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BREAKING: Hackers deface website of MTRCB for airing “malicious” political ad

Pinoy Hackers, on Saturday, took over the official website of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) due to the airing of a “malicious political mud-slinging ad” on one of the country’s news stations.


Just recently, people expressed their dismay when a paid advertisement aired on ABS-CBN to put presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte under a bad light. In this negative ad, children were used to question citizens if they want someone like him running the country.

It appears that the hackers were referring to this when they said that the MTRCB was supposedly the one to implement fair and unbiased reporting to its viewers but instead, they turned a blind eye and let this one pass.

“Ginawa itong MTRCB para magsilbing taga-implementa ng “FAIR AND UNBIASED’ reporting ng mga TV,print and movie industry pero nagsawalang-kibo (literal, they turned a BLIND EYE) to that malicious political mud-slinging Ad.”

They ended their “memo” by saying that the next president should impose stricter censor laws for all forms of media.

The rest of the statement could be found at MTRCB’s page.

{Via} {MTRCB}

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3 Responses

  1. Toge says:

    Hahaha… May response na MTRCB sa site nila.

  2. reasonable says:

    I think the ad was in bad taste, but giving attention to mudslingers is not the right thing to do either.

  3. Wrong venue, they should have defaced KBP

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