Facebook tests Multiple Account Logins, slowly rolls out new features on Desktop

Some of you might’ve noticed that there are some subtle changes happening on your Facebook accounts, be it in the User Interface or on some features. While Facebook’s mobile app receives these updates quicker and in greater detail due to having an immediate changelog on its homepage at the App store or Play Store, for desktop users changes come in bits and pieces. Recently we noticed some of these changes on our own Facebook accounts and profiles. Here are a few of those changes.

Revamped User Interface

If you’ve been using Facebook mobile more than desktop then you may have already noticed the changes on the app’s user interface, which is now a bit more circular. Comments have become speech bubbles and there were tweaks on the font size and appearance. Although for desktop users these features were not immediately implemented, Facebook is instead rolling out the updates one by one. So some may already have it, while some may not.

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Multiple Accounts and Account Switching

While this has already been implemented on the mobile App, only recently is Facebook testing it for their Desktop version. The new feature will allow users to add multiple accounts on the same computer, much like how multiple accounts work on the mobile version. Facebook already has a help page detailing how the feature works. Basically, users can freely switch among the different accounts they’ve added. However, only one account may be logged in at a time, as a users account would be logged out once they choose to switch to a different one. Users are also given the option to either have their passwords remembered or for it to be re-entered when they switch.

Its still under testing though, as according to Buzzfeed News a Facebook correspondent has confirmed to them that the new feature is not yet for full release. Are you one of those who received the updates and is part of the test? Let us know in the comments section below

source: Buzzfeed News , Facebook

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