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BPI starts sending withdrawal alerts after ATM skimming

News have been spreading the entire week that dozens of BPI customers have reported unauthorized withdrawals from their ATM accounts. The missing amounts range from a few thousand pesos up to Php60,000 and a lot of the victims point to an ATM machine at the Powerplant, Rockwell Mall.

Just a while ago, we also noticed that BPI has started sending out email alerts whenever there is a withdrawal made in its ATM machines. The email alerts are almost instantaneous and contains details about the amount, date and time, ATM Terminal ID and location.

BPI has had this feature for a long time and we’ve been getting email alerts for online or mobile transactions (bills payment, fund transfers, etc), however this is the first time we got an alerts when making an ATM withdrawal. BPI must have auto-activated this on all ATM clients after the series of ATM skimming incidents broke in the primetime news.

This additional security allows bank customers t be alerted of any ATM transactions but does not really prevent incidents of ATM skimming from happening again.

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4 Responses

  1. goodha says:

    kindly update re this unauthorized withdrawal if credited back or just charge to experience.

  2. Bernard Dacanay says:

    This is actually a standard feature that can be activated whenever applying for online access. I have been getting these alerts for years now. I guess this only became relevant because of the recent news. Please correct your story, especially since you are a tech blog.

  3. herbert says:

    transactions via EPS should be included as well

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