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Facebook adds new messaging features to Instagram

Facebook has recently added new features for cross-app messaging and calling on Messenger and Instagram.

The latest feature in Instagram DM allows users to enjoy the Watch Together from Messenger that allows simultaneous watching of content, customize emojis and chat colors, and syncs in messages and calls from Messenger. It also added 10 more features including Vanish Mode for setting messages to automatically disappear after being seen and Selfie Stickers for animated reactions.

Users can also control where they receive messages and calls. The feature allows sharing great content with up to five friends or groups, replying, adding of nimated message effects, and enhanced reporting and blocking updates that reports full conversation in addition to single messages on Instagram.

The new messaging features on Instagram currently rolling out in select countries. Facebook is yet to announce the participating areas. However, it assures that it will roll out the new feature soon globally.

Source: Facebook

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