Cebu Pacific launches CEB WiFi kit 4G LTE Pocket Wi-Fi

Cebu Pacific launches CEB WiFi kit 4G LTE Pocket Wi-Fi

Cebu Pacific, in partnership with Big Sky Nation, has launched its newest offering for its passengers which allows them to rent a 4G LTE Pocket Wi-Fi roaming kit called CEB WiFi kit.

This kit is a portable hotspot who needs roaming services throughout their trips. It features 4G LTE speeds with unlimited data roaming plans over 100 countries, capable of connecting up to five devices, up to 16 hours of battery life, and can serve as a power bank as well.

“Staying connected is now a must-have in every traveler’s journey. With this in mind, we have looked into how we may delight our passengers further and make more moments happen on their travels,


The CEB WiFi Kit is a cost-efficient and convenient alternative to buying temporary SIM cards or renting WiFi kits at foreign destinations.” – Candice Iyog, Cebu Pacific Vice President for Marketing and Distribution

The device is still in the pilot phase but it is available for flights departing at the NAIA terminal 3. It will be located in a booth before the boarding gates at the airport where passengers may rent it up to one hour before the scheduled time of departure.

Having a hard-shell case, USB cable, embedded battery pack, and user manual in the package, the CEB WiFi Kit’s daily rental fee will depend on the destination and how long the device will be needed with an additional refundable security deposit of PHP 4,000.

  • Zone 1 – Cebu Pacific destinations in Asia except for Brunei and UAE (PHP 450/day)
  • Zone 2 – CEB destinations in Australia and Guam (PHP 550/day)

Upon arriving in Manila, the WiFi kit renters can return the device and claim their deposit at the Arrival Hall of NAIA Terminal 3.

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2 Responses

  1. Freeje says:

    Expensive. Cheaper to get a local SIM in most of Asia.

  2. Leo says:

    Not recommended. Booked a wifi @klook my Europe trip. I fully paid the rental and picked up the skyroam unit at T3 Cebu pacific (cebu pack t3 kit). I asked the lady who issued me to try the unit first and she said no need to try. It will work when I reach Europe. Upon reaching Germany, it was not working. I sent them message via viber to inform them if the problem. The only solution as per them is to on off the device and wait 30 mins. After following the instruction, it was still not working. I reported back to them and no more reply. I have checked and all my messages were seen by them. No solution, they dont care about their customer. Not recommended at all.

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