Bing rebrands to Microsoft Bing

Bing rebrands to Microsoft Bing

Search engine Bing has announced its rebranding to Microsoft Bing as it integrates more search experiences across Microsoft.

Previously, Bing powers InPrivate search with Microsoft Edge, quick searches in the Windows taskbar, work search scenarios with Microsoft 365, gaming in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and others. Its latest services expansion, which came after the rebranding, is the Give with Bing which is an extension of Microsoft Rewards. It allows users to earn points by searching on Microsoft Bing as well as lets to automatically donate those points to different causes. With this, it has expanded the number of nonprofits on Give with Bing, including over 1.4 million organizations across the globe.


On December 31, 2020, Bing will match the points donated to organizations through Give with Bing as assistance to public health, social justice, and education.

As of this writing, Bing users have already donated Microsoft Rewards points equivalent to over USD 1 million.

Give with Bing is now live in the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. Bing has also cited receipt of a lot of requests for the Give with Bing to be available to more people globally.

You may also visit the Microsoft website for more information.

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