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Anonymous hacks official PLDT Twitter account

PLDT’s official Twitter account, with handle @PLDT_Cares, has been hacked by an anonymous group.

The hackers changed the Twitter account’s name to “PLDT Doesn’t Care”, and posted a tweet, saying “As the pandemic arises, Filipinos need fast internet to communicate with their loved ones. Do your job. The corrupt fear us, the honest support us, the heroic join us. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

The Anonymous group has called out Globe Telecoms as their next target.


If you DM’ed PLDT via Twitter for support, your account information may have been exposed.

PLDT has regained control of its Twitter account around 1:45 pm.

Update (May 30, 2020):

PLDT has sent us an e-mail, expressing that the hacking was limited only to their Twitter account, and did not affect their network and services. They have also stated that through a thorough investigation conducted by their Cyber Security operations group, there was no record of customer data download or exfiltration from the Twitter account.

Lastly, PLDT responds to the hacker’s message by saying “We are keenly aware of people’s need for internet services and that’s precisely why, when the ECQ was imposed in March, PLDT provided speed boosts for its fibr customers and Smart increased data allocations for its mobile phone customers. That’s also why, despite the restraints on movement and supply chain problems, we continue to invest heavily in our network roll out for fiber and LTE. As a result, our customers have been using more extensively a wide range of data and digital services that have helped them cope with life under lockdown.”

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