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Casio opens 1st Premium G-Factory in the Philippines

Last week, Casio opened its very first Premium G-Shock Factory in the Philippines. Located the the top floor of the Greenbelt 3, the G-Shock Premium Factory is 2nd in the world outside of Japan. The first international store was opened in Singapore.

Casio is confident with the Philippine market and hopes that their premium line of G-Shock watches will sell well in the country. Among those that were introduced were the Oceanus which uses a hybrid timekeeping system that combines GPS signals and radio wave time-calibration signals to determine the time. With just a push of a button, the watch can access the exact location information, determine the time zone and adjust for daylight savings time.

The watch boasts of shadow-dispersing solar cells that efficiently receive light using a smaller surface area.


The other models are the G-Shock MT-G and MR-G that features a titanium body.

The titanium used in the MR-G case and band is exceptionally scratch resistant. The titanium is heated in a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen gas and used to create a 20~30?m hard layer on the material’s outer surface. A coating with a hard amorphous carbon film composed of carbon and hydrogen which then undergoes a DLC treatment, all serve to make the case, band, and buckle, as well as each of the links with in the band, wear resistant.

These premium G-Shock watches comes at a premium price. The MR-G costs about Php120,000.

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15 Responses

  1. diegodelossantos says:

    P120k for a casio digital watch. Sobra naman. The only good and useful watch of casio are the pro trek series and tool watches like the rangeman. The rest are just considered FASHION WATCHES in the world of horology. Solar cells gps kinetic spring drive etc are fancy marketing schemes. Most of them use capacitors. Pag nasira or nag overload tapon na watch mo khit titanium pa yan. Pero me bracelet k namn na mahal and useless. The best pa din un pro trek n digital face madaling basahin khit nasa highest peak k sa pinas at bumabagyo or ginabi ka na sa trail. The analog face i find it to busy and downright ugly to look at. Me option din from suuntho watches considered first wrist computers. Top of the line ng timex un expedition pero na phased out na kasi di na na upgrade software and malaki diff sa readings ng altitide compass barometer temp compared with casio suuntho and actual data.

    • Sony Boy says:

      Wala ka lang pambili brad

    • Bela Fleck says:

      SONY BOY, ikaw may pambili ka? Baka gusto mo kaming pautangin. Kahit mga avid G-Shock collectors aminadong sobrang mahal ng MR-G.

    • Bela Fleck says:

      DIEGODELOSSANTOS, nobody’s pointing a gun to your head to force you to buy one. The GPS actually complements the Multi Band 6 capability of the watch, since not every location on Earth can receive terrestrial atomic clock signals, such as the Middle East. Bakit mo ikukumpara sa ProTrek yung MR-G and MT-G, hindi naman sila pareho ng purpose? As far as Timex is concerned, bulok yan in terms of quality. I owned two Timex watches, parehong nasira under normal use. Pathetic.

  2. red says:

    Akala pabrika mismo na gumagawa ng relo at mababasa sa likod na made in the philippines at hindi na china.

  3. Sony Boy says:

    Andami mong sinasabi, o e di ikaw na magaling haha! Kung wala kang pambili,manahimik ka na lang ha. Dami mong alam, kung namamahalan ka,wag mo bilhin at hindi yung naninira ka ng product. May comparison ka pa, e malamang sa google mo lang nakita yan.

  4. Paolo says:

    That’s TWO Apple Watches (NOT Sport, the 1099 USD “Normal” AW with steel bracelet) with plenty of chump change for the price of one of these watches. UGH.

  5. Tetley M says:

    Akala ko may factory (PAGAWAAN) na ang G SHOCK sa Pilipinas, Store outlet pala. JAPAN MOVEMENT, CASE IN THAILAND. JAPAN MOVEMENT, CASE IN PHILIPPINES, Pwede…

    • Bela Fleck says:

      Kung high-end na G-Shocks tulad ng MT-G and MR-G, they really have to be cased in Japan, kasi hindi humid ang weather doon. G-Shocks that have been cased in tropical countries such as Thailand suffer from internal fogging when submerged in cold water.

  6. For anyone interested, my friend is selling his MTG G-shock. a collector’s item w/ only 1000 pieces worlwide. PM me if interested

  7. Oliver says:

    Si Sony boy walang pambili yung iba pinapahiya..onga pala ang ganda ng relo ng sony..disposable android watches..parang laruan lang

    • John Lester says:

      Don’t feed the troll. Tanggapin na natin na marami talaga sa mga kababayan naten na katulad ni Sony Boy na mahilig magkomento ng walang katuturan. Halatang mababa na nga yung kakayahang intelektwal, wala pang masabing maganda. Kaya sa mga may pinag aralan at may isip, wag na patulan mga taong ganto. Eto ang isa sa mga pangit na ugali ng karamihan saten kaya lalo tayo di umaasenso.

  8. Casio always offers high-quality watches at such attractive prices, they are rugged & reliable timepieces. The G Shock series is my only choice for digital watches now

  9. Jami says:

    Casio is one of the most famous and affordable watch brands in the watch market. Since 2005 I used the Casio watch because Casio is a well known for marked watches from pure material. Also, The G series is very outclassed because it has a lot of features.

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