First PH Subway System now approved by NEDA-ICC

First PH Subway System now approved by NEDA-ICC

Is a new subway coming really soon? The National Economic Development Authority Investment Coordinating Committee (NEDA-ICC) has approved the project that will give way to the construction of the country’s first subway system located in Metro Manila.

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The subway route spans 12 kilometers from Market! Market! in Taguig and pass through strategic locations such as MRT Buendia and Ayala stations, Ayala Triangle, Makati Post Office, PNR Buendia station, then to LRT-1 in Buendia and Taft, then across Roxas Boulevard and SM Mall of Asia before turning to its last stop in MRT Taft Avenue station.


The said project will be under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program and is the most expensive PPP to date as it costs Php370 billion, as experts say that building an underground railway may likely to cost double the price than that of elevated platforms. This is about 14% of the 2.6 Trillion-Peso National Budget, and rival that of the most allocated department’s funds, DepED, with Php310 billion. Under the PPP, the private sector will be the one covering all the cost for the project.

NEDA also pinpoints that property developers may appreciate the effect of having an underground transportation system, as elevated ones may be an eyesore.

Along with the new subway, the NEDA-ICC also approved other infrastructures such as the Manila-Legazpi-Calamba railway, the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union expressway (TPLEX), and several other projects to improve government services.

Source: PhilNews

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28 Responses

  1. shutter says:

    sana matuloy na yan ng mabawasan ng konti ang traffic sa metro manila.

  2. kami says:

    siguro naman hindi flood prone areas yung mga proposed areas/stations.

    nevertheless, sana mabilis itong magawa at sana rin, walang kung ano-ano na namang issues tulad ng midnight deals, tongpats etc.

  3. jonski22 says:

    this is a good project…sana lang napag-isipan nang maayos…my worry is flood..and construction….digging underground is not easy…how deep they will dug? and how safe?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just like the PPP of LRT/MRT, this will come back to us later in the form of much higher taxes, and fare rate. Imagine that this is more expensive to built than the LRT/MRT.

    • pons says:

      I think this is a basic common sense. Its a service that is expensive to build therefore it should be expected to be expensive to use, unless, you want again a subsidy from the government. That is why there should be alternatives kung you cant afford the price.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, just like what they said that the Makati Parking Building 2 is expensive to built. Just like the Power Plants and Water Services they said that is expensive to built/operate. Oh c’mon, do we still have any bright minds who have better ideas/better solutions?

    • Peac says:

      I like the way you think. I hope you’re the last filipino to have such negativity.

    • james says:

      Unless someone can come up with a way to make the process of engineering, manufacturing, and maintainance cheaper, without sacrificing the structure and stability of the project, then no. We don’t have any other solutions.

      The only thing we can hope for is that this project will actually earn enough to maintain itself, and fare more than the LRT/MRT, which turned out to be a fiasco due to all the stalling they did with the price hike. Granted that was done with good intentions, but all it did in the end was make the problem worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      To Peac,

      Acknowledging the negative impact doesn’t mean that I don’t have any bright idea. Don’t you guys have anything to suggest?

  5. e30ernest says:

    I think this can work, but I hope they build the stations to be better than what they did with the MRT/LRT. The stations themselves can be a huge source of revenue to help subsidize operations and help pay-off the development costs. Fares aren’t the only way they can make money.

    To compare, the MTR stations in Hong Kong are huge sprawling complexes with multiple shops inside. Building our stations well would make room for shops that would pay rent. These stations can link with major malls and act as extensions of these malls too. It will be mutually beneficial for them, and I’m sure as long as greed does not prevail, they can come to an agreement.

    In addition to that, they should make good use of the advertising potential of the stations. That alone can earn several hundred thousand pesos per month per station. The MTR stations aren’t taking advantage of this potential revenue stream. There are some stations that still have billboards for Prince of Persia for example.

  6. easy e says:

    naghahanap kayo ng kaginhawaan, ayaw nyo naman gawin ang part nyo. puro kayo pakabig. kundi ba naman kayo mga *****.

    sana lang maayos ang implementasyon. kung private naman ang gagastos para dito, sa tingin ko mababawasan ang katiwalian. Go go go!

  7. c says:

    naku dapat dati pa bago nagdagdag ng mga lrt / mrt at yung Edsa expressway.

    Puros traffic ang dulot niyan habang ginagawa.

  8. Ronald says:

    So questions are:

    How much is the fare?
    Safety of the passengers from flood, earthquake.


    Will it be accessible to all? Person with Disability (PWD), Senior Citizen and others. Yung iba kasi laging patay ang elevator, yung ibang stations wala talagang elevator.

  9. prodaniel says:

    Tokyo,Japan experiences earthquakes almost everyday, the strongest earthquakes happens in Japan. It also rains heavy. Stations are 12 floors below the ground, patong patong merong lines sa 6th floor underground, then baba ka ng hagdan meron pa sa mas malalim!

    They have boring machines that cut underground without knowing there is construction underground.

    Japan has the most extensive underground railway system in the world.

    Siguro Pilipinas tayo kaya ung mga tao kung mag isip ang babaw. Baha, lindol? Hahaha. Pilipinas talaga tayo, super weak and incapable!

    • anti trust says:

      well what do you expect? Pilipinas talaga tayo kaya hindi ganun kataas ang safety and quality control pag dating sa mga construction kaya di mo masisi kung walang tiwala ang mga tao sa kanilng seguridad.

  10. Cool says:

    This project is really cool. Never imagined phil to have underground railways since all infrastructures are already in place.

  11. iggy says:

    ilipat na lang ang mga schools, businesses and jobs sa south luzon area like from sta. rosa to calamba laguna. para magsi-uwi na ang mga pamilya sa probinsiya para bawas trapik sa metro manila.

    • Anonymous says:

      And I am waiting for somebody to remind of the plan to decongest the Metro. Think outside-the-box. And I remembered JICA.

  12. gadgeteer says:

    build na naman ng private sector tapos transfer sa government pag laspag na. Bakit hindi tayo tumulad sa ibang bansa gaya ng hk, china, korea etc. na ang gobyerno na mismo ang magtayo, i pa train nila mga scholars sa ibang bansa para pag aralan ang technology and bumili na lang tayo ng tunnel boring machine, sa laki ng nakukuha sa pork barrel im sure maraming ma so-solve itong machine na ito, baha, drainage problems pati pag hukay ng tunnels including subways.
    palagi natin sinasabi na magaling tayo, ang feeling ko tuloy magaling lang kumurakot kaya gusto nila private sector ang magtatayo para isang deal mayaman agad.
    if you guys can only see what ive seen sa subway ng paris, hk at china, sobrang mura ng fare and still kumikita ng sobra sobra, much sobra na binigyan pa ang mga citizens ng hk tig 45k pesos equivalent.
    haaay when will a good president have this vision to lead rightfully? when?

    • Anonymous says:

      And that is what I’m saying about somebody else who has bright ideas. And have toured around the world and see what is possible. And fast forward 50 years from now. We might even see flying cars??? Or 100 years from now, Tele-transporters??? We need Visionaries and not Reaction-aries…..

  13. Justin says:


    Wow! Maraming salamat sa gobyerno natin at na-isip nila ang mga tao sa south.

    … taena…

    • igniculus says:

      do u think it is highly feasible to build this kind of transportation within a rural setting? think about it

  14. igniculus says:

    *flooded NY subway tunnels, comes to mind

  15. FastSide says:

    Stations are lacking in Taguig area, given it’s a growing CBD.

  16. Anonymous says:

    We’ll I guess nobody had a great bright idea.

    I would prefer building an elevated covered walkway (walkalator) around the route indicated above. People in Makati CBD had been walking around the current walkway from Offices to train stations/bus/jeep terminals already. At least it would cost much much less that the php370B. Just like in HK, the walkways are interconnected thru malls and buildings (w/ commercial spaces). Even the private sectors can get involved in the investment cost/maintenance, as it connects to their structures. And no floods to worry about. And it wouldn’t cost anything (or much) to use for the public. Our taxes could go into operating/maintaining it as well. Everybody should benefit. And the walkalators could be done in segments, standardized and coming from different suppliers, thus no exclusive contractor. One walkalator section’s downtime shouldn’t cause stoppage for the whole line. As it is a combination of walkalator and walkway elevated sections.

  17. Frox says:

    Cebu already has its own subway since 2010 construction commenced. That would be the 2nd to be built in Manila.

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