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Apple bans employees from using ChatGPT over data leak concerns

It has been reported that Apple is now restricting its employees from using ChatGPT and other AI tools over concerns about any confidential data that may be leaked or stolen.

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The report comes from The Wall Street Journal that on top of restricting ChatGPT and other AI programs, Apple was said to have also advised its employees to avoid using Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot, an AI programming assistant for automating the writing of code.

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The concerns are due to the fact that OpenAI does in fact collect data between the interactions of users and ChatGPT in training and improving its AI model. This could lead to its data being inspected or collected by others, leading to any confidential data leaking.

OpenAI has introduced an incognito mode that will stop chats from being saved in the user’s history or used in its AI training model. However, OpenAI still stores conversations for up to 30 days to monitor for any abuse before deleting them.

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News on Apple banning the use of ChatGPT amongst its employees is quite ironic since OpenAI had just recently launched an iOS app for ChatGPT on all Apple devices in the US just this week with plans to launch it globally and on Android too soon enough.

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