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Displace TV: the world’s first wireless TV announced

The world’s first wireless TV has been revealed. It’s called the Displace TV.

Displace Tv

Displace TV is a 55-inch 4K OLED display that does not have any wires or ports. Connecting 4 TVs would make it an 110-inch 8K display while combining a total of 16 displays would result it being a 220-inch 16K resolution.

It comes with four hot-swappable batteries that can last up to a month on a single charge if used for 6 hours per day.

Displace Tv Battery

Displace TV does not need to have a wall mount either. Instead, it has an active-loop vacuum technology that allows the TV to stick on the wall. It also weighs 20 lbs.

The TV also comes with what appears to be a retractable webcam. This allows users to use hand gestures to interact with the TV and browse through content.

The Displace TV comes in three packages: the first pack offers one Displace TV with one base control unit for USD 4,499; the second pack offers two Displace TV with two base control unit for USD 8,099; the third pack offers four Displace TV with four base control unit for USD 13,499.

The display is currently only available in the USA as of the moment. Interested customers can expect their delivery to arrive on December 2023.

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