Duterte wants China Telecom to be up by Q1 2018

Duterte wants China Telecom to be up by Q1 2018

President Rodrigo Duterte is rushing the entry of China Telecom into the country as the third telecoms player, ordering the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) to make sure that it will be up and running by early next year.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque was quoted as saying in a Palace briefing that, “The President has issued a directive to the NTC and the DICT to ensure that the third telco player will be up and about by the first quarter of 2018,”.


He went on to further say that if not approved within seven days, then “it is deemed approved”.

Having better telecom options the main reason for this order from the President, according to Roque.

China Telecom boasts of a 245-million subscriber base in China as of October 2017 and is ranked 142nd in Forbes’ Global 2000 list this year. Just ten days ago, it was announced that they were selected to be the country’s third telecommunications player.

Source: Inquirer

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13 Responses

  1. Freeje says:

    They will bring down the price low enough that the other two will have problems matching. The one with the deepest pocket wins. Good luck Globe and Smart.

  2. Jude says:

    Nananaginip si Digong. Dapat ng gisingin ang lekat na yan. Dapat din nyang malaman na hindi lahat ng gusto nya, mangyayare agad. Ayoko makipagtalo sa mga taong walang alam. Ito lang masasabi ko: ok ako sa 3rd telco pero hindi ganun kadali mag tayo ng network maski sa metro manila lang muna. 3 months to be up and running? Patawa talaga.

  3. citymouse says:

    As if ganyan kadali magtayo ng infra nung third player.

    • Philip says:

      ummm it’s China.
      1. if money is the issue, then flash news. it’s not.
      2. if regulatory, well the headline answers it for you.
      welcome to the 21st century i guess?

  4. Zamurai says:

    Sigurado mga 2019 to 2020 pa yan makakapagserbisyo. Dami papagawa tower at cable wires.

  5. Just be cautious says:

    Siguraduhin muna ng mga ahensya at departamento ng gobyerno na responsable sa proyektong ito na may maayos na privacy at data protection policies ang kumpanyang China Telecom na kanilang ipapatupad ayon sa batas ng pilipinas.

  6. bodjs says:

    May komento na agad na hindi maganda.. Try muna natin pumasok at magkabit. Mag tiyaga muna tayo PLDT at Globe. No choice e. Good Luck china telco. Waiting na lang tayo kung sino ang may magandang serbisyo sa kanila.

  7. Tsuperman says:

    If you are afraid of data privacy sa China Telecom, dapat matakot na kayo ngayon. Ang network backbone ng Smart and Globe are both running on Huawei equipment. And to tell you tuso sa pag-copy ng IP ang Huawei. The two companies that I worked before have pending case vs Huawei. I will not be shock if those Huawei equipment are also gathering data passing through sa network ng Smart and Globe.

    • Philip says:

      Correct! I mean why are we even signing up to this whole internet thing when we want privacy?
      It is expected that users are wise enough to restrain from sharing data online, or using platforms that hosts personal data. No matter how these companies claim about data privacy, we can only know so much.

  8. Tom Deleon says:

    Smart and Globe will surely do something about this…
    like what they did on Telstra.

  9. JL CRUZ says:

    If you want privacy then use security all public network are open dont just say that globe and pldt are safe in privacy

  10. bobby says:

    What happen to this duterte’s promise? Puro kasi satsat wala naman sa gawa.

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