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BPI App is now an e-wallet with Pay with QR feature

The BPI App now works as an e-wallet, as the company introduced their Pay with QR feature today.

Scanning QR codes to pay in stores have been common between other e-wallet apps. BPI introduced this feature to provide another accessible cashless payment method in the Philippines.

BPI app users can Pay via QR in just one tap upon opening the app

BPI app users can now pay through QR codes, dropping the need to cash-in to e-wallets first to simplify payments.

Users can now pay thousands of stores and restaurants directly using QR Ph codes, dropping the need to cash in to e-wallets first, simplifying the payment process.

The company noted that some stores may use QR codes linked to personal accounts rather than merchant or business accounts.

Upon scanning codes with the app, the top of the screen should display ‘Pay merchant’. If it shows ‘Transfer to other banks’, it means the merchant is using a personal account.

This may induce interbank transfer fees to complete transactions.

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