Cebu BRT to use T-Money to pay for fare

Cebu BRT to use T-Money to pay for fare

Cebu City Mayor Tomas “Tommy” Osmeña has announced today that Cebu’s Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) is now going to implement the use of a BRT Card to allow people to pay for their fare.

According to Mayor Tommy’s post, the Cebu BRT will be the first mass transit system in the country to incorporate a fully integrated cashless payment system. The BRT Card can also be used at convenience stores, supermarkets, taxis, gas stations, cinemas, as well as restaurants.


The BRT Card is much secured as it will also serve as photo ID and if lost, it can be deactivated through a website. Parents will be able to get a special card that will help them track their children’ expenses and travel.

However, a commenter at Mayor Tommy’s post asked why come up with a new card rather than integrate with one currently offered locally today like PayMaya or Globe GCash. Mayor Tommy then responded with: “Because none of the above offer all of the features explained in the post. And even if any of your options have the credentials or experience of handling 1.1 trillion transactions per day (they don’t), I will not leave Cebu at the mercy of a Philippine conglomerate with its own vested interests”.

He added that the BRT Card will be available from a website, ATMs, or any establishment that accepts it as payment. He also mentioned that there will be a system that will be developed that will allow people to use their smartphone in lieu of the card.

Source: Tommy Osmeña

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