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Bose announces Frames wearables with built-in speakers

Bose has officially announced its newest wearable audio line called Frames and it’s garnering headlines for its augmented technology.

This new line of wearable audio device is unique in a way that the speakers are built into the frames of your sunglasses. It aims to keep you fashionable and shade your eyes from the sun while listening to your favorite tunes. Similar to other sunglasses, the Frames are made with ultramodern materials and can protect your eyes against ultraviolet rays.


Introduced in two designs – Alto (Square lens) and Rondo (Round lens), the Bose Frames puts in immersive technologies such as Bose AR and Bluetooth into providing a personal listening experience. A built-in microphone and a one-button control also help you answer calls hands-free. A single charge can last up to 3.5 hours when listening to music.

The Bose Frames will be available starting January 2019 in the US and is priced at USD200 or roughly Php10,600 when directly converted.

Source: Bose

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