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DOTr to unveil new ‘jeepneys’ today

Department of Transportation (DOTr) has announced on its Facebook page that it will be unveiling its prototype designs of its jeepneys today to provide commuters a modern, safe, clean, and environment- and PWD-friendly PUVs.


DOTr pointed out that PUVs before aren’t safe for commuters since they are dated, crowded, and inconvenient. The new PUVs, on the other hand, will provide a newer, cleaner, and safer environment for regular commuters, and PWD/Senior Citizen alike. Apart from that, the said PUVs will be equipped with WiFI devices.

Actual photos of the prototype jeepneys will be posted on DOTr’s Facebook page any time of the day.

Source: DOTr

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4 Responses

  1. Jude says:

    PUJ’s had come a long way since after WW2. inspired by Willys, Pinoys then modified them to fit more passengers. And the rest is history. i can still remember those moments riding a 6-seater jeepney when i was a kid.

    Fast forward to present, while i agree to jeeps’ modernization, i dont agree with the new design. The jeepney design we know is Philippines’ icon. changing that is like taking away a part of philippine history. Let’s preserve that part.

    same design outside but modernized inside with, say, front facing seats, a bit taller jeeps, aircon, wifi, etc.

  2. Concern guy says:

    Bakit palaging jeepney ang topic sa modernisation ng sasakyan, diba dapat lahat ng sasakyan sa boung metro manila ay dapat palitan din dahil Hindi lang naman jeepney ang nagboboga ng masamang usok ng sasakyan e. Pati nga government vehicle MAS mausok pa minsan e, Hindi lang yan pati na rin ang mga private vehicle palitan na rin …para patas ang laban.

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