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Aqua SmartGuard water purifier now available in PH

Waterlogic, a home and workplace hydration solutions company, has just announced the world’s first COVID-19 safe water purifier, the Aqua SmartGuard.

The Aqua SmartGuard adopts a patented and advanced Firewall UVC technology to guarantee up to 99.99% protection against bacteria, viruses and cysts such as salmonella, E.coli and COVID-19. The water purifier features a unique quartz double helix that ensures targeted light waves reach each drop of water at the point of dispense for protection.

The UVC Firewall acts as a barrier to prevent pathogens from infecting the water. Water flows up and down through the Firewall, exposing it to the UVC light and freeing it from harmful bacteria as soon as it leaves the nozzle.


The purifier also uses BioCote, which is for antimicrobial defense. Biocote uses silver ion technology that keeps microbial cells from growing on the cube’s external surfaces. It decreases the presence of microbes on the machine in just 15 minutes, and reduces up to 99.5% of bacteria in 2 hours.

The BioCote cannot be washed or rubbed off as it is infused during the manufacturing process and is therefore chemically bonded to the material. BioCote is able to provide continuous and lasting protection throughout the product’s life span.

In addition to the Firewall UVC and BioCote, the Aqua SmartGuard purifier also features a carbon filter that removes particles that give the water a bad taste and odor while leaving the necessary and healthy minerals. It can capture particules 1 micron in size and can substantially reduce chlorine and other contaminants in the water.

Aqua SmartGuard’s countertop unit is now available and is priced at a monthly subscription of PHP 1,490.

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