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DITO officially launches new Postpaid FLEXPlans

DITO Telecommunity has finally launched its new Postpaid plans dubbed as FLEXPlans that offer affordable upgrade options for everyone.

DITO Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans come in SIM-only and with handset plans.

The handset plans include the following device options:

  • FLEXPlan 588 with 8GB data (Samsung Galaxy A02)
  • FLEXPlan 888 with 20GB data plus 20GB data for 5G (Samsung Galaxy A04)
  • FLEXPlan 1288 with 30GB data plus 30GB for 5G (Samsung Galaxy A14 5G)
  • FLEXPlan 1688 has 50GB data with bonus 50GB for 5G (Samsung Galaxy S23)

The contract term for all handset plans is 24 months and includes UNLI all-net calls & texts, 12-month Prime Video subscription, DITO Rewards points, and data rollover.

Dito Flexplans 2023 (2)

While the SIM-only plans include the following tiers:

  • FLEXPlan 588: 16GB data
  • FLEXPlan 888: 40GB data plus 20GB for 5G
  • FLEXPlan 1288: 60GB data with bonus 30GB for 5G
  • FLEXPlan 1688: 100GB data with bonus 50GB for 5G

All SIM-only plans have a lock-in period of 6 months and include UNLI all-net calls & texts, 12-month Prime Video subscription, DITO Rewards points, and data rollover. Special discounts are available for SIM-only postpaid subscribers who pay 6, 12, and 24 months in advance.

Dito Flexplans 2023 (3)

Customers can visit dito.ph/postpaid/handsets 111 to check out other handset offerings and respective cash out matrix. They can also choose their number or avail of Mobile Number Portability to keep their current number when they apply to any DITO Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans.

The postpaid plans are designed to be simple, premium, and affordable, providing equal access and opportunities for everyone to reach their digital aspirations. With its next-generation technology, DITO’s new mobile postpaid plans feature generous data allocation versus other competitors, UNLI all-net calls & texts, Advance Pay, Video Over LTE, premium and affordable handset offerings, data rollover, fast & easy application process.

According to Evelyn Jimenez, DITO Chief Commercial Officer, “As we launch our mobile postpaid plans, we want to challenge the mindset that postpaid is only for the few. With DITO, Filipinos can now aspire for a digital upgrade they long for.”

DITO started its commercial operations in 2021 and aims to provide Filipinos with game-changing mobile postpaid plans. Interested customers can get DITO Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans at DITO Experience Stores and select device retail partners.

Visit dito.ph/postpaid 45 for more details.

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