BPI account holders can now open a new account through the app

BPI account holders can now open a new account through the app

BPI has recently rolled out an update on its mobile app, giving people an option to open an account online.

Customers may now open a new deposit account without going to the physical bank. To access this option, users need to update the app. Then on the home screen, tap on the “Open a New Account” option. Choose whether you have an existing BPI Online account or about to register to get started.


We recently tried the feature with an existing BPI account logged in the mobile app. As of writing, we’re still receiving errors in our application. BPI says that any issues encountered are likely due to the additional account documentation and/or verification process that needs to be submitted or performed.

Affected clients are advised to visit a nearby branch to complete the process to enjoy online account opening in the future.

Do note that the feature is exclusively offered to existing BPI account holders who are either enrolled and unenrolled to the mobile app.

Stay tuned to our page for more updates.

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12 Responses

  1. Edson Abdon says:

    I tried to use it on the mobile app and encountered some problem.
    “Unable to process the request at this time.” ???

  2. Pls what about dollar acct possible to transfer via same bank?

  3. Justin says:

    Typical pinoy-made apps. Half-baked. Pft!

  4. Merlinda Suay says:

    How to apply online a saving account?

  5. joe says:

    Haha talagang half baked project.

  6. Toshi says:

    Totally agree, not working at all.

  7. Tutko Moyinmo says:

    It’s a stupid feature. Throws an error and tells you to visit a BPI branch.

  8. Jay C Domines says:

    how to apply Bpi credit card on BPI..?

  9. Alex Chua says:

    How about corporate account? Can access through app ?

  10. Pandecoco says:

    Hmmm, Mine works perfectly fine. Tnry ko lang sya and wala pang 5 minutes I have my new account na. And waiting for 5 working days to pick up my card na on my preferred branch :)

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