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Globe details the number of permits needed to put up a cellsite

Globe has recently shared the number of permits that telcos needed to put up a cell site in the Philippines. As stated by Globe on their post, if the government would lessen the requirements and speed up the process, more cell sites will be built which could improve the internet experience of its customers.


Based on the infographics released by Globe, the government requires 29 permits which are usually processed and completed within 9 to 22 months. This includes acquiring the right of way and negotiation between lessors, talking with the stakeholders which would be affected by the cell site construction, getting a permit from the barangay, and completing various national permits from government agencies, LGUs, and structural permits.

The total permits required for building a cell site ranges from 22 to 35. The time frame for building a cell site runs from 9 to 22 months.

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