Globe assures safety of 5G with studies from experts

Globe assures safety of 5G with studies from experts

Globe is debunking health-related myths on 5G, with the help of experts in the field.

As with any new technology, there are concerns regarding 5G’s effects on one’s health. However, the World Health Organization has stated that there are no proven detrimental health effects caused by exposure to 5G or to any wireless technology up to this day. WHO has also explained, “Currently, exposure from 5G infrastructures at around 3.5 GHz is similar to that from existing mobile phone base stations. With the use of multiple beams from 5G antennas, exposure could be more variable as a function of location of the users and their usage.”


A recent article published by the UK’s The Guardian also included that the Internation Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the international body in charge of setting limits to radiation, has asserted that 5G is safe. With the use of Beam Forming technology, which directs and focuses radiowaves where needed, the amount of radiation in the area adheres to the ICNIRP’s standards.

Additionally, local experts have also shared their opinions. Dr. Gladys R. Cabrera, Health Physicist IV of the DOH, said that the Health Department has maintained that no study has proven that cell sites cause adverse side effects.

Dr. Johanna Cañal, VP of the Philippine Radiology Oncology society, also supports the position, saying the proximity to cell sites does not cause any known health risks, contrary to what many homeowners associations believe. She also said that “Texting while driving or walking will cause more harm than radiation from cell phone use or cell tower. So far, the science says, there is no evidence to say that cell phone use or a nearby cell tower causes cancer.”

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