Globe Go Unli Plan is back

Globe Go Unli Plan is back

Say goodbye to data cap as Globe is offering again its Go Unli Plan starting at Broadband Plan 1699 Go Unli (up to 5Mbps) until Broadband Plan 2899 (up to 100Mbps).


Customers can choose between No-Lock Up or 24 Months Lock Up upon applying. They will also be given 6 months access to Netflix and Disney and 2 months access to HOOQ. Plans also include free landline and unlimited calls to Globe/TM for 24 months.

To avail any of the plans, just click right here.

Source: Globe

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48 Responses

  1. CJ Caing says:

    This is not yet implemented in their system. It will take probably several weeks maybe months to avail this unli plan.

  2. Eildriz says:

    Could you also clarify and add that the unli plans are only limited to DSL/Fiber users. While LTE users are only limited to Globe’s GoBig plans which are subject to monthly data allowance. Thank you.

  3. Norven says:

    The China Telco Fever

  4. sam says:

    what does ten or fifteen or twenty mean?

    • JM says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, pero if you will base this sa old line-up nila, 10/15mbps is still under their DSL while 20 is for Fiber. 10/15mbps speed is subject to availability in the area. Kasi when I last applied for their fiber plan, ang maximum available speed lang daw na available sa area ko is yung 15mbps which is still under DSL plan.

    • i dont think they have fiber. even in their website there is none. or, is there really?

  5. eliza sonza says:

    Yehey great news… Cant wait for it ???

  6. Nicolle Nicolas says:

    Hoooraaaayyy!! Thank you, Globeeeee!!!! It is a great companion to start the year 2018. Cheers to moreeeeee post, likes, shares, memes, tags, and captured memories this year. Life is always better with Globe. Indeed, abot ko ang mundo with you Globe. More power!!!

  7. Nicolle Nicolas says:

    Hoooraaaayyy!! Thank you, Globeeeee!!!! It is a great companion to start the year 2018. Cheers to moreeeeee post, likes, shares, memes, tags, and captured memories this year. Life is always better with Globe. Indeed, abot ko ang mundo with you Globe. More power!!!

  8. ross says:

    naalala ko dati nga globe wimax unli ako tapos ginawa na nilang may data cap na, lintik madali nilang sabihin na naka gamit na daw akong ganung cap kaya un halos in a week parang 2 day ko lang sa eenjoy wimax ko, kaya pina discontinue ko na, siguro hehehe naramdaman nila maraming ng nag silayasan sa sa network nila, kahit na nga din sa dsl b4 1mbps lang ako unli, tapos kung mag upgrade ka ng speed un may limit na din kaya pina discontinue ko na din.

  9. jay says:

    sila naman ung gago na nag simula nyan bugok talaga gumaya naman ung mas bugok na smart

  10. derek says:

    wla po kayang fup ito?

  11. jay says:

    wla kayang fup ito?

  12. Jude says:

    There goes 2 words that lure people. “Up to” means you won’t get that speed and WORST scenario, you’ll get only 15%-20% of that speed in real use.

  13. emjhay says:

    May issue nga ang mismong Fiber Modem ng Globe, which inadmit ng technician nila mismo na kahit palitan pa nila ang Fiber Modem eh ganun parin problem, hindi makapagsabay ang telephone at internet sa Fiber Modem, pagtatawagan yung telephone hindi agad nagri-ring kailangan ilang beses mo tawagan bagu magring ang telephone, kasi nga daw yung dialtone galing sa Fiber Modem hindi tulad ng sa copper telephone na galing sa cabinet facility nila ang dialtone, VoIP technology ang gamit ng Fiber Modem ng Globe sa telephone nila. Kahit magkabit ka ng sarili mong wifi router na High Quality or Mahal Mong Binili sa Fiber Modem eh napuputol internet meaning ayaw ng Fiber Modem na magkabit ka ng sarili mong wifi router. This is really based on my personal experience, never apply or subscribe to their Fiber plans dahil may technical issue ang Fiber Modem ng Globe na hindi man lang nila tinesting ng maiigi bagu in-install sa subscriber.

    • JM says:

      wow! may ganto palang issue, I wonder if PLDT has a same case. kasi sa bahay using the old PLDT fibr onu (black one) okay naman telepono/internet sabay ginagamit and nag riring agad. pero yung sa isang house namin white onu (white one with 4 antennas) tinry ko tawagan, di talaga nag riring. I have to re-dial 3-4x bago sya mag ring. pero baka isolated lang tong sakin, ang importante yung outgoing calls gumagana :)

  14. really? emjhay? does this happens to all fiber plans? even smart?

    • emjhay says:

      Hindi ako sure kung yun rin ang Fiber Modem sa ibang area na sakop ng Globe and I am not subscribed to smart as mabagal internet data ni smart. Our Fiber Modem is Huawei EchoLife HG8245H GPON Terminal, yan yung model ng Fiber Modem namin. Nakaka-disappoint nga eh, ayaw magpadugtong ng sarili mong wifi router sa LAN port ng Fiber Modem, gusto lang nya sa kanya lang magwifi. I am not a smart subscriber though but I have a sun which is mabagal ang internet data kahit binili na sila ng smart so maghihintay akong mag end contract ko with sun this April 2017.

    • William says:

      emjhay, unless you have a static IP the modem will not let you bridge to your own router. I set up the Modem/router to set my Netgear as a DMZ instead. Not a 100% solution, but at least I can set up port forwarding from my Netgear and the WiFi signal reaches much farther.

  15. globobo says:

    THE DISCLAIMER: Available only on DSL or Fiber plans. Service/plan availability and actual speed may vary upon assessment

  16. Neiljan Santamaria says:

    Hi. Thanks for the article.
    Do you have specific details of this plan?
    What’s the expected upload speed and down speed?

  17. emjhay says:

    I doubt if they can really offer the UNLI Plans as the plans are valid from January 8 to June 30, 2018 as stated on their UNLI Plans page… meaning Walang Forever…

  18. Belle Catembung says:

    Heard of this before but wasn’t able to. Glad they are having this again. Will definitely try this time.

  19. pol gas says:


  20. c says:

    bullcrap! we have heard this before. what have we learned from these shit telco so far?

  21. Vince says:

    Uy finally no data cap! I am so Happy because Globe gave the better service in our area, was sad when data cap was implemented. I will definitely have to apply for a higher connection this time around!

  22. GloboboIsReal says:

    pag marami na sila nauto palit ulit ng plan haha, from globoboDSL to Converge ICT FiberX nawala stress ko dulot ng bulok ng globeDSL mas mura pa 1500 25mbs down at upload, 5mb 1699? xD malamang upload nyan 1mb lang or lower pa. taas pa ng ping sa mga games.

  23. Peejay says:

    JUst for Fibr users, wireless internet is still on BigBytes Plan, dont expect that they will just give in and give this unli plan to all platforms, again, this is just for fiber and wire connections, I asked Globe.

  24. Melo says:

    Hello po. Unli na nga po ang Globe wala nga pong Cap. Kay saya di ba? Kaya lang po may minor disadvantage lang po. Restricted po ang downloading sa mga torrent site, pede raw mag download ng unli kaya lang sa mga legit site tulad ng Netflix, …..etc. So anong masasabi nyo guys. Kaya ako napaisip na naman.. galing talaga ng GLOBE mag isip. D talaga nila kaya ibigay ang “unli’ na katulad dati.

  25. Ben says:

    Masususpend then termination daw account mo pag nagdownload ka ng torrent. Nasa Fair Usage nila nakalagay, sa dulo. May nasuspend na ba sa inyo? Anyone?

    • William says:

      I’ve had mine for the past three weeks and putting their claims of “blocking nothing” and “no-cap” to the test by torrenting and streaming heavily. I’m so far at 1.4TB for the month without any notices of FUP violation and speed is consistently a bit over the speed I subscribed to. At this point I really don’t think they pay much attention; this may change however.

  26. SAM says:

    really? Ben. ? ano ano ba ang mga torrent sites? for example.

  27. SAM says:

    thanks. how about the porn sites blocked by globe. ? how do you unblock please?

  28. wayne says:

    i signed up for the unlimited globe plan to get 100mbps which is broken down 100mbps hooked to the modem and 50 mbps for the wifi i paid $4500 php to the installers who had to come back 2 times coz the landline did not work now i had the 5 mbps before and the phone worked ,, and now globe telling me i have to pay $7600 php before the 26 th of the month now the bill is run from the 4 th of the month until the 5 th of the month .. i still have my reciepts of where i paid the installers the monthly bill was supposed to be $2899 php somebody has made a mistake in the billing department

  29. A.J says:

    upload speed of plan 1899? please!

  30. Dat Dude says:

    Mag aavail sana ako nitong Fibr nila, kaso base dito sa nababasa ko epic fail padin ang Globe at may tendency na magka data cap ulit(?). At lahat din ng naririnig ko sa mga kaibigan ko napaka bagal daw sobra pag nasa gitna na ng month. No data cap? I guess not. False advertising nanaman ata ang Globe.

  31. Nico says:

    Anyone na nakatry po ng globe 1699 5mbps unli cap ilan po download speed na natatanggap nyo?

    • William says:

      A family member has the 1299 5mb (400GB cap) and they are getting 5mbps as promised, according to Speedtest. But 5mb is really slow when I went there and hooked up with my phone, then switching to LTE cause it was a bit faster. I have the 1899 unli and it’s totally worth the extra 200 over the 1699 plan.

  32. Chad says:

    ano kaya ibig sabihin ng plan nila na Globe At Home Plan 1899 Go Unli na up to 10/15/20 mbps?
    bakit 3 mbps ah sinasabi nila sa plan na yan?

    • William says:

      It means depending on your area availability, you’ll get one of those speeds. I have that plan and I’m actually getting 29mbps. When you call to confirm that it’s working, don’t tell them you’re getting a higher speed. Only tell them that you’re getting 20mbps, or they may throttle you back down to 20.

    • Makumaku says:

      10, 15, 20 Mbps Yan yata Yung speed na maaring maavail. Depende Sa lugar? Halimbawa Sa lugar Mo 10mbps Lang kaya Yan ATA Yung inoofer nila

  33. Mark says:

    Hello! So globe has the Go Big 1699 20mbps DSL. I’m asking if the upload speed of this is the same to that of the Go Unli 1899 10/15/20 which is fiber. And how much is the difference? Its because I’m gonna be trying live streaming

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