CD-R King's online shop now in beta

CD-R King’s online shop now in beta

CD-R King just launched an online shop so you could purchase their gadget trinkets (among other things) and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.


The main page showcases the main items for sale, but based on the broken links and untranslated pages, we can tell that the website is still in beta and not yet fully functional. The site covers the wide selection that the store is known for — from affordable dual-SIM handsets to detergent and fabric softeners, CD-R King listed them all.



Basically, it looks like the usual setup for online shopping: you make an account, put items on your virtual push cart, and choose from different methods of payment (online, CoD, etc.) and it will be delivered to you within a span of days. We’re looking forward to when it officially launches to see how people would react to this new service by the company.

In turn, I ask you: Would you prefer to just order online or would you still go to the store to physically see the product before buying it?

{CD-R King website}

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5 Responses

  1. Truth says:

    Thanks. Best news so far.

  2. Will says:

    Finally! There’s nothing I hate more than falling in line their queues just to buy some cheap VR headset that’s not even in stock.

  3. Rainier says:

    Given the track record of CD-R King having many defects on its products, I think you are better off going to the store and have it tested right there before purchasing it.

    But this is a good idea for products that are non-electronic that needs no testing like mousepads, VR headset, earphone pluggies, and blank CDs/DVDs.

  4. Mildred Daz says:

    i just want to ask, if any available head phone jack?

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