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Ford shows off ‘MoDe’ e-bikes packed with features

Still from MWC in Barcelona, Ford gave the public a peek of its prototype electronic bikes. Dubbed as MoDe:Pro and MoDe:Me, these two bicycles aim to make commutes safer and more efficient.

Ford MoDe:Pro

Both the MoDe:Me and MoDe:Pro are the winning designs from a company-wide challenge to build a smart e-bike. Below are some of their features.

  • Pairs to iPhones and charges them.
  • Folds up for storage.
  • Rear sensors that inform you if a car is getting too fast from behind. The bike will then vibrate to notify you and will flash a light at the driver as a sign of warning.
  • When you set a navigational route on your paired iPhone, the handlebar gives off a “haptic feedback” or a nudge to the direction you’re going to act as a reminder.
  • Two different horns — one for cars and one for pedestrians (slightly softer).
  • 200W motor
  • 9Ah battery
  • Speed up to 25km/h
  • “No Sweat Mode” so you could arrive at your destination still smelling fresh.

Ford MoDe:Me

Some of the differences of the two is that MoDe:Pro is meant for delivery service and such, with a more rugged design. It also has an optional rear rack to carry your things.


The MoDe:Me, on the other hand, is lighter and smaller. It is designed primarily for urban commuting and is portable enough to fit inside a car trunk.


Those two prototype e-bikes aren’t the only things that were teased at the event. Ford also displayed the Info Cycle sensor kit which is “an open-source hardware and software sensor kit that can be installed on regular and electronic bikes”.



It basically records user data like distance traveled, location of bike lanes, and even measures the amount of light present in a specific area. Again, there are just experiments and are still unsure if they will see the light of production in the future.

Check out the videos for both MoDe e-bikes and Info Cycle for more details.

Any thoughts? Do you think we could use something like these in the Philippines?

source: CNET

Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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2 Responses

  1. Freeje says:

    The answer depends on the following:
    1) Affordable charging
    2) Bike lanes

    If the answer is yes to both then it’s doable.

  2. someguy says:

    How does “No Sweat Mode” work? Curious ako…

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