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Apple outs iOS 13.7 update with COVID-19 Exposure Notification

Apple rolls out another update on the iOS 13.7 which brings in COVID-19 exposure notification on previous iOS devices.

Image credits: Forbes

The latest update adds Exposure Notification Express, providing a simpler deployment of regional exposure notifications by public health authorities without depending on a custom application. The previous COVID-19 Exposure Notification on iOS 14 requires users to download an authorized third-party app for contact tracing.

Here are some points to remember:
• The system is completely opt-in, so if you’re uncomfortable doing it, users can pass.
• Only users with confirmed contact with a COVID-19 positive patient will be notified and required to download the official app for contact tracing. The app does not monitor the user’s location, it just records on which phones you come into contact with through Bluetooth technology.
• User’s identity is kept anonymous. Only the public health authorities will have access to your details.

Alongside the iOS 13.7 update are new Memoji stickers and iCloud Drive folder sharing from the Files app. The update also contains bug fixes and improvements.


This update is important since it lets iOS users see if they’ve come into contact with anyone who has COVID-19. The sooner they find out, the better so they can have themselves checked, do self-quarantine, which in turn helps everyone else.

The iOS 13.7 update is available on the following devices: iPhone 6s and older, iPad Air 2 and older, iPad mini 4 and older, and iPod Touch 7th generation.

via Forbes

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