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BPI clients need to update info or lose access to ATM , Online and Mobile services

BPI has recently published an advisory, requiring clients to update their account information or lose access to any of BPI’s 24/7 electronic channels (i.e. ATM , Online and Mobile).

UPDATE (August 29, 2016 – 9:30 PM): In a phone interview with Rappler, BPI corporate communications head Tricia Quiambao clarified that the bank’s clients are given until September 30, 2016 to submit their CIS and FATCA forms. Quiambao also added they will issue an advisory clarifying the matter as “deadline should be by the end of September, not August.”

In another phone interview with ABS-CBN News, this time with Maria Dina Soriano, vice president and head of the customer care department at BPI’s Retail Banking Group, said that they will start deactivating electronic channels starting September 15, 2016, on a staggered basis. To regain access, the customer needs to go to their branch and update their information.

Original article below:

In a Branch Advisory published August 26, 2016 on BPI’s webpage, the bank said that it needs to update its customer information records in accordance with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Circular 706. That said, BPI clients are required to update their account information with bank on or before August 31, 2016 by doing the following:


STEP 1: Fill out and sign the Customer Information Sheet (CIS) and Foreign Account Tax ComplianceAct (FATCA) Form.

STEP 2: Present the original copy and submit a photocopy of one (1) valid, recent, and photo-bearing ID.

STEP 3: Submit these documents to any branch nearest you. You may also send original filled out and signed forms via courier or mail to your branch of account.

NOTE: If you are unable to update your account information on or before August 31, 2016, your transactions can only be serviced over-the-counter of our branches. You will not be able to access your account via any of BPI’s 24/7 electronic channels (i.e. ATM , Online and Mobile) until you have submitted your CIS and ID.

Hit the source link below to read the advisory.

source: BPI

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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10 Responses

  1. Lol says:

    Does this include payroll atm?

  2. Chino says:

    Thanks for the info.

  3. Ronald Gonzales says:

    I suggest you go directly FILLING OUT FORMS INSIDE YOUR BPI BRANCH IN FRONT OF A BPI EMPLOYEE. Do not do the updates via the internet. Maraming scams ang naglipana sa internet emailing you to UPDATE your account infos.

  4. Count Eugenides Rempillo says:

    To whome it may concern,
    I’m an OFW working abroad and monthly I’m depositing and transferring money for my love ones back in the Philippines. How am I able to update my info? Are we excluded?

  5. Sawanasasensationalizenabalita says:

    Advisory yan sa mga clients ONLY sa mga nakatangganp ng email/txt/postal mail…so kung wala nakatangap no need to upadte..tsk tsk..kung hindi nahandle ng mabuti ng BPI to d naexplain ito naman si yugatech report kagad syempre sumabay si GMA at ABS.

  6. MrOrange says:

    all i can say about this. even after visitng the BPI Website. If this is sooooo important. why put the circular to update the info on a small box on the corner on the website. Actually it’s also on the scrolling ticker on the main page however it’ll take 5-10 minutes for that to pass-by, which next to no-one stays on the page if the target is to login to mobile banking. If their target is all the clients, they could make it a popup, a physical letter gets passed to the trash in most cases, a text could be ignored.

    But them giving a due date of August 31 where all online media just spread the news 2 days before the end is enough for BPI to probably loose more than half of their clients. There might be a disconnect somewhere onto how the news gets to the end user. Not all of BPI’s clients read the news, go online or do Branch Banking. Maybe a visit to the branch once every 3-4 years.

  7. zoelski says:

    Affected din ba ang BPI Express Teller International card ko?

  8. kobeshaq says:

    kasamok anang update2 oi letse ofw me ngari!!

  9. Updates of Client Information

    August 30, 2016 | Updates of Client Information

    Last Friday and over the weekend, BPI made two announcements requiring all our clients to update their information with us. We have subsequently received feedback from you and acknowledge that our announcements have raised concerns. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

    We wish to clarify that these recent announcements only apply to a limited number of individuals, with whom we have already communicated separately. Should you have questions, please visit us at the branch where you maintain your account or e-mail us at [email protected]

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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