemo says:

    Tama agree ako dyan half price na lang dapat! only 10% discount lang kasi 1st deal sa yugadeals “matumal ang benta”

  68. gcs says:

    your deal for the KTC is 8400, pero sa greenhills and stores around gilmore it’s only 7800 or less. not much of a discount ;)

  69. MRU says:

    Next deal please…

  70. avchix says:

    “your deal for the KTC is 8400, pero sa greenhills and stores around gilmore it’s only 7800 or less. not much of a discount”

    When I checked the site it was P7,360.00

  71. avchix says:

    P7350.00 pala
    Considering ang gaisano interpace sa gilmore sells this for P7,795.00 if we would base this on their pricelist ; which by the way is very competetively priced ang Gaisano interpace na yan.

  72. gcs says:

    sorry forgot to say that 8400 is where they based their discounted price of 7350. considering that outside it is 7800 then ang liit na sobra ng discount (Php 450) sa yugadeals

  73. johndoe says:

    FAIL! mas mura pa sa labas! tsk tsk tsk… wala na ba ibang item?

  74. Kiefer says:

    what’s the prize for the person who guessed it?

  75. avchix says:

    Hindi na masama di ba? For example, kursunada mo item e di nakamura ka na di ka pa nahirapan mag ikot maghapon sa gilmore
    Actually parang groupon o ebay kupunan yan kung ayaw mo, mag hintay ka na lang sa susunod na deal at baka may makursunadahan.
    In fact we must be thankful nga dahil Yugadeal is doing the bargaining on behalf of all of us
    I mean papano kung d ito mag prosper eh di one less choice we have tayo di ba?
    Kaya kailangan support para lumakas ang bargaining power ng Yugadeal. Di naman agad magiging gaya ng powerhouse na ebay o groupon yan eh.
    Okay? So lahat ng nag-negative comment please buy 2 each hehe

  76. yeye says:

    Yugadeal #1 – Failed!

    paki dagdagan naman po ang discount hehe mukhang sobrang baba po eh


  77. JorlanBalbuena says:

    I thinks its a playbook? or a viewsonic v350?

  78. alan says:

    Ipad 2!!!!!

  79. gcs says:

    hindi rin naman masama mag bigay ng opinion hehe =)

  80. florencia says:

    ui 12 units have been bought na daw.

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