Facebook announces Vanish Mode on Messenger and Instagram

Facebook announces Vanish Mode on Messenger and Instagram

Facebook has recently announced a new feature on its Messenger and Instagram app that allows users to send messages that disappear automatically.

The new feature, dubbed as the Vanish Mode, removes messages right after the receiver sees the message, and the sender leaves the chat.  The feature differs from the Secret Conversation, which limits one device to send and receive secret messages. The Secret Conversation also features a timer for messages sent while the Vanish Mode does not.


The new feature applies to both group chats and personal messages on Messenger. Do note that only people that users are connected to can use the Vanish Mode. Users may be notified when someone takes a screenshot of their chat while using the feature. If someone reported the conversation, vanishing messages would be included in the report up to 14 days after it was seen.

Here’s how to  activate the feature:

  1. Open Messenger or Instagram Direct Messages.
  2. Choose an existing chat thread and open it.
  3. To enter Vanish Mode, swipe up on your device while the existing chat thread is open.
  4. To return to regular chat mode, swipe up again.

Facebook said the Vanish Mode is slowly rolling out on the mobile version of Messenger and Instagram. Users in the US and select other countries may now enjoy the feature in the Messenger app. It will be in full swing on Messenger and Instagram soon.

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