Free Wi-Fi kiosk "ISKOnek" launched in Manila

Free Wi-Fi kiosk “ISKOnek” launched in Manila

Metro Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has launched a free Wi-Fi kiosk called “ISKOnek”.

Powered by Eastern Communications, the ISKOnek kiosk offers not only free Wi-Fi but can also be utilized for free landline calls, social networking, and video calls, among others. The kiosk also serves as a free charging station for those low on battery. The ISKOnek station is located at the Andres Bonifacio Monument in Manila.

Mayor Isko Moreno has stated that if the station is deemed successful, the city will put up 50 more kiosks in high foot traffic areas in Manila.



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4 Responses

  1. bern says:

    You are setting the bar for mayoralty performance, Mayor Isko, keep up the good work, we love to see Manila to come out from her awful and detestable eye sores, and get all kinds of filthy image out of the way, in some way at least if not completely.

  2. kennz says:

    tiba tiba na naman mga snatcher nyan..

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