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Congress approves Anti Cybercrime Bill HB 5808

So the House of Representatives has finally passed their own version of the Anti-Cybercrime Bill (HB 5808) which is also known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. The bill includes online threats and online defamation as cybercrime offenses.

So aside from online intrusion, hacking or illegal use of network resources, online libel will also be part of this bill.

For online defamation, the penalty is a minimum of Php500,000 (and a maximum of Php1 million) penalty plus a prison term.


The Senate has their own version of the Anti Cybercrime Bill (Senate Bill 2796). Senator Angara also clarified the Senate Bill in contrast with the issues on SOPA and PIPA.

The Senate and Congress will be consolidating these two bills and eventually finalize them and pass it into a law upon the President’s approval.

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37 Responses

  1. halfwhiteboy says:

    online libel? i suppose they’ve defined what constitutes such an offense given that practically anyone says things on the internet — not just bloggers but anyone on facebook, twitter, etc.?

  2. Fleeb says:

    Scary. “Tweet: Congressman X stole money.”, “Congressman X: Libel! “

  3. MARTIN says:

    may masabi lang na may ginawa sila… what happened to democracy. the freedom to say what you want…

    • Dave Zan says:

      what happened to democracy. the freedom to say what you want…

      There’s a limit to that also, though. Shout bomb in a public enclosed place, and see where that gets you.

      Read the bill and am not too keen on it. Next stop is to communicate with the Senators and – hopefully – make them understand why this isn’t a hot idea, even though they benefit from it.

      Good luck na lang.

    • pong says:

      @dave zan

      Iba ang grave threats sa pagbibigay ng opinion. Me kamag anak ako nakasuhan ng libel at nag dulot lang malaking gulo at gastos dahil sa pag bibigay ng opinion nya. Now where is freedom of speech if you can be sued on your opinions.

      Ang totoo lang takot ang mga politicians na me masabi ang tao sa kanila sa internet. Yang mga batas na ito ay para sa may kaya. kung ordinaryo kang pilipino manahimik ka na lang wala kang boses.

  4. techjunkeez says:

    useless. nonesense.

  5. tipzee says:

    Nice bill! ang galing talaga ng pinoy. So if I found let’s say 10 people who have defamed me on social networking sites. I do the math I file the charges. hmmmmmm…. not bad. not bad. Good idea for this bill.

    What is wrong with these people, kung sino pa kasi ang hindi masyadong gumagamit ng internet sila pa ang pumeperwisyo sa internet. Sana makialam ang Anonymous dito, this bill will destroy our freedom.

  6. luiboowee says:

    Err, it’s not quite correct to call it “House of Congress”. The Philippine Congress comprises of two chambers: The Senate and House of the Representatives. Just saying.

    • luiboowee says:

      If someone says the Congress passed a certain law, it would mean both chambers have passed a certain bill or they have officially consolidated each chamber’s version of the bill through bicameral assembly. The title is quite misleading. Akala ko tuloy pirma nalang ng Pangulo ang kailangan. Malayo pa tatahakin niyan kasi malapit na (sa tingin ng mga politiko) ang elections. So “busy” na sila ngayon palang.

  7. pong says:

    angara pasimuno ka nito you i’m not voting for you

  8. Scary ang bill na ‘to ah. Sobrang mahal ng parusa. Sino kayang Pinoy ang may readily-available na 500k-1M para ipambayad kung sakaling may masabi man s’yang libelous sa FB or Twitter?

    Scary :(

  9. pong says:

    Sa internet na nga lang malaya ang pilipino kukunin pa nila sa atin. puro politiko at mayayaman lang ang makikinabang sa bill na ito. hinde lahat ng pilipino kaya gumastos ng abogado

  10. Ramon says:

    may point naman sila na kailangan nga ng consequence ang hacking or online harassment(cyber bullying)… ang masama lng talaga ay madaling ma-abuse ito

    kahit simple opinion lng, pwede nilang kasuhan? worse than online censorship =/

  11. lolumad says:

    This bill is pretty much useless without proper implementation, which i doubt the Philippine government is capable of.

  12. Andre says:

    yeah thailand, china, philippines is next in internet censorship!

  13. benchmark says:

    hmmm did I remember it right? Kapag kulang ang nailagay mo sa SALN, Php5,000 lang ang parusa…pero kapag cybercrime, Php500,000…

    Di ba dapat mas mataas ang parusa sa mga government officials?

    Anyway, I just hope it’s not another stack of LAW that will pile on the dust after a few months…

  14. turon says:

    Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng illegal use? Applicable ba ito sa youtube?

  15. Eizan says:

    May mali sa title ng article na to.

    The Congress of the Philippines is composed of two houses: The Upper House (Senate) and the Lower House (House of Representatives)

    When you write kasi “Congress approves…” it might be construed na the two bills of the Houses have already been consolidated and are pending the President’s approval. FYI :)

    • pong says:

      kahit na, luto na yan. alam naman naten lahat pag me mga gulo pasimple nila nilulusot ang mga agenda nila. Gusto ng gobyerno na mawalan tayo ng kalayaan mag bigay ng opinion. e.g. libel isa sa pinaka walang kwentang kaso tapos sinama nila doon

      this bill is against filipino public

  16. Billy says:

    Ay ayoko ng ganyan. Ang pangit naman wala na tayong freedom. Baka mamaya niyan nakablock na mga certain sites badtrip para lang Globe iToolbar.

  17. totoybato says:

    It is our right to say and act like idiots if we want to because it is our natural rights but we live and strive in the community that is ruled by preset of law in accordance to social norm that is dictated by our Civil rights, saying that it is a violation of our freedom of expression and speech think again.

    the scope of Art.3 Sec. 4

    The ideas that may be expressed under this freedom are not confined only to those that are sympathetic or acceptable to the majority. That would make the freedom more shadow that substance. To be really meaningful, it should permit articulation of even the unorthodox view, but to the extent it may not harm the character nor hurt the rights of an individual.

    in shorter terms, Dont speak if you dont have nothing nice to say to another person. tumahimik nalang…

    • Nagmamasid says:

      Please define the “if you don’t have anything nice to say” part. Nice to who? And nice based on what?
      Because if being nice means turning the other cheek even if your see that a wrong thing is happening, I think that is altogether wrong as well. Why? Because it gives more freedom for evil to strive. As the saying goes, evil is also seeing the wrong thing happening in front of you and doing nothing about it.
      If I see there is a highway that is in dire need of repair,can’t I write in my blog “Why is Mr. Politician not doing anything about this highway etc…”.

      What I wrote is not nice to him, his name or his office but I guess you would agree that it is a nice intention that only wants good change. Can he now just file a libel case to me and hide behind this new bill?
      It’s scary how people in power can easily turn the table and turn this thing into his/her favor.

    • totoybato says:


      its a different story that you are using as a example because everything in the government needs budgeting in order for the repair of the said needs of the public and I am not saying you should turn a blind eye against the wrong of I should anything.

      All bills that would be in contradiction in the said proponents would be repealed or change especially when the Philippines uses also the Repealing clause, subject to the laws that is contradictory to it.

    • pong says:


      I hope you know how messy judicial system here in the Philippines. I hope you understand how much power this would give to our government over our citizens. It seems good for implementing against cyber criminals but are the ones who’ll implement and enforce these laws are trustworthy? Are they going to be fair? Are you sure they wont abuse these powers? What if your interpretation of the law is different from theirs are just going to keep your thoughts by yourself to avoid long and painful litigation?

    • Nagmamasid says:

      The very bill itself is hurting the basic right of the filipino citizens to freedom of speech. ud be blind if u dont see how the lawyers can easily sway a very clean law to their favor if they wang to. Look no further than banks privacy law. All officials are using it to their favor. This is another law thatcan easily be used in such way.
      And pls dont just dwell on the one example i gave. open ur mind and the possibilities are endless.. This actually can cripple good intention feedbacks abouts situations that need addressing.
      I dont mind punishing cyber fraud or scandals crime or identity thieves or the likes but libel for saying ur opinion is just beyond what the implementing body could handle.

  18. shallow says:

    kalokohan na bill na to.. anu d na nila pakikinggan ang madlang tao kanila nalang opinion gusto nila pakinggan.. isipin nila na may freedom of speech.. dito lng nga na ihahayag ng mga istudyante mga hinaing nila..

  19. wodering says:

    wondering how can you detect someone if he/she is really the one who wrote it?

    what basis?
    picture while typing?
    i just cant imagine how can you prove it?

    • NemOry says:

      I agree. talagang wala silbi ang bill nato. daming inosente ang mag babayad at ma piprisinto ngayon nito.

    • pong says:

      yun din isa sa worry ko its too broad. IRL yung libel pwede ka masampahan kapag yung name mo ay nakalagay sa article or me video na makikita na ikaw talaga nag sabi nun. pero yung bill na yan kahit alyas lang pwede ka na nila ma-link sa krimen. Kaya paniniwalaan ba natin ang mag-enforce na batas na ito. Makukulong na lang ba kung sino ang sa tingin nila ang may sala. marami na nakukulang sa maling akala.

  20. Emman says:

    Kapag siniraan ko ang sarili ko, at kinasuhan ko ang sarili ko ng libel, kikita ba ako ng P500,000 – P1,000,000? Haha!

    Stupid law. Andali maging anonymous sa Internet. Mag-post ka ng anonymous na blog, I doubt if they can squeeze blogspot, wordpress, & other blog sites the IP addresses of the posters.

    Hindi pa nila alam ang concept ng Dynamic IP at NAT. And I doubt that Facebook will give in to our government, spilling our addresses because of online libel.

    • pong says:

      As usual this will empower government employees to extort money from unsuspecting citizens. lumang style na yan yung mga “sheriff” na yan na mag iibento ng documents tapos tatakutin ka para mamigay ng pera. tapos bibigyan ng gobyerno sila sa kapangyarihan sa internet at gagawa ng “online-sheriff” pera pera nanaman yan. Hinde sila maghahanap ng kriminal pero magiibento sila ng krimen na ginawa mo.

  21. ton says:



    • pong says:

      If Pnoy’s intention is to have control over the 3 branches of the government. This bill will allow him to form a government agency to control the internet it’s a must in every dictators arsenal. Since Pnoy sat there government is getting bigger and bigger.

  22. Did they passed this kind of bill because celebrities has been bullied over the internet?

    • pong says:

      hinde pa bill pa lang pero ang cyber-bullying hinde covered. online-libel lang nanadoon aka away ng mayayaman

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