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Apple, TSMC had a ‘secret meeting’ to reserve 2nm production for A-, M-Series, new AI chips

According to a new report, Apple secretly met with TSMC to secure production capacity for the chipmaker’s upcoming 2-nanometer manufacturing process.

Apple X Tsmc Fi

The ‘secret meeting’ that reportedly involved Apple COO Jeff Williams and TSMC President Wei Zhejia. Their agenda included securing 2nm production capacity, not only for A- and M-Series chipsets, but also Apple’s in-house AI chips.

Previously, Apple was able to secure all of TSMC’s 3nm production capacity in 2023. The latest iPhone 15 Pro models were the first and only smartphones that had 3nm chips, which is the A17 Pro. Just recently, the new iPad Pro (2024) tablets feature 3nm Apple M4 chips.

This year, all new iPhone 16 models will feature A18 chips built on the foundry’s second generation 3nm node (N3E). TSMC is said to begin mass production of 2nm chips in the second half of 2025.

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