Facebook launches new audio-based tools and features

Facebook launches new audio-based tools and features

Facebook has launched new features to bring new social audio experiences to users on the platform.

First is a set of new audio creation tools. Facebook says that it wants to provide users with tools that are powerful enough for pros, “like having a sound studio in your pocket.” The company invested in audio technologies such as speech-to-text and voice morphing, which will be available in an audio creation tool inside the Facebook app; make audio “magically great” using AI; enable the use of Facebook’s Sound Collection in the background of your story; and bring the ability to mix audio tracks with sound effects, voice effects, and filters.

Next is Soundbites, which Facebook tags as a new social audio format and will be included in the creation tool. Soundbites are short-form, creative audio clips used for capturing anecdotes, jokes, moments of inspiration, poems, and more. Facebook will be testing Soundbites over the next few months with a small number of creators as they refine the product before making it available for everyone.


Podcasts are coming to Facebook. Within the next few months, Facebook users will be able to listen to podcasts directly on the Facebook app—both while using the app or when the app is backgrounded. Discovery will also be personalized to the user’s likes and interests for easier access to the desired content.

Facebook will also start testing Live Audio Rooms which is expected to be available to everyone’s Facebook app by summer. Testing for the Live Audio Rooms will be available to 1.8 billion people who use groups and are part of active communities on Facebook, whether it’s Filipino Cooking group, run by a former cooking reality TV show contestant or OctoNation — The Largest Octopus fan club, Facebook hopes that unlocking audio will be as fun as Groups already are. Live Audio Rooms will also be available to public figures in order to host conversations with other public figures and create a forum for discussion, without the pressure of being on camera.

Additionally, Live Audio Rooms on Messenger will be available this summer to make hanging out easier and convenient.

Monetization Opportunities will also be available for creators. Fans will be able to support their favorite creators through Stars or donations. After its launch, Facebook will offer other monetization models like the ability to charge for access to a Live Audio Room through either a single purchase or a subscription.

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