Android 14 Developer Preview 1 released

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Google has released its developer preview for its newest smartphone operating system, Android 14. It showcases improved system health, better optimization and customizability.

As the name suggests, it is aimed at developers for app optimization and to make use of the newest features of the operating system and to ensure that their app runs on a host of other android devices as smoothly as possible, especially larger screen android devices. This means that the consumer facing features are not yet apparent and will most likely be present during the beta testing.

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Changes to the API gives the users a smoother more optimized experience that take advantage of multitasking features along with an overhauled gesture control with predictive back navigation that gives the users a preview of the screen that they will enter to. Improvements to the internal broadcast system also means that the device can run more efficiently therefore reducing and maximizing battery life. Accessibility has also been improved by making it possible to zoom text level by up to 200% from the old 130%, and developers can also control per-app language settings and in which region they want the language to be displayed.

Google has already unveiled its timeline for the Android 14 with the beta version releasing this April and a stable version to be released by June in which a final release will come right after.
Andriod 14 timeline

Are you looking forward to try the newest Android 14 smartphone operating system?

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